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Trap or Rad for AV killing?


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I was able to kill AVs with a bots/traps when I was still on SO enhancements back in the day redside.  Having the mezz protection of the FF generator was helpful, a lot of AVs mezz, and the -regen of poison trap is double what a Rad gets.  I believe the -resist of Acid Mortar is -20%, which is probably the same as Rad's version.  Even the caltrops could be nice to disrupt the AI of an AV, as they run back and forth, and the Web Immob works on some AVs. 


That said, it is certainly more work than the toggle debuffs of Rad, which I played on a defender a lot blueside, and to really rock and roll with Traps it is helpful to build for recharge as well as defense (to stack with FF generator), so the build could be pricier. 

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Would Demon and Trap go well together?


How about Demon Dark?  It too has -regen albeit half as much.




time is the better pairing. with powerboosted farsight, your own slotted maneuvers, and all three defense io's the demons will be around 34% defense all and softcapped aoe. temporal mending heals for as much total as twilight grasp and doesn't require a tohit check. not to say dark doesn't work - necro/dark is a pretty common pairing and drops av's too.


a great source of -regen is degenerative in interface. it lowers max hp, which in turn lowers regen rate. this is how stalkers/brutes/scrappers/tankers solo av's and gm's on sets without -regen.

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