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None of the plaques for Technofreak are registering for 1 character


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While in the process of acquiring accolades I had a problem with Technofreak, a history badge with all plaques in Cap Au Diable.  


I searched the forums to see if anyone else had this issue and I found this thread:



That's just for reference, no follow-up was provided by that OP.


I've attached a screenshot.


Within the image you can see all the History badges I have either acquired or am making progress on.  There's no indication of any progress being made on Technofreak.


At the time of this photo I had gone to each plaque twice.  You can see that I'm at one of the plaques and have recently clicked it with the text still up.  Note - the progress bar shows immediately after you click the first plaque for a history badge.  I had noticed this a couple of minutes prior when I clicked one in Grandville regarding LR's arrival.  


Also I'll note I had done this on other characters just this week and did get awarded the badge.  So I'm not saying Technofreak is bugged in general and no need to tell me how you, the reader, had no problem with this at all.


I'll also note I had just acquired Lorekeeper minutes before the screenshot was taken, so it's not an issue for plaques in general.  This includes, of course, the plaque in Cap.


You can see I'm aligned as Rogue


I'm hoping to get advisement from a GM as to how I should proceed.  I'd let it slide but it's a requirement for an accolade (High Pain Threshold) and I'm not going to pursue Freedom Phalanx.


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Special thanks for GM Lines for the time.  This was partially (mostly) a pebkac issue.


Technofreak does get awarded but doesn't always (ever?) display a progress bar, a known (but not by me) bug.


I'm going to not delete this post so if someone searches for Technofreak like I did they can see this issue and to double/triple/quadruple check to make sure the 3 plaques are clicked and that a lack of a progress bar does not indicate a greater problem granting the badge.

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