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Ideal non-shield Electric attack chain?


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Looks like all the powers are talked about how much they suck except AS and teleport. Will taking Mu attacks give me the procs i need to trigger AS? Or do I just spam t1/t2 to get my AS to proc? also what's youre go to follow up for the after AS crit? My stalker is still pretty low but these attacks are seeming pretty weak. I went elec/elec for concept reasons, and Mu would fit right into it, if thats a viable option. 

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Mu mastery is great for stalkers. Zapp can be a good follow-up to your AS hide proc, as is Ball Lightning from hidden. Patron attacks do not build assassins focus however. Soul Mastery is also a good choice, which gives a Snipe like mu mastery to assist your single target damage, but has Shadow Meld which is great for electric armor, providing a defensive clicky worth 30-32% def all for 15 seconds. A long animation but you can click it while moving between spawns, and it makes up for most of what electric armor lacks in layered defenses.

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@DreadShinobi gave some great advice.  


Generally, your follow-up from the AS Hide proc should be one of: a snipe, Thunderstrike or Ball Lightning if in an AoE situation, or Chain Induction as a backup.  Chain Induction, Charged Brawl and Havoc Punch (or just one of HP and CB if you only have one) are usually your stack builders. 


AS>Snipe>CB>CI>CB has a 36% chance of having you back at 3 stacks (guaranteed AS crit) and an 84% chance of at least 2 stacks for a 66% chance of your next AS critting.  


AS>TS>CB>CI>CB has an 84% chance of having you back at 3 stacks for the next AS.  


If you sprinkle in Lightning Rod for another guaranteed stack builder, or use HP (higher stack chance, 80% vs 60%, but worse DPA than CB), it's pretty easy to always have at least 2 stacks of Focus for every AS, even if you use patron attacks sprinkled about.  


Regarding Shadow Meld vs Ball Lightning, can't go wrong with either.  Up to you whether you want more offense of more defense, and then choosing the appropriate PPP.  

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