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Mission Exit Box fails to trigger


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In the "Defeat [bossname] and crew" mission from Colleen Nelson, which is set on the KR-style map with the cemetery at the N end and has collecting six samples of the Rikti virus as a secondary goal, if you complete the mission and fly back into the red mission-entrance box, you get the "You are about to exit this mission" popup, but don't actually exit the mission. I've had this happen with this mission on two separate characters, and have been able to fly in and out of the 'entrance box' several times without triggering the exit.

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Someone get this man some support.  Hes been stuck in this mission for almost 3 days and the rest of the city needs saving.


Ive had a similar occurence where running into the red box didnt trigger the exit.  Jumping caused me to hit the loading zone trigger.  I couldnt tell you what mission it was since that was a while ago.  There may be several maps with the loading trigger misaligned  if i was on a different map.  

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