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  1. I realize I may overuse this image, but it's quite apt to my reaction when I saw Dr. Aeon there at the end . . .
  2. I picked up the demo of Loop Hero after seeing it on the Devolver youtube channel. I retreated successfully from my first two or three loops, then I slew the Lich on my first attempt against it. I then proceeded to die and die and die again. Still, a very engaging game, and now I've gone and bought the full version. Goodness gracious, do I miss the demo game marketing model. Free-/Shareware demos are the absolute bomb! I'm glad indie devs have revived this. Hell! There's a LOT of things I'm glad that indie devs are doing. And thanks to Devolver Digital for supporting that (
  3. Two? I thought it was only going to be 6 episodes total. Not that I'm against it being 7, mind you. Spouse and I are both committed to the series now, though. This latest episode just really sold us on the whole thing. The training montage was a bit much for me, but she loved it. Also, if you care about spoilers, don't watch it with closed captions on. They totally reveal a major plot point ahead of schedule, probably accidentally.
  4. I hear you! https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/23882-new-recipe-idea-recycle-enhancement/
  5. I feel we may have strayed slightly (or significantly) from the original topic of this thread (unless there's a very different version of 5th for Vampire: The Masquerade that I'm totally unfamiliar with, heh). https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/15567-what-pastpresent-pnp-games-have-you-enjoyed/ might be more the speed of the current conversation here, if anyone wants to revive the other thread.
  6. Lore/Narrative purists might complain (honestly surprised none have yet, so far). Given what an utter mess the game's narrative -is,- however, I think we're WELL past the point of it mattering. The timeline is a mess. The ludonarrative in terms of Combat Level, Threat Level, and the character's career is a mess. It's all been a mess since Issue 1, when the Rularuu invaded (not that it was necessarily terribly cohesive even before that). The more options we provide to players in terms of access to content, the more power and authority we give them to express their characters' perso
  7. I do find it particularly interesting that different people have completely diametric opinions on the "sameness" of Redside and Blueside zones. There's probably a research paper in there determining which elements these players notice, which ones they remember, and how those players' cognitive mapping of memories relate to those features and their experience/opinion of the Zones. My own view tends to align with @GastlyGibus' in that I have wholly memorized the Redside zones by the massive number of big and small landmarks scattered around the maps. The two exclusions being Mercy
  8. Since a few things occasionally "janky" when starting a new character, and the Defaults don't always load properly (*stares deeply in to the soul of Chat Tabs especially*) I have this little string of commands as the first thing I do with any new character. /showbind lctrl+lshift$$wdwloadfile 2021-03-27.wdw$$bindloadfile 2021-03-27.bind$$optionloadfile 2021-03-27.opt$$chatloadfile 2021-03-27.chat I also use this string whenever I do a major update to any of my settings, swapping "load" for "save" and putting in a new date. I then use the load string on any existing cha
  9. I have to admit to still being quite estranged from the latest in terms of narrative developments to the overarching lore with the Praetorian Invasion and the fall of Praetoria, so I'm not sure if my perspective is necessarily informed enough to be helpful here . . . but . . . Tyrant/Cole is presently incarcerated on Primal Earth. Praetoria has fallen to their version of Hamidon, but there's a suggestion that there are pockets of humanity and possibly whole cities outside of Praetoria in their dimension. I keep seeing people post about a "Neo-Tokyo?" A huge immigration
  10. The new Popmenu tech is wonderfully close to what we're looking for, actually. Once the Devs find a way to get countdown timers and/or animated Power buttons in the popmenus, then we'll be golden! We'll be able to write custom Power Trays, save them, copy them, share them, and create all kinds of shortcut combos! I can scarcely wait! But, of course, I wouldn't be against the original /traysave /trayload idea getting implemented anyway.
  11. BUTTON4 binded to: target_enemy_next CTRL+BUTTON4 binded to: target_enemy_near ALT+BUTTON4 binded to: target_enemy_prev SHIFT+BUTTON4 binded to: target_friend_next SHIFT+EQUALS binded to: beginchat /bind EQUALS targetcustomnext Those are the main ones I use typically.
  12. I occasionally pass out at my keyboard and have found a few characters with pending level ups next time I log in.
  13. Add an exterior hatch to one of the walls or ceiling in the prison cell block to represent an alternative point of entry/exit?
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