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  1. Not for nothing, but if anyone figures out a way to sell Iron Wills on the /AH they’ll be rich, RICH!
  2. Also, specifically about Talos missions (maybe PI too): choose a Council mission, it's right there in town. Choose a CoT mission? Oh guess what, you have to go 2 miles north and take a left at Albuquerque. It's SO ANNOYING!
  3. I knew I was getting close to the fabled one billion mark, so I figured I'd put in a little extra effort to push across that finish line. Luck of the Gambler is always a good, fast seller. I've talked about lvl 41 Red Fortune recipes recently, so instead I decided to look at lvl 41 Reactive Defenses recipes. Wow, at just over 2mm a piece, plus a rare salvage and crafting fees, that's close to 3mm all in. And yet, well within my profit zone, so I put in bids on all five non-proc recipes at 10x apiece and ran a few missions. But something was eating at me. Why didn't I check Red Fortunes as well? Surely someone read my post, and the cost of buying and crafting a Red Fortune must be approximately that of doing the same for a Reactive Defenses, right? Right?!? You would expect that some young entrepreneur would be bidding up the Red Fortunes so it would be roughly equivalent in cost. Nerp. By the time I checked to see that not only were Red Fortunes not about a rare recipe's worth more expense than Reactive Defenses, they were actually 400k cheaper. How foolish of me! By this time I had bought 30 Reactive Defenses, so I canceled the rest of my bids there, shifted my bids to Red Fortunes (bought 14 of those in short order), then did my magic: craft, convert by category: defense (where you have a 50% shot to either get a LotG or a not-LotG) until LotG, then decide whether or not to convert in set or not. I think I only converted the End/Recharge and the Def/Recharge IOs in set. LotGs are the gold standard of set IOs. Every character I have north of level 22 has somewhere between two and twenty of these, and I just can't see people not needing them. I also pulled out another factory of mine I have recently let fall to the wayside: lvl 41 Titanium Coatings. These uncommon recipes will convert once by category: resist damage into either Aegis (decent) or Unbreakable Guard (better) and those are both good sellers with a lot of real end user demand. Putting in 10x bids on every recipe in the set quickly got me 60 recipes for cheap, and I put them to work. Not surprisingly, there are members of the Aegis and Unbreakable Guard sets that I reroll in set because they just aren't that popular. So I worked on this magic while finishing up Master Midnight's arc. Floated a bit around First Ward taking in the sights. Soloed the Seed of Hamidon. Oh I could tell you blood curdling stories, but they probably wouldn't be true. Still at level 26, but we just hit our titular goal: I hope you've enjoyed reading about my little story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Over 15 days I hope I've demonstrated a lot of different ideas and shown that accumulating more inf than you can ever really need is easy, stressless, and dare I say, fun? Feel free to reach out to me anytime. Best, Yomo
  4. When I made Thor Loser, I went with War Mace/Electric Armor scrapper, although it would be a stronger build as a brute or a tanker. But he's Thor LOSER, not Thor WINNER.
  5. Some procs (Steadfast Protection Res/Def and LotG Def/Rech are two) have both a proc component and an enhanceable component, so sometimes it does matter what level a proc is. Also, I personally cannot stand to see 5 attuned IOs and one unattuned. It just drives me nuts! So I always buy my procs attuned.
  6. I never, NEVER, choose Circle of Thorns, Banished Pantheon, or really any magical adversaries when I'm running paper or radio missions. It's not because I am scared of Agony Mages, although they do suck. It's because I can't stand cave maps, so by choosing NOT CoT I end up with a lot of vanilla Council missions, which are almost always indoors. Just an idea, but would it be possible to randomize this so that certain enemy types aren't slotted to certain maps? I realize I'm shooting myself in the foot here, but I'd risk getting Council cave missions in exchange for CoT warehouse missions.
  7. Go back to that other post. Maybe browse a few entries higher in the chain. You'll find out what the T stands for, and it in part accounts for my blessedness/cursedness/luckiness...
  8. Hmm, I'd watch this sooner rather than later. It's a neat idea (like when someone edited Julie and Julia to keep only the Julia Child parts), but unless they have direct permission this might be taken down from YouTube at some point. Maybe not, I'm no lawyer, but I sometimes rescue them from the Devouring Earth.
  9. Cool! Also, you might be interested in this guide I wrote a while back. This was before low level SOs were freely available, so in a lot of cases SOs really are best for lvl 25 and under. But I hope you find it useful:
  10. Right, but if you slotted that instead with lvl 13 SOs (1x accuracy, 1x end reduction, 3x damage), you would have comparable accuracy, roughly twice as much damage. And at a fraction of the cost.
  11. I've made it up to Master Midnight, Miss T is 26 (just picked up Adrenal Booster -- I'll respec to Poison Trap another time), and maybe I'm not levelling quickly enough. I don't like to look ahead, but I think I only have two arcs left in First Ward, so I doubt I'll be 29 by the end of Vanessa Vavavoom. I've finally got a few complains about content in the First Ward. I'm sure lots of this is unfamiliarity with the content, but they are complains nonetheless. The final mission in Blind Melon's arc is needlessly tedious. It's teneedlious. I get that redside has lots more ambushes than blueside, but goldside seems to be taking this to an extreme. Five waves for four accompanying NPCs, AND it's an enemy you have to kill twice. Teneedlious. A less solid complaint is that in the missions that you have a companion, often that companion is needlessly overpowered. It's overneepowlied. Sometimes I feel like a doorsitter in an AE mission. Just kidding, how in the world would I know how THAT feels? HA HA HA! I think I overpriced some of my goods last time. Thanks to circumstances, I often forget what day of the week it is and I've generally noticed that IOs tend to hit a low point in value Wednesday/Thursday. I'm not sure if that's a lack of demand before the weekend, or if it's a bunch of marketers pushing supply into the market in front of the weekend. Probably a bit of both. I've put in some bids for a bunch of things that I think I can turn around quickly, but we'll see how quickly those bids fill. It's also time to go through my recipe inventory again. Look out for those orange recipes which don't need rares (yay!) and for those yellow recipes that do (boo!). Rare salvage has gotten very pricy of late, and I ain't paying no fifty cents for no Coke. This time around I crafted 14 yellow recipes, and hey, there's a Gladiator's Net (PvP) and a Impervious Skin (easily transformed to a Steadfast Protection). Guess I'm paying fifty cents each for two Cokes. Now when I talk about "stupid market tricks," I'm not actually saying that they are, in fact, stupid. I'm just saying in many cases it's not someone looking to make a profit, but it's more often someone just trying to poke the market with a stick and see what happens. Something like that is going on in both uncommon (yellow) and rare (orange) salvage right now. In yellow-land, there is a consistent heavy buyer at 1,001, and there is often a heavy seller at 1,002 -- possibly the same person. Why? Who knows. If it is one person, they are losing about 100 inf per trade round trip, but keep in mind that really isn't a lot of money. Perhaps someone is trying to get the Power Seller badge on all of their alts? Who knows. Rares are a bit more enigmatic. Prices have been going up up up over the two weeks I've been writing this, and there are deep buyers, like thousands deep. There doesn't seem to be a profit to be made here, since buying at 500k means you need to sell at 555k+ in order to break even after the fees. So maybe it's just someone feeling their oats. Regardless, I've got a stash of rares for just such an occasion. Not specific rares, just thousands of Alien Blood Samples I've been holding onto just in case someone wanted to try and push rares back up towards the seeded ceiling of 1mm. Yeah, I'm going to eat the transaction fees and the bid-offer spread, but in case prices get pushed north of 600-700k I'll be ready. Needless to say, Miss T doesn't have such a stash, so she's just going to have to buy things where she can. EDIT: Ok, here's an example of what I mean by weird and wacky goings-ons. So I ended up buying a bunch more rares, then ended up selling the extras. I bought all of these at exactly 500,000 (and the brainstorms I bought at 20,002): So yeah, somehow people ended up paying OVER A MILLION on average for these rares. I mean, yes, they are Yomo-owned and Yomo-approved, but that means that people bid well over the seeded price for some of these. And the rich get richer. This is a real headscratcher! I think I'm at the point where I can't think of a particular topic for discussion for each post anymore, so I'm going to open this up for requests. There are only three topics that I will not fully divulge at this point in time -- everything else is fair game as far as I'm concerned. One is my exact pricing strategy, both for buying and selling. I feel that it's kind of my competitive advantage, so I'll be happy to give generalizations but not what I do exactly. The second and the third will remain shrouded in secrecy for the time being, which undoubtedly means that they will be the first two things people ask about. So ask away. See you on the other side, Ray.
  12. I think you are missing the forest for the trees here. At level 10, if you slot the three Shield Breaker accuracy IOs you get +20.4% accuracy plus the 11% bonus across all powers. Or you can slot one lvl 13 accuracy SO and get +38.3% accuracy on that power. "Optimizing" a specific attribute isn't that useful unless you take into account your slotting opportunity costs. And although a few % of defense is always helpful, it is marginal. Two suggestions: if you pick up a defense-slottable power like Combat Jumping from the Leaping pool or Hover from the Flight pool, at level 7 you can slot the Kismet +Accuracy (which is actually To-Hit and thus even better!) to help with accuracy issues. If you go into the Fighting Pool, you can pick either Kick or Boxing and then at level 14 you can choose Tough. At level 15 you can add a slot to Tough. There are two unique Resist Damage IOs (Steadfast Protection and Gladiator's Armor) that will give you an overall defense bonus of 3% EACH. That 6% at level 15 at the cost of two slots is MUCH more effective and cheaper both in terms of inf cost and in terms of slotting.
  13. I give away a lot of things to other people, so it would be a slight PITA if the default was my own name. I think that accommodating both your play style and my play style is probably best accomplished by leaving the default To: as blank, as it currently is.
  14. Imma making a broadsword/regen brute for Praetoria. He's gonna rock!
  15. In my experience, at that level you are far better off investing in accuracy than in defense. Dead ghouls don't fight back.
  16. 800 merits will get you 8 purple recipes of your choice, and each of those will cost you about 2mm to craft. People may tell you that's a dumb way to go about it, but there's nothing wrong with it. It may not be the most cost effective way, but it's the quickest and the most certain. Another option is to trade in those merits at a merit vendor for various goods that you can trade directly on the /AH. Converters are tried and true, and 100 merits gets you 300 converters, which you can sell in 30 blocks of 10. Let's say you offer them at 70,000 and sell them there. That's 21,000,000 inf before the AH takes its vig, so 18.9mm after taxes. That's enough to directly buy an already crafted purple with probably a little bit left over. There are lots of other things you can trade in merits for as well, some may net you a little more, some a little less. A third option is to convert all the merits to converters and use those converters yourself to change less valuable items into more valuable items. They are really magical, and converting is a great way to make lots and lots of inf. There are a bunch of guides available. Good luck and happy hunting!
  17. Are you looking to exchange them for inf, or are you looking to get items you need, or other?
  18. Yomo Kimyata

    Ebil Oops

    If it makes you feel any better, they are definitely the best procs out there. Those five in particular.
  19. The Terrigen Miss just finished Noble Savage's and Katie Douglas' arcs and, yeah, now we're talking! I had been considering moving up to +3/x1 but nerp, I'm sticking at +2! The Possessed and Apparitions, especially the bosses, are no jokes, and I'm really enjoying it. I just dinged 24, and am experimenting a bit with Experimentation. At 24, I wrestled between adding Corrosive Vial or Adrenal Booster and went with the former. It's still new to me, but combined with Weaken and Envenom, it really helps with tough bosses. I'll try AB at some point, and there will certainly be at least one more respec in my future. I may have made a mistake in picking up Kick and Tough already. I think I could use Maneuvers and Tactics from Leadership a lot more. Also, since I mostly play melee characters, I've still relatively new to the mechanics of snipes, at least the whole fast-snipe-with-slow-snipe-damage. Right now I've got Toxic Dart, X-Ray Beam, and Proton Volley 5-slotted with Decimation; Electron Haze 3-slotted with Vigilant Assault and two procs; Irradiation 4-slotted with 3 procs and an accuracy SO. Don't sweat using respecs or unslotters -- I got 2 of the former and dozens of the latter from my Hero Pack experiment. Speaking of which, I streamlined my process a bit to hurry it up. I had sold 30 of the 51 ATOs at my price by today. My planned system had been to take down the remaining 21 ATOs (costing 5% of the posting fee), convert once by ATO (costing 1 converter) and repost at my original price. Instead, I reposted at a discount price, just to move past this chapter, since we're moving closer to our goal of 1bn and since I'm starting to run out of relevant lessons. One thing that was interesting was that the unsold ATOs weren't all the ones you would expect (less frequently played ATs, crappy sets) but included some really popular items. This brings me to the madness of crowds and overreacting. Sometimes, suppliers of goods lose sight of the forest for the trees and overproduce popular items by changing unpopular items into popular items. But unpopular doesn't necessarily mean no demand. So in my ATO example, I had unsold brute ATOs and sold Kheldian ATOs, all at the same price. Another example is in Luck of the Gamblers: Normally, the most popular ones are the proc, the Def, and the Def/End and the other three tend to lag in flow and/or price. Well, not very long ago the supply of the D/E/R dropped pretty low, presumably because people were not putting them on the market and were instead converting them to the top three. So when I noticed that, I saved myself some converters and started selling them directly. I am a big fan of putting together systems for making inf. My favorite systems are what I like to call "sustainable factories" -- I like to identify items that are in high or at least consistent demand, and to create them by using other materials that I can replenish in short order. And I like to do this in blocks that I can sell to real end user demand on a daily basis. A theoretical factory would be putting in bids on lvl 41 Red Fortune recipes, crafting them to IOs, converting until you get a LotG, converting the crappy LotG IOs to the good ones, putting them up for sale, and putting more bids in on the recipes. Assuming no market pvp (lol), this is sustainable so long as you are able to buy more recipes as fast as you are able to or want to make and sell LotG IOs. Some of my factories lag in supply and I have to wait to replenish. Some of my factories lag in demand, so I have to be careful not to choke the market with too much supply. And my favorite, of course, are those Goldilocks factories where I steal everything from the bears and then have them killed am able to spit out product as fast as I want to. Don't get me wrong, rare roulette is great! It's a wonderful way to put out as much product as you feel like making and it's good bank. But having a good system (and periodically rechecking your assumptions and changing things if necessary) is potentially much more profitable and definitely faster. I'm in the process of getting rid of all the inventory I accumulated (the Kinetic Crash and Paralytic recipes which I will craft and crack), and I'm currently in the beta stage of our newest factory. I suspect it will be limited by true end demand, but it's looking promising. I think I need to get through a weekend with its normally increased demand before I can make a real judgment on its value. Currently at about 650mm in straight cash inf homey, and have 65 items for sale. Stay frosty.
  20. For me, a couple of different reasons: 1. Like @Ukasesaid, it's a good way to get a character started from scratch. 2. It's good practice, and it (hopefully) helps to keep the mind sharp. I could use some help there, for sure. 3. I think it's fun. Sometimes. In real life there are tons of financial strategies that are super low risk and super low margin that aren't worth the effort until you leverage it up 100x. And those are the strategies that make bank. Well, until they go pear shaped.
  21. Just now someone was bidding 50,000 and I sold about 150 into that bid.
  22. Today, I'd like to discuss market pvp (lol). I really only think of two types of market pvp (lol): large buyers competing against other buyers, and large sellers competing against other sellers. Compared to Live, there is blessedly comparatively much less of this on HC. But it exists, and there really isn't anything to be done about it. If you are buying something in bulk (like rare salvage), it helps to periodically check the last five history to see if your bid is still the best one. Sometimes, someone sees a bunch of trades at (for example) 475,000 and so put in mass bids at 475,001. It's annoying, but all you can really do is to outbid them, or wait until their bids get filled. If you are selling something in bulk, and you haven't made any sales in a while, check to see if someone is under-offering you. that's harder to see because trade histories print at the bid, and you don't really know where the offer is. There is, of course, a foolproof way to see what the highest outstanding bid (HOB) and the lowest outstanding offer (LOO) is, but you may not like it. First of all, you bid creep on an item until you buy one. In theory, you would increase your bid by 1 inf each time until you bought one, but that's hideously impractical. I normally start at a low number then increase bids by 100k until I buy it. Keep in mind that people also like round numbers or repeating numbers or numbers that are easy to type. So by bid creeping you can find the approximate (or exact) ceiling. There's no guarantee that the next one is at the same level, but it's a decent guess. Then, in order to find the floor, all you need to do is what I tell people never to do: sell the item at 1 inf and see where the trade occurs. Again, no guarantee that there are more bids at that level. But you may be asking, what about the market pvp (lol) between buyers and sellers? I don't really consider that pvp, because it's getting two parties together for (hopefully) mutual gain. But that said, there are some tricks and traps, some dirty, some not-so-dirty that people will use. I'm not going to detail them there, but it's handy to remember that buyers always want you to sell things for cheaper, and sellers always want you to buy things more expensively. Also, I want to talk about what I call "stupid market tricks" after the bit from David Letterman many years ago. There is a lot of inf out there, and there are a lot of items out there. Not every trade has to make economic sense, and sometimes people will do things just for the lulz. Also keep in mind that the devs hold the keys to the Fed and can change anything they want at any time with no warning. So don't count on things staying the same forever. Now that I've gotten that ray of sunshine out of the way, let's look at our latest project: Hero Packs! There have been tons of threads about these and about Winter Packs, so I'm going to ask you to read there for greater detail. But I had some spare inf lying around and wanted to demonstrate a real time strategy. This morning I bought a total of 40 packs (20 Hero and Villain, 20 the other one) at 9,999,999 and 10mm each respectively. I always check to see if someone is selling at less than the seeded price, and sure enough, I saved myself 20 inf in total. I opened them all and tracked what I got: 51 ATOs 48 insprations 460 Brainstorms 450 merits 54 converters 59 unslotters 8 boosters 3 catalysts and a bunch of temp powers, a respec or two. Now all these items go into an account-wide grab bag named Character Items that is on your email tab. Character Items is a magical place, and you can take items off of it on any one of your characters at any time, even in an instance like a mission (where you normally can't access the AH). My Character Items is a big mess, but for the sake of clarity I made sure to claim every item that came from these 40 packs with the exception of the inspirations. I have so many freaking inspirations on my Character Items that I just ignore them at this point. Then I created a system. Systems are very good for making inf. Step 1: put every ATO, regardless of type, on the market at the same price. That price was not 1 inf. That price was also not 10mm. That's all I'm giving you for now. Step 2: (this is where we are now) wait a day. Some sold instantly, more trickled in over time. Step 3: pull every unsold ATO, convert it once by category: ATO, and put it back on the market at the previous price. Step 4: wait a day. and repeat steps 3 and 4 if necessary. This means I'm listing brute ATOs at the same price as dominator ATOs, but who knows, I may get some people who are building dominators! Everything else, I'm keeping for now, except brainstorms, which I'm converting and selling as rare salvage. Ever since the first post when I talked about buying 20 brainstorms, I've been keeping an eye on them. Remember that you can convert 20x brainstorm to one random rare salvage, so if the going price is low enough, there is a pure arbitrage opportunity. And yes, as we've been watching rare salvage prices move higher (IMO stupid market tricks), brainstorms have remained low enough that I could buy 20, convert, sell the rare, and make over 100k profit. I've been engaging in market pvp (lol) for a week and a half now before I got tired of it and just put in a bunch of bids just over 20k. It has been quite profitable. Miss T finished her first arc and I really enjoyed it. First Ward is visually interesting, stories are engaging, it's dope stuff! She's now at level 22, and I'm doing a reassessment of slotting. Now is the time where I'm going to be swapping out SOs for IOs for the most part. I'm also regressing to a tactic I used to use in Live: put in a bid for 10x on something I want, slot one, sell the other nine. Working well. I'm sitting on about 100mm in cash inf and the rest is invested in a few other things, including possibly our new niche. The anticipation is terrible! I hope it lasts. In a while, crocodile.
  23. I didn't read it that way at all. My initial reading, which I now think was wrong, was that they adjusted supply and demand by artificially using dev tools. On second look and after the OPs edit, it just looks like they thought that the HOs in question were too cheap, so they bought them all and put in a bunch of "fake" bids in order to try and fool people into believing there was actual demand. And then their bids got hit because there was no actual demand. Standard market manipulation, which we really can't stop, but I would have expected better from a GM. It's not like marketers have the best reputation to begin with, but a GM bragging about trying to trick people doesn't really help people trust the marketplace system. Let me put it this way: I expect cops to run red lights while stopping/preventing crime, but I don't expect them to run red lights off duty to get to the donut shop faster.
  24. I've not done extensive research on this, but I think the Rebirth server (i.e., not Homecoming) is the closest to "old school" CoH right now.
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