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  1. Seeing how many of you admit to this, suddenly the things going on in General Chat start to make a lot more sense . . . Well, they still don't make sense. There's just context now.
  2. If it's about adding a mechanical purpose to Groups, there are already three big ones I can think of: 1: Bases. HUGE. Probably -the- reason to have a Group. And the best part is, everyone can make them now AND share them publicly! That's been a massive part of the socialization which takes place on Everlasting, though I admit that I don't know enough about the other Shards to speak to the social conduct on them. 2: Finding the "Last Time Played" information. This is something I would really appreciate seeing propagated to the Global Friend List instead, but as it stands, Groups a
  3. Prestige generation is a vestigial social pressure activity implemented during a time in the game's development when it was thought that it would cause players to play more (and thus pay more over time, amoung other benefits which ultimately was hoped to result in fiscal growth). It was also designed to be an Inf sink, quite likely due to the realization of the Devs just how skewed their in-game reward generation ultimately became. It was also very poorly implemented for its express purpose, frankly. I'm not against having Prestige do something interesting, but re-enabling it
  4. You are a true savant and scholar, @Telephone.
  5. It could be interesting to have two Spiderlings for every one Tier 1 other Masterminds get. However, it may be complicated to implement something like that due to Bodyguard mode. And normally I like the idea of more content and Power Sets, but an Arachnos Mastermind is kind of very theme-specific. That runs contrary to the general spirit of personal creativity that defines City of Heroes/Villains. And and the Crab Build for Soldiers of Arachnos is kind of already an Arachnos Drone Mastermind . . . aside from those Pets constantly needing to be resummoned (p.i.t.a.). If
  6. @Telephone, what do you like on your pizzas?
  7. Just did a play-through of Turok 2 remaster on PC. I'd completed it on N64 back in the day a couple of times, and it was quite the nostalgic romp to do it again. Although, mouse and keyboard was WAY WAY WAY more pleasant than playing on the Trident of Despair. I also reinstalled Raptor: Call of the Shadows, and just sorta do a wave here and there.
  8. Thanks to the Homecoming Team in figuring out a way to get the servers back up despite the technical issues with OVH!
  9. Sooooooo . . . a thought just hit me . . . What a great way to lead off @Mender Derek's Disaster v2.0!
  10. Well, not to undermine anyone who is chomping at the bit to get back in to the game, as I can absolutely appreciate that! But I do want to remind folks to remember to take it easy and remain calm. This isn't the sort of thing to get too worked up over, comparatively speaking. It absolutely sucks when you allocate personal time for the game, and it just so happens that your plans get dashed against the rocky shores of Technical Difficulties. But it's really beyond any of us to effect it. I'd guess that worrying about that isn't going to make anyone feel any better. I also reall
  11. I've been selling Mediums and Larges since the beginning of Homecoming, and typically list all my stuff at 1 just to get rid of it ASAP. The prices have progressively diminished over time. It used to be that Lucks would sell of upwards of 5,000 instantly. Now I see them hitting as low as 50 on occasion. I haven't been able to sell an Insight in about a week. There was a period of time when I have about 70 Bounce Backs just sitting my various characters' auction slots, waiting to go but no demand. The day the Devs add Scrapping/Recycling Recipes for Inspirations and Generic IOs
  12. What's a newspaper? But in all seriousness, if you've already got Calvin and Hobbes, and they don't have Farside, I suppose all that's left is Bloom County. Beyond that? Everything else is generally too Garf for my tastes.
  13. So, as of today, it looks like we've gathered around 18.8 billion Inf. Nice work, folks! Thanks for pulling together!
  14. Last night, around 10pm eastern, I was receiving the little notification blip sounds for a good 45 minutes or so, about one every 15 seconds to 2 minutes. It was driving me nuts trying to figure out what was causing it. Never did find out.
  15. It's likely a matter of wanting to temporarily blot out someone's waves of repeat messages in LFG or the like, @Tahliah. So, if not restoring local ignore, I counter-propose a new option for your consideration, @Bay: /ignore_for_time I don't know how much of a pain something like this may be to implement, but I envision a function which triggers the standard Gignore function, with a timer set in minutes. Once that time elapses, the Gignore is reversed. Naturally, I could see something like that potentially being more work than it's worth, but I figured I'd share the id
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