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  1. I suspect that if you look in every AT forum, you will find someone complaining about how their *FAVORITE* AT is *UNPLAYABLE!* and is the weakest of all ATs because it doesn't have the damage of a blaster and the defense of a tank and the control of a perma-dominator. Personally, I have two or three sentinels, mainly for theme, but I don't play them much. If you want ranged damage and good easy mez protection, it's certainly a good way to go. It's much more difficult to get "good" mez protection on something like a blaster, so I think the lesser damage for the higher protection
  2. No, @DougGraves is right. I've noticed this a lot over the last few weeks. You can still occasionally make sales of large in low 5 digit territory, but for the most part it is a buyers' market. I suspect it's that we've hit a critical mass where either enough people use Inner Inspiration powers, or enough people don't seem to need inspirations nearly as much as they once did. Or maybe it's a blip, but it's been going on for a bit.
  3. Well, we have a winner. But first, a monologue: I've conducted a lot of experiments in Homecoming, and this one has been my favorite. It started with a conversation in the Market forum about how much inf people "needed" to jumpstart a new alt. I picked a number that was high enough to add real value for anyone who needed it, but low enough to keep away anyone just looking for a handout. Not a single person sent me a blank email. Well, admittedly you *can't* send a blank email, but virtually every request was thoughtful, kind, and genuine. Many of them were downri
  4. I'm totally good with both of these viewpoints. I think it is important to realize that we all play the game the way we want or the way we know. What grinds my gears is when someone else *insists* that I *have* to play their way. Now, I rarely play anything that has any negative consequences (like failing to get a Mo badge or what have you) so that might be different. But if I'm running a TF, and someone wants to walk from Atlas to Founders Falls, power to them. We're not going to wait, but you do you. This is pretty much how I feel about things like KB and such as well. If something re
  5. I’m approaching the end with my blaster, and it has been a fun ride. I still die a lot more than I do on melee alts, and I’m trying to figure out why. My best guess is the lower HP, since I rarely get mezzed. I do get cascading defense failure though. Which brings me to my incarnate selections. I freely admit that I don’t play most of my 50s significantly past opening their alpha slot, so lots of this is still relatively fresh to me. The alpha has two easy choices: Intuition: Radial Paragon and Musculature: Radial Paragon. Hold and range v. Immobilization and endurance mod.
  6. I overheard them talking, “Let’s put some fake trades in the Miracle +recovery history at 13,400,000. Ok? Agreed!”
  7. I was soloing Synapse on a blaster yesterday. Home stretch, about to spawn Babbage. Advertised in LFG channel, got together a league and we took him down quickly. I thank everyone and go to hit the quit league button. My brain was yelling "NO!" but my hand was on autopilot. Quit out of my task force with one real mission to go.
  8. I consider "playing the game" anything directly related to time spent or time I will spend logged in. That includes: -- Reading and writing on these forums. On a side note, maybe it's the smaller population, maybe it's the fact that some of us have aged gracefully, but the interactions on the forums are so much more positive, polite, and constructive than they were on Live. I'm thankful for that, and I recognize that I am also more positive, polite, and constructive than I was on Live. -- Reading and researching ideas on the wiki. -- Working on builds on
  9. Atomic Manipulation has had confuse baked in for as long as I have used it, which admittedly isn't that long. According to the wiki: Atomic Manipulation is a standard power set that is a secondary set for Blasters. "You have complete control over atomic particles and waves, and can use them to disable and weaken your enemies, as well as boost your own power. Many of your powers have the ability to surround your targets with negatrons or positrons. Should you combine both of these in a single target, it will result in Electron-Positron annihilation producing a burst of Gamma R
  10. To OP, I'm sorry about your experience. If you are a new player, it is very easy to "learn the ropes" and I'm sure things will get better. There's no reason to get depressed over it -- we are all playing a game (presumably) in order to have a good time of one sort or another. On a much less serious note:
  11. Muahahahahaha! Inventory: That's for other people and the AH to hold. I have many SGs and for the most part I gave up on them shortly after I registered them. Travel? Homecoming is this far away from making an instant travel button to wherever you want to go with zero recharge time. Storage? I can keep up to 1,800 items in each SG. You know what holds more than 1,800? Everyone else. For reals, I don't bother with using SGs to store inventory. I have enough alts that I use them to store lots and lots of work in progress inventory (WIP) in their person
  12. Maybe it's just me, but I find it hard to believe that people want to play blue side because they are "good" while they hack their human opponents to death with a broadsword.
  13. Can you tell us what the other parts are going to be in this series so we can pace ourselves?
  14. I... I... I just assumed that they did? They appear to affect MM pets based on some half assed testing I just did. No idea about other summons.
  15. Ah, the whole superfluous thread issue. There really should be an option to turn off threads on a character because at a certain point they are of no more use to your character (assuming you are T4 in every incarnate that you want to be) and you can't trade them. (I do not think you should be able to trade them, myself.) But back to the inspirations. I use a lot of them, especially on new characters. Mostly large, since I seem to be able to buy them in bulk for about 1,000 a piece and then if need be convert them to what I want. I spent a bit of time trading super inspirations
  16. This is indeed true, but the main reason I use that proc there is that it is *HILARIOUS*. Also adds damage.
  17. [NPC] Doc Quantum: If only the world were as interesting as you, DEFC0N Zero...!
  18. My objection is not the cost of converters (although even 4 boxing four alts to vet level 24 gets you 640 E Merits or 6,400 merits or 19,200 converters is a good start, but that lasts me a few days, and I have more preferable ways of getting my converters), but it's the opportunity cost of time. Let's say you have this recipe and all the salvage to create it. You could craft it and convert by rare until you get something you like (NOTE: Steadfast are uncommons, so you would have to convert an Impervious Skin by Resist Damage to get there). OR: You could sell the rare for someth
  19. I use Combat Jumping early and often. Since it’s usually one of my first defense power picks, I two slot it early with Kismet accuracy and Shield Wall proc. Later I’ll add a slot for the Reactive Defenses proc. And eventually I remove the Kismet and replace it with a Lotg proc.
  20. I'd say it's practice, but a few guidelines: 1. I always craft PvP and purple recipes, and I will convert them into something more expensive if need be. 2. I almost never craft rare recipes UNLESS I can very quickly and cheaply make it into something I can sell right away. Even if I have the rare salvage on hand. I'd rather vendor the recipe and sell the rare salvage on the AH. Example: I will craft a Reactive Defenses (because I can easily make that into a LotG) but I will not craft a Lockdown because I can't change that into something worthwhile except by chance.
  21. My advice in quote. Many of them I would not have chosen to craft, but once you have them, this is what I would do.
  22. MuahaHAHAHAurgh, *cough cough cough* Much like we used to post a new thread every once in a while when things were too quiet, I wanted to start a new thread. If you want to brag, give advice, complain about how much better things were back in the good old days, whatever! It's your monologue. I'll start with a bit of a strategy I use when I need a WO set, I want it right away, and I don't want to pay buy-it-nao prices. Despite the fact that I own plenty of these things, I can't be bothered to send myself emails or put them in base storage. So let's say I need 5 Avala
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