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  1. This feature already exists. Little known commands: /arenalist /ai $target BAM! You are now issuing a challenge to duel another player which you have targeted. Enjoy!
  2. While that much is true and fair, I think it's also fair to remind everyone that a precedent has been set about a vocal outcry from certain individuals regarding gating people out of content related to the Rikti War Zone. Kind of puts a damper on the theoretical altruism of it, yeah? Frankly, I too think it sucks that the impending solution to the problem is presently what I've tested on Beta. Other options exist. I get that the Devs have limited time and resources to address it in a more robust and meaningful way . . . but it still leaves a damned bitter taste in my mouth to s
  3. Probably not, @Beef Ninja. They're probably just masochists.
  4. This discussion about contest/event donation fleecing has given me an idea. I've made a point of listing a public ledger for donations of some of the larger events I've run or been a part of the organizing committee for. Frequently, though, I have people specifically asking to remain anonymous. So! Idea! Hey! Anonymous donors? Offer your donations in unique values. Like 987,543,999. That way the ledger will reflect the precise amount you gave, and you can confirm that it's being added to the tally while remaining anonymous. Since other donors should prov
  5. I know I just linked it in the last thread from UAlt, and I initially decided against it in this thread because I had thought it would be a bit redundant, but ... https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/19655-weekly-discussion-53-how-to-increase-villain-population/ These arguments and ideas expressed in this thread are all very similar, if not identical, to the ones in that thread. Which were largely the same retreads from earlier in Homecoming's many threads on the subject, which were retreads going all the way back to shortly after Issue 6 was released and there wasn't any init
  6. I had tested it with a Rogue-aligned character, and yes. I did not test it with any other alignment, @TraumaTrain.
  7. Related to: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/19014-vampire-the-masquerade-and-bloodlines-too/?tab=comments#comment-277069 Our Monday-night weekly virtual tabletop roleplaying group is going to be losing a player next week, or the week after, and so there's an opening for someone who may be interested in joining us. We've been playing Rogue Trader and Vampire the Masquerade, with an anime-trope campaign being planned by @HunterKid, and myself thinking of revving the ol' Shadowrun back up after that. If anyone would like to learn more about us and how we play, pleas
  8. Why hasn't https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGF0MYORADE been posted yet?
  9. Oh! I've been reminded: Twilight Grasp? Use it liberally on Archvillains. Even if your whole team is at full health. Why? To-Hit Debuff AND Regen Debuff
  10. Dark Miasma on Masterminds, Corruptors, and Defenders (or Darkness Affinity for Controls) is probably worth your time to check out. Twilight Grasp is one of the most powerful AoE Heals in the game, but requires an enemy target and a To-Hit check. But, extra bonus, right now it has some odd behaviour where it can actually revive you if you die in the middle of the animation. Not sure if that's a bug, or an (un)intentional feature, but it's fun! Tar Patch is great for giving your teammates a little indirect Damage boost by decreasing your enemies' Resistance, while also slowing them
  11. Probably people concerned at the unlikely prospect of such a Power also being a way to track other players, I suppose.
  12. Tested some doors with an unaligned character. As expected, the game seems to consider such a character to be a "Hero" for most Alignment-dependent conditions, including the new Pocket D doors. As usual, such characters can not make use of Null the Gull to change their (lack of) Alignment.
  13. It really circles back to the question of "What even -is- 'The Game' in City of Heroes?" People clearly have different answers to that question. I believe those answers are always valid so long as they do not harm other players. Someone being able to play a game (ANY game) on an easier difficulty mode than another player does not cause harm to the players who are choosing to play on harder difficulties. It doesn't change what has been "earnt," since nothing it actually -being- earnt. It's all make-believe. As long as difficulty settings are optional and within each player's persona
  14. Clearly my memory is shit. For some reason I was thinking of the Founders' Fall exit, I guess. Thanks for calling me out on that, @Cinnder. Sorry for any confusion I caused.
  15. So, uh . . . https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/29160-beta-patch-notes-for-may-25th-2021/?tab=comments#comment-365654 There's a chance to possibly get something you've made in to the game with the new Pocket D minor-revamp taking place. Specifically: Some in-game spray paint decals for the Atlas Park, Nova Praetoria, and/or Mercy Island Pocket D Exits, which remains within the appropriate graphical quality and aesthetic style of existing game graphic content. Naturally, there's no guarantee that anyone's work will be chosen, or even if it is, there's no guarantee it wi
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