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Greetings! Any of the old Controller forum folks here?


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Enan, CIrcuitBoi, MizB... having trouble dragging the names up after so many years.


I had heard rumors that there was a private server system out there, but I’d heard it had been shut down. 😞


Imagine my joy when I found this tonight, got it installed and running at max settings on my MacBook Air M1!


I used to play COH with my kids when they were very small enough to sit on my lap! Played from I2 to shutdown and loved every minute of it... 


Level 50 Controllers

Argentae was my main: Mind/Kin 

Pyrokinthesis: Fire/Kin

Veridicane: Plant/Storm

ShadowFallen: Dark/Dark


Had almost every Controller primary/secondary at some level and a fair set of Dominators. 

Beyond thrilled to hear the old music and see Atlas park again! Really looking forward to playing with my now legally adult kids! 🙂



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Congratulations, and moreso on playing with the kids again. And the grown-up kids. And the grown-ups who are still kids ;). I remember your forum name... I was BlackSly, though I left somewhat before the shutdown so I'm not sure if that handle would still be in the memory of anyone besides the Immortal Arcana.

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Resurrected my last major Controller project (Fire/Storm) before CoV opened up, then Dark/Dark became an option for Controllers, so I HAD to take that one to 50... You know how it goes.  So many combos, so little time. 🙂

So Lavan (Fire/Storm) has been reborn! 

My youngest is much better with the costume creator than I, so he actually looks the part this time around. 


Slow build to start, 5-12 were pretty meh, but that's to be expected. Plus I was extremely inf poor, so enh were awkward, mostly what I could pick up


Just dinged 16 last night, and the build is just starting to show signs of what I know it can do.


Snapshot at lvl 16 (don't have Kids installed yet, though I'm very happy it's been reborn as well!):


Mostly Fire, very light on /Storm at this point, been largely soloing at +0 Team of 4 size spawns since about lvl 12.



Pop a Luck if I have one, I'm using insps a LOT more than I used to.  


Hot Feet running


Freezing Rain

Snow Storm as I run in 

Fire Cages

Char to hold Lt or other problem mobs


Spam FC and Char as needed. Doesn't take very long at all.




Freezing Rain is just as good as I remember. 

Gale is better now that it causes KD for immobed mobs.

Snowstorm is surprisingly useful. Made a big difference in my survivability pre Freezing Rain. I don't need it for long, so the end usage is quite decent for the mitigation it provides.

At this point I have Gale (Acc), Snowstorm(Endred), Freezing Rain (Rech) in Storm. Very light slotting requirements to this point, which is good given how slot hungry early Fire/ is. Will probably slot up Freezing Rain for more recharge until I get to IO sets, because, well, FR is one of the best debuffs in the game! 🙂


Have most Fire/ except smoke at this point. Will pick smoke up when I get a chance though, the stealth ability would really help with positioning and the easy/cheap -Acc is better than some folks think. It also helps a lot with positioning/scouting.


No travel power, using Hover and Swift both one slotted for fly. Not too bad and I need the slots for now! I may stay that way, fast Hover is pretty doable and gives great positioning control.


LOVE Fitness pool as an inherent at lvl 4! I  


Can't remember how high I got the original Lavan, don't recall playing with Tornado or Lightning Storm    


I'm going to start a thread for this one to follow the progress, have to get some things done, will start a Journal for Lavan later this evening if events allow...


Very VERY Happy. I missed this game! 🙂



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Yeah, I was a pretty common arguer in the old forums. I can't remember my forum name, might have been coach. My global was @VV. I played mostly on Protractor. My main Controller was Violeta V. Grav/Storm back when everyone hated both Gravity and Storm. I specifically took those for that reason. Turned out to be an incredibly strong combo, and I convinced many a PuGger that it could be done.


Many arguments were had in the forums about the effective use of Wormhole, Tornado, Hurricane, Lightning Storm, and such. This was back before KB>KD IOs, so positioning was incredibly important. I was also one of the few on the side of heavily slotting a Controller for damage, instead of control duration. Oooohhh the flame wars were epic in those Controller forums. A few of us would make outrageous claims and everyone else would wail in pain.


One of my favorite wars ever was when the ITF dropped and whether or not Controllers could manage those Romans. OMG the wails of agony when I claimed that Violeta prospered in old Rome. The cries of, "My controller doesn't work in Cimerora! WAAAAHHHHHH" Then I pointed out that Vio could solo clear the walls with little trouble. The fun we had.


Of course, nowadays everyone plays a Grav/Storm, damage-slots their Controllers, and runs controller-only ITFs on max difficulty. Just as well, I guess, I'm too old and tired for those kinds of massive internet arguments these days. Ah, but the reminiscing is fun.


Of course, I brought back the power pixie, Violeta. These days, you can usually find her massacring Romans on Everlasting. @V.V global because they no longer allow 2 letter names.

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Heya Argentae! Welcome Home! I almost never check the forums, but.

In other news, I had a whole kid after the initial sunset (Come to bed honey! Hang on darling, need to grind out a few more mil inf!), now 5.5, and during the pandemic he started up a SS/Will brute he had a lot of fun with, and honest to $deity, got to level 46 with before he started playing his new Switch this Jan. Would never have of having my own kid in my lap playing, back in the day. 🙂

I've rebuilt my old main Dr. Maningzhoue the Mind/Emp, and have a couple fire/dark and a plant/dark I am still playing in the 30s and 40s. Couple of illusion controllers in the 20s, still not sure I much like illusion, iunno. Honestly? I'm soloing whilst doing other things a lot, and playing a lot of purely concept brutes (I know! Heresy!)

It is nice to just hear the music isn't it? It does that queue-up-lost-memories thing.

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