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Mastermind Wish (highly not practical, therefor not suggestion)

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So, this is the way I wish Mastermind worked and it really wouldn't work well with how the Primary/Secondary method of doing powers functions but, here we go.


Both the minion powers would have multiple options, this could be adjusted from one build to the next.


So like, Necromancy would have a choice between shades/skeletons/zombies at tier 1. death knight/wraith/revenant at tier 2. vampire/lich/banshee at tier 3.


The attacks would also be an option, just pistol/archery/dark/birdsandbees/beamrifle/mercrifle.  Maybe with some new alternates like fire/elec/energy/etc. Basically just "choose a ranged attack set to get three powers from".


to be honest, this sort of structure would have been cool for any of the archetypes... increased variability of builds. like if there were three options at each power tier and you could choose one of each tier level.... and still have 9 tier levels


though it REALLY can't implemented realistically and remains just a whimsical what-if

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Well, maybe a whimsical "What-if" for Masterminds . . . 


But, what if it could be implemented somewhere else.

Like the Gladiators mode of the Arena.



Remember those?

This game has a "pokeymans" minigame!


It's one of the most under-utilized but fantastically creative aspects of the game.
But the costs of the various Gladiators were NEVER balanced, and the system was never expanded upon.

It remains one of my sorrowful regrets that Gladiators never became a huge success.


But what you're suggesting, @Thrythlind?  It could totally work with the Gladiators point-buy system.

So . . . don't give up hope.

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I'm not particularly interested in the gladiator thing. It's a PvP limited thing and while I know some people enjoy that, I personally don't. This is a fairly personal fantasy for the main part of the game which I know would require massively reworking the structure of the game.

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