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Ice/Fire or Fire/Ice?


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I used to main Ice/Fire on live (when Fire looked a bit different) and have a Fire/Ice.


Ice/Fire pair fairly well. Ice is always gonna be Ice but Fire is very strong. Fire's Consume power helps a lot with the endurance costs of running Arctic Air. The fact that Fire's ranged blast capability is so good is super helpful because it lets you position Arctic Air strategically versus having it end up wherever you're standing.


Fire/Ice is a difficult to describe beast. On the plus side you get Flashfire. On the downside, Fire/Ice is an endurance hog and has a very narrow valve of safety outside of its Stun power. You don't have a Blaster's bottomless endurance or nuke or self heal or Aim/Build Up. As a Dominator you get a pet, but a fragile one that is difficult to leverage or support. The combo is sorta fun but I can't help but feel a Ice/Fire/Fire Blaster brings most of the same to the table in a better package. In that set up you'd still get Hot Feet, Bonfire, and Char, add another Hold (so you'd still be able to Hold bosses albeit slightly more slowly), and would never have to worry about your blue bar again. 

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