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My character is actually cursed, please help


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Hi. [email protected] Handle (yes, really) on Everlasting. My Beam/Ninja blaster has apparently defied the laws of code to glitch out in strange and mysterious ways. The GMs I spoke to suggested I file a bug report so that perhaps someone, somewhere, will know what's going on.


1. Katana appears invisible to other players, but visible to me.

2. Empty "Tanker Melee" powerset on the right side in the enhancement window, but not on my power list.

3. Beam Rifle's power effects are apparently firing from the knees, rather than from the gun's muzzle. At least, they are for the Resistance Rifle.

4. I created my character with the Club hairstyle and apparently, only recently after a respec, did I notice that all my costume thumbnails (and the bio thumbnail) show my character as bald. No other hairstyle appears to do this, and it appears to re-occur when selecting the Club hairstyle again.


According to GM Crumpet: "All the GM's I've asked, and some of the others with experience of other servers like Manga and Michiyo are all utterly mystified by this. The only suggestion was to revalidate/ verify and you have done that."


I am forced to conclude that I have offended an actual demon spirit by choosing my character's name and the consequence is being mildly annoyed by trivial visual errors.


Screenshots attached.








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The only help i can offer is for the character costume pictures and its only a possible reason and wouldnt fix anything even if it is correct.


For each costume slot, it appears the game loads the character/costume and takes a 'screenshot' of it and finally uses that for the costume slot picture.  This process is repeated for all slots, even when the costume is unchanged.  My belief that this is the case is how the characters coat tail is in different positions for each slot - meaning the puictures were taken at different moments during the 'wind' animation.  One of my own characters that i have never changed costumes on has his cape and aura shown differently across the slots.


If something about that hairstyle slows the loading of the hair and the game says 'thats long enough for loading, go ahead and take the screenshot'  the result would be bald costume slots but a character with hair ingame.  


For a final note,  the first 2 screenshots showing your costumes were taken at the tailor screen and the 3rd where they all had hair was out in the world.  Perhaps making a change caused the slots to reload or visiting a tailor or even that specific tailor caused their loading to hang.


I could be totally wrong on how this works but it seems reasonable to me that this is the case based on how the costume slots appear.  Also if u manage to get that tanker melee working,  be sure and show it off.  I know i would love to see some powers that dont exist.

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