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Need help finding an artist


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I'm trying to track down an artist I commissioned back in the "old days" to draw several of my characters Bruce Timm style. Unfortunately I seem to have lost all but one and the artist is no longer on DeviantArt. They went by the handle "Leohiroc". I'm hoping they might be here or someone may know of them. Here's a link to the one example I still have: https://www.deviantart.com/gunsmoke78/art/Fluffy-the-Destroyer-TIMM-117616663. I'm hoping to recover the whole set if they still have them.

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You could try and see if that is his instagram even though it's off by a letter.

Normally I would check it out myself before posting but I'm

not going to make an account there just for that.


Comrade Hero,

whom I've drawn as well...




had his hero done by that same artist and he spelled it with a K at the end

so perhaps that is why you are having trouble finding him?



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