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  1. Beam is my fav of the all-ranged choices personally. Have a Beam/Time Blaster, Beam/TA Blaster, and TA/Beam Defender all with zero melee powers Your S/T chain is awesome and your nuke is sexy.
  2. Could pair cold and hold. Maybe lethal with the debuff to debuff resistance like in Acid Arrow?
  3. So your problem is with powers not being insta-cast? Hard no from me if so, sorry. Best game ever doesn’t need to take tips from inferior games.
  4. Well... if you started in i7 for one thing, you may have missed that radios were new. You used to actually be able to run out of missions for reals if you played before CoV.
  5. I only really street sweep in Dark Astoria since I generally don’t play below level 50 unless it’s for a Yin, Morty, Moonfire, or perhaps the very occasional other TF. Would do it more if there were more options for 50’s. (And that really needs to mean level 54 enemies to be relevant. Possessed scientists aren’t worth anything.)
  6. Yeah, Traps is plenty playable with mobility and toe-bombing, but I do tend to just have more fun with the set when using it to set up bigger death traps - so I tend to play it pretty slowly with long setups when I’m soloing and only speed up on teams. Wormhole or Fold Space synergy makes this particularly satisfying because you can wipe out entire spawns including bosses (alas only level 53 though) with one AoE TP if you give yourself a bit of setup time.
  7. Why not just surf the internet on a potato at that point?
  8. Thanks. That’ll work ok for me since I usually only slot the procs from those sets in MM pets anyway.
  9. Sorry if it’s been asked already.. not trying to read 9 pages right at the moment... Do the changes to pet recharge mean no more recharge intensive pet IO sets? Because if so this severely hurts half the sets’ ability to slot all of the aura procs, no?
  10. But to be fair, 8’ radius or less on anything feels lame once you’ve tasted that 10+’ life.
  11. That’s what they want you to think. The truth is these phat cats are going to squeeze the OP until she names names so that this rogue GM double agent can be shipped off to Siberia.
  12. I just want to thank the OP for spiciest thread of the week.
  13. I thought the original Gravity Control Fold Space was an ally teleport. Maybe I made that up. And the rest of your message is very confusing to me because it defines the cottage rule exactly as I have been defining it the entire time. AKA we never really disagreed until today. It sounds to me like the attempts to change my rhetoric that I made in reaction to Blackbird’s post really threw you for a loop. I’m gonna check out from here as you two have me twisted up in a logical pretzel. Since people hate the invocation of the cottage rule so much, I’ll have to jus
  14. Not saying it’s often ideal, but I have had a few times when I needed a couple more slots more than I needed more power picks and therefore skimped on the KB protection procs. It’s very rare, but yeah, that’s why I’ve picked Acrobatics a couple times outside of PvP characters that actually need it.
  15. The literal one linked by Blackbird? Yes obviously. The flexible version of that design vision that I feel has been implemented in reality? Not in HC, no. Fold Space -> Wormhole comes to mind from live. The flexible one meaning the principle that you can fundamentally change a power but only if its core functionalities are preserved within the set. Also, (1) no, I didn’t make a damn thing up. I made a new phrasing specifically because people were struggling with the semantics behind a design approach that has existed for a very long time. And (2) Disdain? If you’re i
  16. Ok well let’s coin the “Jimmy Rule” then since it better describes so many people’s idea of their desired path for this game 🙂 Even though I think the “Jimmy Rule” is just how the “Cottage Rule” has always been implemented with flexibility since launch, and the “Cottage Rule” now just describes a theoretical rule that has never really been much of a thing in reality.
  17. But newbs aren’t supposed to have the easiest time; that would disincentivize them from learning! 🙂
  18. I would start with: 1) Give web grenade the entangling arrow treatment by adding a debuff. 2) Speed up force field generator. 3) Give trip mines the devices trip mine treatment. 4) Buff time bomb. Other than that, I’m not super convinced of some of the other cited issues. For instance: - RE: debuff values of acid mortar: it’s sort of ok they’re that low because you can have two of them. - RE: triage beacon: not convinced about the desirability of the Faraday Cage treatment since you can have multiple of these as well, right? - RE: seek
  19. Thanks for this one. Pretty icon colors are fun, and the current state of patron power icons has always been an unfun deviation from the rest of the game.
  20. I think your point might be more just to stop calling this “flexible cottage rule” (aka, how the cottage rule has been carried out in practice) the cottage rule when it doesn’t meet the definition of the literal cottage rule. I’m fine with that point, but note it’s simply easier to invoke two words that have always been applied flexibly than to write out everything every single time it comes up just because of this discrepancy that has always existed.
  21. @Blackbird71Did you see this post? You are correct that your quoted definition above does indeed refer to a specific power. But I’m saying no one has ever treated that as a hard rule, but they have, as above, tried to make sure core functionalities are not completely destroyed. So the question is: would you and others prefer that the cottage rule be more strictly taken literally with none of this flexibility? I didn’t think players had much of an appetite for that since most of them react pretty badly when I invoke the thing even in its more flexible form.
  22. Can you please ignore me since you have obviously had such a big problem with me for a good while now? Your not-so-subtle personal jabs are very tiresome. Anyhow, this isn’t about talking shit. If anyone wanted advice on building a character to be more resilient under newer numbers, I would happily help them in game. EDIT: it doesn’t even sound like Naraka needs help since he’s now acknowledging this is not a huge deal and more of a frustration with the narrative.
  23. You’re not complaining about nothing. You’re just complaining about something very minimal. If you really rely on such precise stun calculations so heavily on a melee character that you’re this sore about a clear net buff, I have doubts about your efficacy with that character.
  24. But the guaranteed single target stun mag functionalities never left the set, meaning the cottage rule wasn’t violated. Maybe you don’t care about that - just saying this since some folks in the other thread have been very confused about the rule.
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