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Converting attuned enhancements by category

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Something I discovered yesterday. Apologies if this is too niche or too narrow or already well known...


For purposes of this post, "attuned" here means enhancements without levels, so doesn't cover pvp or vary rare enhancements.


So it looks like the way this works is, at the time of conversion, the game chooses a random level in the level range of the enhancement to be converted. If there are no legal conversions at that level, the conversion fails and no converters are spent. If there is at least one legal conversion at that level, the conversion happens as usual and the converters are spent.


In general, converting attuned enhancements by category isn't often useful, but there are a few cases where it is useful.


In particular, if the category has only 2 possibilities and the level ranges overlap -- even if only for 1 level -- you can convert between the two. Very useful if one of the sets is much more expensive on the AH. Just by the cheap attuned one, and keep trying the convert until it works.


Categories with only 2 sets, that overlap:

  • Accurate Defense Debuff (Shield Breaker, Analyze Weakness)
  • Accurate Healing (Theft of Essence, Touch of the Nictus)
  • Accurate To Hit Debuff (Cloud Senses, Siphon Insight)
  • Recharge Intensive Pets (Call to Arms, Expedient Reinforcement)


So, a tip for those who want attuned enhancements to slot and for whom the difference between a 2M and 5M enhancement is important.


If you're just going to flip it, there's much more efficient ways of doing that.


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Hmm, or maybe a little more experimentation is in order...


You can convert by category from a high level set to a low level set, as long as they have at least one level in common. Eventually. Just confirmed with the following:

  •  Analyze Weakness -> Shield Breaker, 52 tries
  • Touch of the Nictus -> Theft of Essence, 23 tries
  • Siphon Insight -> Cloud Sense, 27 tries
  • Expedient Reinforcement -> Call to Arms, 2 tries

Convert by category is not even listed in the UI as an option for these lower level enhancements. Or Air Burst (Targeted AOE Damage) or Exploit Weakness (Sniper Attacks). I suspect this is a different issue, and that whether "by category" is even listed is determined by if there are any legal options at the lowest level of the enhancement, rather than whether it could possibly convert to another set.


Note that these 6 IO categories are currently the only ones where a category has multiple sets but only one set covers the lowest level.



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