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  1. TF + ET to get the fET of 1s is a mathematical illusion. Props math folks.
  2. Speaking, as someone who used to be able to skip Total Focus.. it is not more fun, but it is an improvement. Folks wanting a combo mechanic are likely super happy. Why we couldn't swap Stun for an AoE, put back the 1s Energy Transfer, and adjust some numbers accordingly without the combo.. is baffling.
  3. That will be $6,000/mo. How would you like to pay for that? American Express? This is fairly spot on. There has been discussions about removing incarnates from regular content or minimizing the impact as well as adding additional incarnates. Incarnates as a whole are a bit of a mess. From lack of appropriate content to un-intuitive implementation and learning curve.. it is messy. That said, great for scooting the bar in a commercial game.. The concept of being able to cover weaknesses, add variety/flavor and allowing archetype lines to blur a bit is a great one.
  4. Basically, they added some AoE with Power Crash and a path to the 1s Energy Transfer which is gated by the use of Total Focus (which had animation time reduced)
  5. It is a treed combo mechanic. Total Focus is the opener whether it hits or not. Then three powers can use the 'stored energy' each with a different effect. If Total Focus crits it results in two charges. If used as part of the combo: Barrage 100% chance for stun and applies a weakening (-special and -regen) effect to the target Power Crash Target cap increased to 10 targets (16 for Tankers) Energy Transfer Cast time reduced from 2.67s to 1.0s I'll come back with more details. [edit/add] Powerset Revamp: Energy Melee Energy Melee ha
  6. Yes to some extent. These can actually have a greater impact than some uniques.
  7. could do something like this Monk.costume
  8. Oh my gosh, that's the most hilarious thing I've read in a while. (too soon?)
  9. lol.. how to go from zero to hulk smash angry in 2 seconds flat, a guide by srmalloy. I mean zoiks! Disproportional response alert. 🤪 I am also a no, but I like the thought of open cooperative hazard zones. I would really like a competitive hazard zone with indirect pvp.
  10. I get it, basically the invasion proliferated to other enemy groups.. yeah not a terrible use of existing functions but kinda meh after aliens, robots and zombies.. We can fly and jump over buildings. Check. Some of your suggestions also have merit. You and Leo should get together and come up with something epic.
  11. You never know. They might already be here.
  12. This could be said for many powersets.. {looking at you Fire and Ice} I'll buy this. If the animations were buttery smooth, I would play this regardless of effectiveness. The whole windup, pause, release is sub optimal. The animations are so awesome ..but the pauses ruin them.
  13. ehhhh I don't think this is troo. While attention and efforts have been made to keep functionality, there have been changes. Sometimes justified, sometimes weakly justified.
  14. You probably save a bunch of time not crafting and market pvping. So there's that! When devs break my builds this is where I have found solace.
  15. Don't get me wrong, it is pretty and can do the job, but it feels so herky-jerky and slow. The first time I saw the giant fist... wait, WHAT WAS THAT!! I've tried a couple times, picking it and then shelving it. There's always a chance I'm doing it wrong and I really want to like it. Is it better suited to a specific archetype? It's not you psi melee, it's me..
  16. /em doublefacepalm I'm 100% positive the advice was 'Play what you want.' followed by specific powerset options. Let it go, geez. +1 @Reningrendir find something you like. (you should know by level 40ish) Don't worry about wasting time. They all can do the job, especially by the time we are taking level shifts from incarnates. My suggestion for straight forward Tanking would be Shield Defense/Stone Melee, it feels powerful and fun with everything getting knocked around. Invulnerability is also always a solid choice.
  17. @Replacement I'll consider taking that challenge. As my experience is highly slanted toward Regeneration on a Stalker, I'll give it a go on Brutes. I believe that the different playstyle that Regeneration presents does not translate well to some players for a number of reasons. It is gonna get hit, this is the devils bargain. It is click heavy and as such can impact DPS. It is not a defensive set. It is actually more similar to resistance sets. Some folks struggle with pure resist options and tend to try for the 'safe place' that is defensive so
  18. Capable.. sure. Able to... .. . Such action could require overcoming the hidden inherent power 'tunnel vision', and would of course be considered extraordinary
  19. shhh we don't want.. you know.. n e r f s / r e e n v i s i o n i n g 😉 Stone Melee is under appreciated out of the box and on complete builds. Simple & hard hitting with a skosh of utility.
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