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  1. Well once the big tanker buffs and the BillZBubba tanker v. brute rants struck, I eventually got addicted and wanted a tanker of every primary, so the "not going to add more power to a build" bit was going to happen to someone.
  2. -res procs already accounted for unfortunately. FotG in Golden Dragonfly and Achilles Heel in Soaring Dragon. Also note I am very new to trying to actually think about attack chains... most of my characters, while attacking all the time, are hitting buttons with some degree of randomness. Sure I'm going to do things like prioritize Freeze Ray or Bitter Ice Blast over Bitter Freeze Ray, but, in general, the WP/Kat/Soul is the only one tested so far that has a complete chain with no variation necessary. Most things have a partial chain, say maybe 3 consistent attacks but with some aw
  3. Appreciate the feedback 🙂 My disappointment with some times in the moment was because, reading through this thread, you get the impression anything over 4 minutes is a slouch. The katana tank is using Cross Punch, Vigor Core, and 3-5 procs per power. Would've been a cleaner ~5:00 flat if I paid attention to Ageless (Radial for the DDR but still got that +end). The poisons were just disappointing because good -res + good -regen seemed like it was the formula for success. Could see rebuilding a variant of the Poison/Dark in the future to do a little better here though. Th
  4. The Ill/Dark/Mace is the only toon I have that is actually built with single hard targets as the top priority... it shows. and then some more... Poison/Dark/Psy Def - 4:51 - definitely a lot of ways this build could be more single target friendly atm TA/Beam/Mu Def - 4:26 Bots/Cold/Mako MM - 2:23 Traps/AR/Electric Def - 4:19 - ok this must be a testament to a good primary because the AR contribution here is a joke
  5. 4:17 Rad/Rad/Flame Defender having endurance problems and apparently not with enough knockback protection 😞 Considering how much I was knocked back or started not running all my toggles, definite potential for improvement.
  6. 5:14 WP/Kat/Soul Tanker Basically no hybrid if assault, don't care if melee Had one toggle drop from end but otherwise just slow
  7. ugh.. 5:02 Poison/Ice/Psychic Defender No Insps/No Temps/No Lore/No Hybrid, T3 Alpha/Destiny, T4 Interface/Judgement No issues just slow
  8. 1:48 Ill/Dark/Mace Controller No Insps/No Temps/No Lore, T4 Alpha, T3 the rest
  9. I've never ever done a pylon test but reading this thread is admittedly making me curious how bad my builds are. If I understand everything correctly, I shall go try to kill a pylon, time it, and state what incarnates/insps/temps I used 🙂 Also having trouble finding any links to any spreadsheet mentioned in this thread.
  10. I’m certainly skeptical it will be widely popular, but I’m absolutely certain it will be more popular than the highly unpopular mechanisms we have now for pumping difficulty up past +4x8. Mostly because it very clearly is intended to allow people to simultaneously experience difficulty and IO’s/incarnates/inspirations/etc at once instead of the typical “you think the game is easy? Why haven’t you gimped yourself?” nonsense that floats around here.
  11. That plus all the other ways we have to create our own difficulty instead of just having good endgame content. Like this whole level 44 TF fad. It’s harder, I get it. Other games don’t make me choose between modest difficulty and a maxed out build though. And I do boosters, not catalysts, so the whole thing demands I redo my builds. So it’s just dumb and I refuse to engage with it.
  12. People would probably appreciate Mind Control more if or when Seeds of Confusion is balanced appropriately. That and the questionable sense of needing a mediocre pet tends to devalue Mind Control’s incredible T9 in a rather misleading way. If not for pitchforks, this would’ve likely already happened.
  13. IMO: sets most in need of a facelift: Assault Rifle, Force Field, Kinetic Melee, perhaps Mercenaries AT’s most in need of love: Masterminds, Sentinels VEAT’s need power color customization and no redraw QoL type stuff but performance-wise they’re fine. Mind Control and Regeneration and dominator assaults look like other things you’re highly underrating.
  14. A superior game might have torched plans for surely inferior games? Cry me a river 😉
  15. Is this without temp powers? Don’t consider it a solo job with temp powers so curious about DPS sans daggers/amps/pets/etc.
  16. Awesome @SuperPlyx. Sounds like it primarily happens on cast, not something that reoccurs like in some patches. Seems pretty dang reliable though! @Doomguide2005I only ask for clarification because, once a patch or pet or pseudopet is involved, it seems like all certainty is thrown out the window and you really need to test every kind of proc individually. At least that’s what I get from studying Sir Myshkin’s work. You have all sorts of powers where certain procs work great and others not at all.
  17. Range inspirations (but not affecting melee attacks) seem like they would be fine. The rest, eh, not so much. Maybe the control mag one but def not the recharge/duration ones.
  18. Never picked up this power because never got verification on how it procs. So thank you, SuperPlyx. Any comment on damage procs?
  19. FWIW I’m not sure why Dark Blast wouldn’t do well against AV’s. It may not be the best secondary for damage, but it’s got a solid snipe, perfectly good animation times/DPA’s, and ofc the easy survivability.
  20. I’ve represented myself badly in this thread, and you are correct about the facts. I think the underlying reason I haven’t dealt with the distinctions in a measured and rational way in the last few posts is because I feel no practical need for the distinctions. While I’m well aware that fascism is a specific ideology, I could care less about distinguishing it from authoritarianism because I already see authoritarianism as pure evil. K now I’m out.
  21. Ok well I guess my original question has to be altered from “How can you try to rule the world without being fascist” to “How can you try to rule the world without being like fascists”. The former question has been thoroughly discredited, but I still say you can’t rule and subjugate others and whatnot without at least having some major commonalities with fascism. All that said, this thread is getting a bit much fast. Maybe we better not, lol
  22. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argument_from_ignorance https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burden_of_proof_(philosophy) Some helpful reads. I know Wikipedia isn’t a reliable source, but this isn’t exactly a controversial subtopic. ”True until proven otherwise” is a just another way to say “not true”, in this instance.
  23. I’m well aware of that, no need to talk down to me. I guess, at the end of the day, a person may not be fascist by the book, but, if they support fascist playbook favorites like censorship, they’re, if not fascist, certainly no better than fascist.
  24. Yes, but that doesn’t mean those empires didn’t have to engage in practices that we can retroactively call fascistic. Suppression of opposition, for instance, is both fascistic and predates the term.
  25. I am of the opinion that the burden of proof falls on the person making the claim. Until proven, we have no way of knowing no one else has or has not done this before you. You don’t get to claim every thing that can’t be disproven. That is illogical and not how the world works. But telling all the same that you’re willing to just brazenly claim to be the best with no support. Some people would have some shame about something that silly.
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