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UI change for critical buffs?

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As I get older I find myself having similar issues with trying to see everything at a quick glance.  I also find the buffs difficult to see... but heck I've been losing my mouse pointer for years so what's new, lol.  But it would be nice to know if there was an option here to make them a little easier on those of us who are starting to have difficulty distinguishing 3's from B's and 8's.  Side note:  I tested 20/15 or better in both eyes many times when I was younger.  Now I look at the chart and go, "what next line?" lol.  I use readers sometimes but they actually mess with my normal vision so I try to not use them too much. (plus I may be just a tiny bit stubborn)


I always thought it would be nice if separate parts of the UI could be scaled independently (maybe they can and I just don't know about it?).  Plus, I know there are high visibility pointer options in CoH Modder.  I wonder if there is or could be something similar for buff icons?  Just thinking out loud...

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