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  1. Yeah I build for 50+5 and only attune enhancements that hurt my proc rates. Don’t exemp often enough for it to be a problem.
  2. Some people can’t have mids because of its compatibility requirements 😉 If I posted one of my Google spreadsheet builds everyone would laugh at me 😞
  3. Keep in mind endurance problems are only relevant to level 44 and below. There isn’t a powerset combo in the game Incarnates can’t fix end-wise. So unless you exemp a lot, just cast that thought from your mind. Other than that, they’re both going to be great. Rad will do more damage, Dark will be tougher, but Rad will usually be tough enough. Both of your builds in particular will have no sturdiness issues though, because you’ve slotted for bonuses an awful lot. My tankers prefer more proc bombin offensive power 🙂
  4. I’ve been running ITF’s in a team setting nearly every day since this whole story came out and I have barely noticed a thing outside of a couple of occasional and very minor inconveniences. It isn’t clear at all at this point that this is an issue for teams. Considering how easy ITF’s are for the community, I think you need a little more than “I miss a certain type of enemy a little more sometimes I guess” to argue that this is a bad bug fix. I genuinely can’t see that teams are hurting in a material way from this.
  5. These people that don’t understand how spread-out players can result in more xp/time because they’re so hung up on how 1 person performs vs 8 against a singular spawn... really something else.
  6. Alternative to the OP: team with people you know are competent and do whatever you want. A decent group won’t care about an extra cyst ambush or an entire tower being pulled down to the bridge.
  7. Not really. If I’m running a stealth power it’s first and foremost because I want run speed or defense 🙂 If I Super Speed into a mob, I still want my damage aura to aggro them. You can just detoggle yours if you don’t want the same.
  8. I run ahead to grab extra mobs or to fight a different room full of baddies because fighting a single spawn with a competent group is painfully boring and stupidly inefficient. Play 801’s or these level 44 TF’s if you want to discourage this, because there’s no good reason not to run wild in most of the game’s content.
  9. There is zero reason a player HAS to be able to easily solo an endgame task force at max difficulty. If that’s the only way to see a problem with this bug fix, it is one big fat nonissue
  10. Did 3 more +4 ITF’s yesterday that were as easy as ever. This is obviously only an issue under specific circumstances, so dev intervention not looking warranted to me so far.
  11. OP could also consider a /martial blaster, since it comes with a free break free 🙂
  12. I think you forgot Participation Trophy and Trigger Warning
  13. Perhaps - I think that would depend on how often this happens and on how much team support you had when it happens.
  14. I’ve done ITF’s since this story has started to come up, and, although I’ve noticed some whiffing, it seems like a +4x8 KM ITF is still quite the faceroll. Not convinced yet that a minor inconvenience in a game generally devoid of difficulty constitutes a problem..
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