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Unique Patron Power Icons

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This is probably a tiny hangup of mine but it's a bit strange seeing all the Patron Powers share the same coloration. That'd be fine, if it wasn't for the fact so many of the powers actually share the same icons too. 


Maybe giving them their own color schemes might help identify just what powers are being used, so perhaps something like this;


Mu Masteryimage.png.8c6e0faafd05f1e3708db8dc5b9468f1.pngimage.png.d51789f50f60dc01ec878ddaa3fb0422.pngimage.png.dae4df012a0a708f30a390d3ebf819c6.png


Mace Masteryimage.png.fbc2f836e3ae66c567d76b0956c8d932.pngimage.png.321408ee2609831dcebf312a163a9518.pngimage.png.7da17ab74ff6de127a42ecf970d2c0b2.png


Leviathan Masteryimage.png.f8a43e0bf9712df9970db4c4be6bb2db.pngimage.png.32582e5721c176de4f43099147a41ac6.pngimage.png.b988922ff3ae58699661abac066720d3.png


Soul Masteryimage.png.8d7d5a9ae05a8c8176fb812bca3ed70c.pngimage.png.a6742abd36250e7e32d79d5384144d7b.pngimage.png.57109c9d5851f911e133afbf775815e4.png


(yes I did just increase hue by 90 each time but it turned out pretty good I guess)



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