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  1. You’re all good people. I’m gonna smoke a bowl and forget all my inane internet fights.
  2. Back to the semantics around that word penalize. This is going in circles, getting entirely focused on arbitrary opinions, and going nowhere. Have a good day 😉
  3. (1) Sometimes. Some of my fav heroes sure get tired. (2) Why is it a problem for a set to not be #1? As long as it’s not one of the worst in the game I sure don’t care.
  4. No. “Good balance” does not mean Super Strength has to be the strongest set in the game. “Good balance” merely means that, at the end of the day, the various sets perform relatively well compared to each other. Which they do. Maybe not some, but Super Strength is probably closer to the top than the bottom in overall performance, which is a perfectly good place to be.
  5. Tremendous feats of strength are a tad tiring tho..
  6. But it would be if we improved some of the crap attacks. So. Let’s. Do. That?!
  7. The only purpose of the crash is to offset how much +damage/+tohit Rage does compared to Build Up/etc. If you think Jab/Punch/Hurl need to be buffed, why not say so instead of this confusing argument about their problems being somehow Rage’s fault?
  8. Each power would need to be balanced on its own terms *and* within the set. Not sure what the hypothetical 1 damage powerset argument is doing for the conversation though.
  9. The penalty balances the damage buff power. Not the set.
  10. Damage buff magnitude =/= powerset DPS or DPA or pylon time or whatever you’re getting at. No one has ever claimed SS is the clear winner in damage output overall. But ofc there’s zero reason it should since all sets can’t be the best.
  11. It is factually and indisputably the best when averaged over a two minute period or longer with the possible exception of Claws/Dual Blades if activated every 3-4 seconds. I’m going to take the liberty of reading between the lines here though and say your problem sounds like it’s with Jab/Punch/Hurl, not Rage. Am I really wrong?
  12. Alas, I suppose that’s why we have thousands of possible powerset combinations we can create. In case someone likes one and not another or something like that.
  13. I don’t see it that way. I don’t think you’re paying a damn thing in net terms. You get something for your downtime: the best overall self damage buff in the game. If there wasn’t downtime, the buff literally wouldn’t be justifiable, and you could no longer have it because, yes, that’s how balance works. We could give SS Build Up, but I have a sneaking suspicion everyone would suddenly show their true Rage fandom if that was done.
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