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  1. That's great! Just to be clear, you bought 5bn+ of super packs, sold some, bought more packs, sold more, and ended up where you are now? If your only investment was that first 500 or so packs, then getting an average of three ATOs per pack seems really unlikely! Well done! I definitely don't have the patience to do that in bulk. I'm surprised that corruptor was a poor seller. I generally make out well with them, but I rarely sell them when there are more than 10 offered.
  2. I don't really have a cup in this tea party, since I don't PvP or badge (although I probably will get around to it sooner or later) and I rarely pursue PvP zone temp powers. My response to your last question is that if someone feels they are being harassed, they certainly can report it. It's up to the devs to decide if it's harassment or not. If this were my ball game, I would not consider being attacked in a PvP zone to be harassment, even if I asked pretty please. If there were words exchanged, or if there were nefarious intentions, maybe so, but that's for the devs to decide. I personally would not set foot in a PvP zone unless I accepted that the rewards of farming that zone for badges or shivans or whatever come with increased risk of PvP conflict.
  3. Either 12 (if it's not one of the strongest set combinations, in which case I put in lvl 15 IOs everywhere) or 17. Hitting 17 on a new alt is like Christmas morning for me.
  4. This is not the first time I wondered if @MTeagueand I were separated at birth. I wish that I could make a filter in real life that would blank out the n word. Because I don't like that word. But if people are going to use it, then we really need to focus our resources on stopping people from using it. Not from us seeing it. You can bury your head as much as you want, or complain that "I deal with these things every day in real life and I don't want to have to deal with them in my fantasy video game." But everyone does have to deal with them. If you think slapping a female toon on the ass is funny, or if you want to make a racist comment, I cannot stop you. But I think you are wrong and would not miss you if the HC devs booted you. By "You" I'm not referring to anyone in particular.
  5. IMO, it's not that you would expect a GM to verify and stop bad behavior. It's that you would expect people to not behave badly. My experience in gaming would indicate that it's a fool's errand to expect people to act in a game as honorably and true as they would in real life.
  6. This one comes up a fair amount, and I'm not a fan of it. Nothing against you @Icecomet! Since this is a player-provided economy, every piece of common or uncommon or rare salvage you buy on the AH was posted by someone else. Now, the HC devs kindly seeded 10mm pieces of common, uncommon, and rare salvage, so it is likely you will always be able to buy them at the prices at which they were seeded. But those seeded prices are a lot higher than what the market is currently at. People putting salvage into the AH keeps things moving at lower prices than the seeding. I'm ok in theory with opting out of salvage entirely.
  7. Totally guilty. I've been working really hard on saying "alt" or "character". It's always worked for me in the past because, hey, these are all comic book cartoons anyway, but I'm aware of other people's triggers.
  8. I seem to have read something many many moons ago that part of the problem was that there wasn't a dedicated server just for the AH on HC, and there was on Live. I don't know if that's true, but there is definitely some bleeding over from something with respect to the AH bugs. For example: The Famous Miracle Proc bug. I have spent hours on this one. I cannot find another item in the AH that has the same history as the false last 5, and I'm pretty sure I've checked them all. If a solution is buy a fresh server to host the AH, sign me up. How much do you want?
  9. Anything that stacks -accuracy, especially at low levels. Packs of Spectral Followers? No thank you. Somehow one time I ended up in a battle with 7 Tsoo Sorcerers (I must have aggroed at least two mobs). That was one of my least pleasant CoX experiences.
  10. I'm totally cool with all that, but would like to point out that some/many/most? people who are PLing are doing the same level 50 content over and over again, which is also mind-numbingly boring. I suspect that the difference in attitude is primarily that the rewards in terms of inf and drops are much better at 50 than at 15. Just my opinion and not meant to disparage anything or anyone who disagrees!
  11. Aha! Thanks for that, my speculation is unfounded!
  12. This is pure speculation on my part, but there IS a Winter event coming up in a few weeks. Let me put it this way: I've been liquidating my supply of winter packs and winter IOs.
  13. The MCU really pooped the bed when it came to the Hulk, and I understand that was in part a continuity problem.
  14. This. EDIT: An attuned Shield Breaker A/Def Deb (only level 10-30, not 1-30) will have a level assigned to it. If that level is 10-19, then it cannot become a Positron Blast, but if the level is, say, 25, then you can roll that. Now the Positron's Blast has a new random level assigned to it that is in the 20-50 range. If that level is 35+ is could potentially become a Sting of the Manticore, that would have a new random level assigned to it from 35-50.
  15. I would never use them on teams, because I have that hoarder's disease that means I'm always going to save it for that dire situation that never seems to come. Then I realized that the reason they are so cheap on the AH is that people who get them from super packs tend to dump them for 1-5 inf. So over the past month or so I've been soaking them up in bunches and I use them when the wind blows in the wrong direction.
  16. To OP, when I'm in doubt I use this: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Enhancement_Sets
  17. FYI, this is because Air Burst is the only IO in its category (Targeted AoE) from levels 10-19, so if you are converting by category you will be out of luck. Javelin Volley and Frozen Blast are available at levels 10-19, but are not in the same pool (PvP and Winter respectively). What's more interesting (I know, low bar, right?) is that sometimes you can convert attuned Air Bursts by category and sometimes you can't. This is because an attuned has a random level assigned to it that you cannot see, and you can only convert it to something else in the level range.
  18. I've run Staff/Bio (Bio/Staff) to 50 on all melee ATs. I'd rank them from most enjoyable to least (although they were all pretty enjoyable): Stalker, tanker, brute, scrapper.
  19. For what it's worth, I recently ran identical missions with TA/elec and TA/rad. in the mid-20s. /Elec killed significantly faster and that was with basic slotting.
  20. In this case, the crafting fee is onerous. A level 50 has a 490,400 inf crafting fee. A level 49 has a 233,580 crafting fee. And for the sake of completion, a level 10 has a 3,600 crafting fee.
  21. I would support the no salvage rule if and only if it were no salvage at all: no white, yellow, or orange. I understand that salvage is a pain, and that it is almost always better to buy it than to wait to pick it up through drops, but nonetheless CoH is a player-supplied economy. If you want to opt out entirely, I'm ok with it. If you only want to opt out of the cheap stuff, nah, you need to opt out entirely, imo. As far as your second suggestion, I don't have much of an opinion. I would love more influence sinks, but I rarely pursue defeat badges so I can't speak for the valuations. I appreciate your ideas!
  22. I'm one of those proponents, and I'm being extremely conservative when I value 300 converters at 100mm profit.
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