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Stone/MA build


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I needed to respec my stoner for the new combat tp, finally.  It is awesome btw.  Anyway, ended up making this and it is awesome.  Just thought I'd share.  Please feel free to leave feedback as well if you'd like.



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Looks nifty. You've seriously pushed your psi resists - I assume your plan is to run perma-Granite? I have a Stone/MA semi-abandoned in his 20's, but the proposed changes on test could have me dusting him off. I'll be saving your spec for ideas!

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So many alts, so little time...

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Yeah Granite only.  MA is super fun, especially on a stoner.  Storm kick buffing all def 10% on a tank is just gravy.  The tank resist proc is always on at least once.  Half the time it is double stacked.  Every now and again it's triple stacked but doesn't last but a second or two.  

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I think the best part (and why I rolled the toon) is to watch it do the jump kick (can't remember the attack atm). It's funnier than hell to watch and I paired it with a local chat setting to do HiiiYYYyaaa!

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