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  1. Plant Control, Ice Ancillary, pick an assault set that suits you. I've made Plant/Thorny/Ice, Plant/Fiery/Ice, and Plant/Rad/Ice, on homecoming, and had a plant/psionic on live. Maybe I'll make that Plant/Earth someday. Other than plant control I played Mind/Fiery on live and Grav/Fiery on homecoming. Other than fire blasting, plant control is by far my favorite set to play. It is exceptional on dominators, because of the 100% chance to confuse bosses. Seeds of Confusion on a sub 20s rchg is a very unique play experience and it is fun to experiment with and know which enemy factions utterly de
  2. SR does not have an advantage in DDR over SD, except while leveling. Active Defense can be slotted with a Cytoskeleton Hami to improve the DDR and then double stack it with global recharge. Shield Defense tankers hit over 95% DDR.
  3. As @oedipus_tex said, the two sets love global recharge, and more global recharge on top of global recharge. I am not however of the mind that there is any reason not to kit out your first 50, or to feel like you need to reroll it. No it's not going to be a top performer, but it will do just fine at supporting teams like you would like it to. That and you will have plenty of opportunities to make your next character be something that can pack some more punch. The inf may be initially hard to come by, but it just gets easier and easier. Here is my take on a mind/emp, with 125% globa
  4. Was gonna edit, but I figured I would make a separate post to show the build with the 2 Unbreakable Guard sets stripped out of Evolving Armor and Tough. It gives you room to put 4 kinetic combats in Kick (4 slot value, 3 slots used, youre otherwise not making use of the base slot, same thing with the value of actually slotting brawl, base slot value is important). After putting the Kinetic Combat into kick you still have 5 slots left over to play with and use as you like. More rchg in Concentration, more procs in DNA siphon, etc. I also noticed you can move the Shield Wall proc in
  5. Youre missing a number of procs that have value. Panacea in Health. Power Transfer in Stamina. Fury of the Gladiator in DNA siphon. Winters gift or move/end in your travel power. Tactics can be dropped for Assault for a Kismet IO. Hecatombs work better in GPB. Arm proc should either be as a set in mass levitate or if you are keeping the Sup Avalanche, put it in DNA siphon. Sup Ava proc is good in DNA siphon. You can take 2 slots out of tactics (and put in assault instead) and 2 slots out of concentrate to put 3 slots into Brawl for a 4 pc Kinetic Combat set to have the same s/l def as you were
  6. Psi melee with IOs performance vs robots changes drastically. Robots typically resist both lethal+psionic but are weak to smashing. All the psi melee blade attacks are lethal+psi but TK blow has a smashing component and mass levitate is pure smashing. Even though the smashing damage component of TK blow is smaller than the psi damage, it is amplified quite a bit vs robots becuase they are weak to it. As you gain more global recharge, and the forcefeedback proc, you can rotate your smashing damage in more consistently vs robot foes. Robot foes are typically only a part of a spawn group and not
  7. Probably taking a hard look at the ITF, LRSF, STF/ms lib and considering what makes those task forces unique and applying them to mission context. Itf has a wide array of mission objectives that can be approached in a variety of ways unique to your play preference. You can play it as a kill all, ambushes and mob density can make this fun or you can be more objective based. It has unique encounters such as all EB spawns. Surgeons that must be considered in kill priority. Relevant debuffs. Enemy godmode effects. Exploding cysts. 2 factions, nictus and cimerorans. The final boss fight
  8. Your blue bar will also hate you. Hot Feet is base 1.04 eps and ven gas at half that value. /Poison also really needs to run Maneuevers, Tough, Weave, and epic shield. I don't use Ageless or Cardiac on my plant/poison but feel like I would need to for a Fire/Poison build to be sustainable. Poison also wants to be able to devote as many slots as possible to proc damage to put value on its -res debuffs, which can make building in everything else quite tight. Regen set bonuses, self heal procs, absorb procs, and defensive set bonuses are all very valuable to a poisoneer.
  9. Yes go with Plant. The high amount of -res from poison does crazy things to your confuse based damage. The -def in Envenom helps confused critters hit each other. The -def in Venomous Gas negates the -tohit when confused critters are fighting eachother. (-tohit debuffs have a negative effect on your confusion based damage output). All the -res in poison does some crazy things to all your proc based damage available in plant control, creepers in particular being unique to the set. Looking at your other considerations, Dark has tohit debuffs that has poor synergy with Seeds of Confus
  10. But what will I do with all these purple insps if I have a FF'er on my team? My insp tray is OP and this darn FF'er is nerfing my utilities.
  11. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I still want a taunt aura in the power pool, however likely that it is to happen I really don't care, it is just what I am hopeful for. I'd like the option to have a taunt aura on a fiery aura or dark armor scrapper etc, or an arachnos, or a human PB/WS, or a blaster if I'd like to play into something more ludicrous.
  12. If you have Hasten, Adrenal Booster is a good optional secondary buff. If you have Adrenal Booster then you should definitely have Hasten as it reduces the downtime of Adrenal Booster. Adrenal Booster has a small power boost effect that is amazing with a primary that has some stuns or holds. Energy Melee is a prime example as all attacks stun and stack a whole lot harder with Adrenal Booster active. Adrenal Booster has a small damage buff (34.6%), which for a 60 secondary duration is actually quite decent. Adrenal Booster also has a massive Tohit buff, which if you slot
  13. With your experience and preference towards playing offensive archetypes, it feels like you would be more comfortable playing an offender rather than a defender and my recommendation would be to try a Poison/Fire Defender (or water blast for some self healing). Envenom + Venomous Gas puts out a constant [VG is a toggle, Envenom rchg is <5 secs when built) -65% resistance debuff with an additional +40% resistance debuff available from achilles heel and fury of the gladiator. Defenders get a ton of mileage from damage procs and damage procs are all amplified from resistance debuffs. You can p
  14. I have also put a significant amount of time into a psi/shield scrapper. TK Blow is primarily psionic damage but it has a smashing component. Robots have high resist to lethal and psionic, which are all your blade attacks. Robots have negative resists to smashing so even though the smashing damage component in TK Blow is small, it is very helpful for dispatching lethal/psionic resistant foes. Mass Levitate is also pure smashing damage but cannot be used as your sole attack against robots. Boggle with 6 slot Coercive Persuasion provides an extremely valuable 5% ranged
  15. It's a trap! Always Intuition Radial or Musculature for blasters. At best Agility/Nerve is going to provide about 3.2% S/L defense with a scorpion shield, and about 1.3-1.4% defense to the rest of your defense values if you have CJ/Maneuvers/Weave. The defensive bonus is easily replaceable and the dps loss is significant. Agility will also likely be reducing your proc damage. My Fire/EM build with a scorpion shield has 45.05% S/L defense (my other blasters use a resist shield). If I switch to Agility I get 48.33% S/L defense. With agility and blaze slotted 5 apoc w/ proc and
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