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Beta Servers Down?


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Not sure that enough people play on them to know, or care, lol... but are the Beta servers down for anyone else... or am I having some weird problem? 


I'm guessing that they're down since I can connect to the regular gaming servers, but I can't find any info, and the server status page apparently doesn't monitor the Beta servers.


Problem is the launcher says, "Ready," so I'm not sure. 


Bummer... wanted to try out some archetypes/builds for a bit today

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38 minutes ago, TemporalVileTerror said:

Given some of the names I've seen popping in and out of the forums here lately, and that they tend to be visiting or posting in threads which aren't visible to a regular community member, I wouldn't be surprised if they're launching something new there shortly.


I think you're right since it now says, can't check for updates on the launcher, and now the servers show green... but clicking on them says wrong version or some such. 


On a Sunday?  Devs... go relax... ain't nothin' about this game worth you working on the weekend, lol.

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