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  1. @Thrythlind I like what you did with "Immigrant Song." Some moments in the song meshed well with what was happening onscreen and with the thunder, lightning and ice, the powers on display fit thematically as well. Nicely done an welcome to the best part of the forums.
  2. I was in on some of earliest pre release stuff and that was my take away as well, lots of options and everything looks like glossy plastic.
  3. That moment when a character in a comic says what everyone has been thinking.
  4. Not sure who you are or why you are on someone else's account instead of making one for yourself but I can tell you from experience a gorilla is definitely possible if you get creative. I've made one and I have seen others make them as well. I don't think a thong will work though (yay?) as the Monstrous Fur bottom specifically has no overlay option & only allows a single color so even the appearance of a thong via color differentiation wouldn't really work.
  5. @lokiie1984 Welcome to the best part of the forums. I agree the black on black doesn't show all that well. Perhaps a dark reddish brown or dark grey? Alternatively some blue fringing or highlighting would make the black stand out from the background. Cool idea either way and I think it would look great on a bomber jacket. As for a grounding element, what was her other set? Like if she was a Broad Sword + Willpower scrapper you might pull something from the defensive set fx to swirl about her.
  6. While not a traditional Bio you might consider adding it to the "share your awesome bio" thread over here. Also welcome to the best part of the forums @Echo Night. @Yellowjacket As someone who is always looking for ways to use the CC creatively in ways that were never intended I applaud this chest pattern as the eyes, nose and part of the upper lip. Well played sir.
  7. Welcome @Olly and @masterstroke to the best part of the forums.
  8. DisplayPort does indeed. DP can carry audio, video and even some types of data simultaneously. It's a different interface & plug shape so it is not interchangeable with HDMI but they otherwise serve a similar function. Just pay attention to the version number if there is a specific feature you want e.g. if you want to run HDR (High Dynamic Range) use HDMI2.0a or DP1.4 or newer. If there are any issues check if the cables (often overlooked) are also the correct version of the spec. That depends entirely on the version. E.g. HDMI2.1 Supports 1
  9. It's the Giga-Chad meme and before you ask no he is not a real guy he is a photo-shopped creation by a girl of her boyfriend to make him seem like the ultimate manly man.
  10. Hah! Good one @The man who laughs and welcome to the best part of the forums! Also wow that is a deep cut reference all the way back to the 1920's character that inspired The Joker.
  11. Well obviously... "everyone knows radiation don't hurt you, in small doses like what ya got 'ere it just gives you supa powers." -Lou Also in that last panel she's probably regretting not shopping at Icon's discount mall outlet store.
  12. Or you could've been thinking about the face mask option? It's called 50/50.
  13. Yeah yeah, weird alien lizard munching brains, that stuff happens every other week around here but what's that in the background?! Could it be??? It's... it's Elvis! I knew it! The King Lives! He hasn't "left the building" he's a time traveler!
  14. @choakeThis has been posted about several times (including by me) in the past. Also that link of yours doesn't take you anywhere, it just doubles back to this thread. No worries though you can get the full run by going here. Click on any of the comics and it will open in your browser and once open you should see a download button in the upper right. Cheers!
  15. Rat City is amazingly creative. Thanks to Gizmouse and @Dacy for the delightful tour.
  16. I dig the art and layout. Omega Girl looks great and the CoH "influence" (hah!) is apparent. Also either Jackal is a front for a holographic billboard and digital signage company or they're going to be forced to rob banks every other week just to pay for all the advertising space upkeep.
  17. @Crysis Yep. As Biostem notes, "Topknot" is most likely what you remember. @DJ1 lol @Zevrock Welcome back to the game and welcome to the best part of the forums! As for getting a custom symbol into the game, at this time the only way is with a "mod." As for the web comic bit, there are artists here & three of them are even doing comics (@ToxinFox here, and @Cobalt Arachne here, and @Twitless over here) that they post in other artz threads but I don't know if you realize how much work goes into creating a comic book. You are t
  18. "Sometimes when a mortal dies leaving important works unfinished... " So theoretically if someone forgot to put the new coversheets on their TPS reports they might be forever doomed to wander the mortal realm in an undead zombified state..? yeah that sounds like most of the office drones I've worked with. Totally checks out. Nice bio and also welcome to the best part of the forum @Two Dollar Bill.
  19. While I might like to see it I think that is the only missing item? What would stop people from making a full on Tsoo character then? Also hey welcome to the best part of the forums @MIGHTYMOUSE1981
  20. I was wondering that as well. @Twitless if you're open to more suggestions I'd say the best way to keep the interest in your comic up would be to follow the standard pattern here & release a page a week (given the first issue's length that would take 6 months) and a reminder every couple weeks that the those who want to skip ahead and read the rest "NAO" can buy it and provide a link. That way you keep this thread near the top without overdoing it, those that are patient enough (and were not planning to buy) will eventually get the whole issue but
  21. So if I read you right you speak for the vast majority and you wish to beg, very well I accept.
  22. That came out great, especially the hair (almost DBZ-ish) and skull pauldron. If someone is serious about improving their craft I am always willing to help if I can. I get this answer often like it's some definitive reason a person cannot become an artist, it's ironic to me because as I keep reminding people I literally started by drawing stick figure ninjas as a teenager. We all have to begin somewhere & many artists, myself included, "start over" multiple times along the way. Where you are today doesn't determine wh
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