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  1. While we're not there yet, my ideal would be that gender be divorced from the character models entirely, and players could create "huge females" (for example) by using those textures and pieces currently locked to female models on the huge model. So, in that way, eventually -everything- would be reasonably sensible on each model. Just something I would like to encourage you to bear in mind as you continue your work. And thank you very much for sharing it!
  2. Yup. And it also demonstrates that this has been something which has been improved over time. We're not yet necessarily at the optimal solution to teaming, content, and level-gate interactivity. So, yeah . . . while some people like things the way they are, and they totally get to like things this way . . . anyone who tries to argue that we shouldn't attempt to further improve Sidekicking "just because" should bear in mind that improvements have been made to the system since its inception. There's still room to grow, here.
  3. Some damn fined work! Well done. Very well done, @Yikes. May we please see some sample screenshots of how they scale with Height and Physique too? Also, I do hope you've got everything slated for eventual gender parity passes. I realize that's pretty much three times the work given the way the models exist in this game, but being able to have such levels of customization and personalization would be ideal!
  4. Wait a minute, @huang3721! What is THAT!? Enhance. Enhance! ENHANCE, YOU COWARD! ... No . . . NO! They told me he was dead! DEAD!!! Oh god . . . It's him . . . . . . we're doomed.
  5. There's also the "appropriate time and appropriate place" argument to be made in this particular situation. City of Heroes has long dominated the role of "-the- MMO where your character is YOURS," and I've failed to see any other MMO approach the level of personal ownership which this game offers to players. It achieves this in no small part thanks to the character appearance customization. While literally unique characters aren't quite achievable here, and we're faced with the same dilemma which music arguably has ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAcjV60RnRw ) due to a finite number of combinations, ultimately the precedent has been set that providing players with a multitude of tools for personalization results in a great deal of creative freedom. Ergo: The greatest opportunity for practically unique creations. My personal view is that "This is a good thing. This is a GREAT thing. This is -THE- thing for City of Heroes!" (Which is why I tend to be so vocal about unlocking additional costume pieces, such as NPC pieces.) But not everyone agrees with this point of view, of course. There's the argument that something might be "more unique" if you have to unlock it somehow. However, these things aren't finite resources that only a limited number of players have access to. They're not actually unique. Gating them just places an arbitrary and artificial barrier in the way of access. Some people associate "worth" with things that are "achieved." But really . . . if someone can "achieve" it by toggling a binary flag in the code more easily than spending ten minutes hitting the same buttons over and over completing an in-game task, why even bother if not for personal reasons? And if those personal reasons aren't good enough to do those tasks and personally "lock" the content on your own terms, can those reasons possibly hold muster for -other- players to be restricted by them? But, again, these are just my views on it. Other people see it differently. There are plenty of other games out there where locking content is the norm. Goodgawd, just take a look at the games industry these days. Destiny 2 is an absolute NIGHTMARE when it comes to personalizing your character(s). Warframe wasn't much better the last time I played it. (That new Marvel game is a special brand of hell in this regard, not that the characters you play as there were ever remotely going to be considered "your own.") And generally, I think people who play City of Heroes for the sake of character customization aren't too thrilled with the customization options in those games. But . . . those games aren't "for us" really, are they? I don't like to make assumptions, but it doesn't strike me as likely that the people playing those games are doing so with the express desire to make personal creations out of their player-avatars. Which circles us back around to what I opened this post with: Appropriate time and appropriate place. I'm not one of the Devs, and I have no verifiable sources as to their views on this subject, but the present conditions in the game set certain expectations. With improvements such as Auras and Path Auras no longer being mutually exclusive, and asymmetrical costume pieces, I think we've received a fairly clear message that the Devs presently appreciate the sentiment that this game benefits from having more costume customization rather than less. I very much think now is not the time and I frankly doubt if Homecoming will -ever- be the place for arbitrarily locking players away from expressing their creative freedom. I also acknowledge that the Devs (now, or in the future) may see it differently. The present evidence doesn't suggest that, though.
  6. There's a pretty intense stance against locking content in the manner you seem to be looking for, although you're not alone in your desire @Zantorialt. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/12155-going-forward-can-we-have-more-things-that-mean-something/ Given the deeper understanding of marketing and things like Skinner Boxes which players have these days, and the free nature of these pirate servers, it doesn't seem likely that anything like the VIP system would ever be reintroduced. As for costume unlocks and the like, we haven't seen an official stance on it, but current trends suggest the Devs have no plans or intentions to lock existing content. New content . . . that's uncertain.
  7. What would Laser Rifle Support, Pistol Support, and Assault Rifle Support look like? I'm curious.
  8. I like the ones where you complete a story arc in Paragon City, and then head over to Praetoria, and one of the NPC citizens randomly comments on something which they should have absolutely no comprehension of. A new Seer in the making, clearly.
  9. So . . . That latest episode . . . All just flashback exposition, basically. Not a helluva lot of forward movement for the plot there. Sadly, given the nature of the series' format, I suppose they kind of wrote themselves in to a corner to force themselves to do such an info-dump episode.
  10. More options is best options! Although, there may be a hurdle related to this which I believe one of the Devs spoke about regarding fly poses. Movement cycle animations that were designed for NPCs are limited to forward movement only. New animations may be necessary for strafing and reverse-direction movement depending on a few nebulous factors.
  11. You know, it's funny. Even with how janky and unreliable Sidekicking was in the ancient days of yesterbefore, City of Heroes was -still- the best MMO for being able to team up with your friends, regardless of level. It was basically one of the major selling points for me when I was still dabbling in exploring other MMOs. But you compare how things were back then to how they are today, and it's kind of funny that we considered -that- to be the pinnacle of "team-friendly MMO features."
  12. I'm poking around with Outpost these past few days after hearing some of Epic Mountain's Kurzgesagt soundtracks. Specifically the Nuclear Death Toll: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04Q3Y2auW1Y
  13. Yup. We're keeping our Netflix, but spouse cancelled AmazonPrime to make room for the new Disney Star. Eventually we'll cancel Disney when we've watched what we want to and possibly switch back to Prime for a while longer. Still really skeezy business practices, though.
  14. X-Ray Beam has an Activation time of 1.67s, so it's animation is roughly that long. Cutting Beam has a 1.9s Activation. While I'd personally be okay with padding out the extra time with a bit of animation hang, I expect the Dev Team might not be (based on some of the other statements they've made about graphic quality over the past two years). So, sadly, there is a little bit of an extra hurdle in the way here. Hopefully one which can be overcome, though. The changes to Total Focus suggest the Devs now have the tools necessary to make adjustments like this feasible.
  15. Another point of these being volunteer devs means that even if no one on the team currently has the time for this suggestion, that doesn't preclude the possibility of a new dev joining the team who focuses on this as their personal pet project. Suggestions are good. End of story. No one here is making demands. Stating that something may not be feasible due to scope is fair, but even then an expert opinion is more valuable than a guess made by one of us. Stating an idea sounds personally worthwhile or not is subjective, but fair. Stating if something is or isn't worth the devs' time is up to the devs.
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