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  1. I think rephrasing repeated dev statements are, at the least, more helpful than (1) continually suggesting ideas that run contrary to repeated statements and (2) this condescending lecture I’ve just quoted. Maybe let’s stop acknowledging each other from here if that’s how it’s going to be.
  2. Insults? Wtf? Who’s insulting anyone. As for the powerset, I don’t think we need more leadership-replica-heavy sets after VEATs.
  3. I’m not speaking for them... only reiterating things they’ve stated themselves over and over and over..
  4. I daresay the fact that human beings generally don’t have superpowers perhaps contributes to that unfortunate circumstance.
  5. Not really. It just depends how you define natural. Natural for heroes with characteristics consistent with real life human beings? Yeah, limited. But your imagination doesn’t need to stop there 😉
  6. 7.5 mil for all 3, no? Either way, considering how much more than that can be made in an hour, put me down for “willing to face the economic consequences”.
  7. It’s the devs’ intention though that some classes SHOULD get mezzed sooo... not sure how any of this makes amplifiers defensible. If you’re in a place where the mezzing is becoming genuinely problematic and no one has Clarion, etc... maybe time to broadcast for an empathy/pain/sonic/etc.
  8. I would absolutely be down for either removing amplifiers or removing the mez protection from them. Anyone that can regularly afford them can also just afford a half decent build, so the resulting outcry would be disingenuous at best.
  9. I really thought the passive resists came even later so that’s not too bad. But yeah, also remember that you needed pool powers to cap defense until IO’s came out. Was i9 IO’s or was i9 purple/PvP IO’s? Was something like that.
  10. Not exactly, but it hasn't had it perfectly easy. Back in '04/'05 my brother was running a perma-Elude scrapper and he lost interest pretty quick once they nerfed perma-T9's. And then you have to consider that, before IO's (when all the aforementioned Regen nerfs were happening, so, seems relevant), they needed that much more to cap defense without Elude - probably Weave, etc. And then after you've considered that, I believe the scaling resistance (pretty much the only reason SR can keep up in the current meta) wasn't added until much later, too, right? So SR has not always had it all that gre
  11. I wouldn’t really say GW2 was really any more strict about roles than this. More or less every class had the option to be high damage vs tanky vs supportive. Pretty much all 3 light armor classes could be built to be insanely tanky. Agree with others though, there are nuances down to the power/powerset level that make it not super helpful to define roles/niches by AT.
  12. Last time regen’s weakness came up I hadn’t played one since early live days. Now that I have an ice/regen brute I’m afraid to say I see no problems with the set.
  13. Cannot wait to see what y’all do with the other origin pools now that we’ve arrived at such awesome buffs for this whole pool 🙂
  14. Close the gap? Absolutely yes. As much or more? I’ve never seen evidence of it personally.
  15. That was their assertion, and yet their own data pointed to brutes having higher clear times. So their point really boiled down to “tank mitigation >>>> brute mitigation so much more than brute damage > tank damage [and that could constitute a problem as a matter of opinion]” NOT that tank damage was actually better than brute damage. Which is kind of fair, but the implication that all balancing formulae must follow linear equations is ultimately dubious.
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