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/speed_turn not working


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I know this is a niche command, but I was trying to test the slash command /speed_turn before trying to add it to a macro or bind. When I type it (example: /speed_turn 180, which should spin my character in place to be facing the exact opposite direction), nothing happens. When I say nothing happens, not only does the command not execute, but the error and system channel does not send a prompt telling me that /speed_turn is an unknown command. Am I doing something wrong or is there something I'm missing? Thanks.

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My pleasure. The description on the wiki was vague. It stated:

"Sets the number of degrees for rotateleft/right".


This description left me with the mistaken impression that you could use /speed_turn 180 and it would spin the character in place 180 degrees. Upon some testing I figured out what it was actually doing. I have changed the description on the wiki to the following:


"Changes the speed of your turns using keyboard keys. (Sets the number of degrees per tick when using keybinds for rotateleft/right)"


The reason the system wasn't throwing an error is because it was executing the command; I just didn't understand precisely what it was doing. With some trial and error, I believe that the default rotateleft/right setting is 5. Using /speed_turn 180 ended up making my character turn when using the default q and e or left arrow and right arrow keys on the keyboard approximately 36 times faster than default, making it unmanageably fast.


I looked at the /turnleft and /turnright commands as alternatives because of their descriptions on the wiki. Those descriptions are patently wrong, but I can't precisely pin down what it is that the game is doing when you use the command. I would update the wiki, but the fact that I can't quite determine what the game is doing means makes it impossible for me to accurately describe it. 🤥

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