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Added text info to Explore badges listings in Nearest to Completion section


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Hi, the new LRTP system actively rewards and incentivies all alts to go make the effort to get at least one explore badge in every zone to maximise its usage and effectivness.

By doing that, you can in theory and in practise end up with an incomplete entry for every zone in the “Nearest to Completion” section of the badge tab.

Now at present that great long list of entries is pretty useless for a lot of players old and new because many say “Obtain accolade by earning following Exploration Badges: 8 badge names listed in a seemingly random order”

So to identify what zone they are listing for means I have to tab out of game and google search or whatever, then go back and travel to zone. A right pain especially when I am ingame for a limited time.

HOWEVER...a few entries are different eg “Obtain accolade by earning the following Exploration Badges IN THE NIGHT WARD: 8 badge names........”

I suggest that whosoever that can access this part of the code go in and add “in the (relevant zone name)” to those that are missing it.

Give me access and I”ll do it for you, thanks so much.

Very simple and I hope uncontroversial fix.




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They're actually putting together a system to address this on the beta server right now, and it should be out in the next page:
Whenever you hunt mobs in a zone (at any level), there's a chance that they drop a tourist tip that will guide you to one of the badges you don't have in that zone.

That said, having the accolade tooltip auto-update to list the ones you are missing would be quite nice to have, for those of us that don't mind looking up badges on the wiki.

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Clarifying tip drop mechanic
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