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  1. Especially since getting Inf is generally easier and quicker to get than Merits. Even for those players who have Merit farming down to an art, you still can't trade Merits. And so Inf remains the easier currency to acquire, thanks to the market itself. Thus using Merits for things which are significantly cheaper with Inf on the Market is generally profoundly wasteful to the players' limited time. Now if Merits were as easy to come by as Inf, or if some significant changes occurred to the price of items in the Merit Vendor inventories, then we might be able to say "it's fine to use Meri
  2. What if Null allowed you to gain Experience for Inf? I'd say (Level x Level x 400,000) Inf. That way 2 billion would jump someone up to Level 24, and it'd cost a little over 17 billion to hit 50. I know. I know. Old suggestion. We've been there before. It's just what I initially thought this thread was asking for based on the subject header, and I futz'd around with the math and wanted to share a version of the expenses that seemed "fair."
  3. Also: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/19468-that-moment-of-realization-games-as-art/?tab=comments#comment-274585 I actually haven't gotten around to doing a complete dive in to the System Shocks. @Luminara and @honoroit (and anyone else); did you have a recommendation for which versions to prioritize?
  4. I reinstalled Quake, but the poor old program just doesn't want to play nice with modern graphics rendering and audio systems. I can get the music to play if I run it through DosBOX, but then I lose out on many of the advantages which the various Windows-ports have. Even then, -every- version I've tried to run resets my resolution when the game boots up, and throws my other windows in to complete disarray. Having to reset all of my window placements each time I run the game puts a serious hamper on my enjoyment of it, so I've pretty much already shelved it again. Unless anyone has any
  5. This isn't about accessibility. This is about representation and roleplay. I am hard-of-hearing in real life, and I personally think sign language is really cool and helpful. I would like to see it exist in-game, and then I would personally use it on some of the characters I do roleplay with. It's a low priority "wouldn't it be nice/cool/interesting" suggestion. I can certainly live without it, and instead continue to use ;explain and ;lecture to represent my characters signing. But there's no harm in posting a suggestion, request, or feedback.
  6. Obviously, without fingers we can't do many of the ASL signs, but it would be very cool to add some of these when the creation of new animations can be tackled. To differentiate them from existing emotes that are meant to convey the same or similar messages, I'd recommend naming these new ones with ASL as a prefix. ie: /em ASL_yes /em ASL_thanks /em ASL_please
  7. Just so there's a link to it: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/23253-funplex-graffiti-wall-contest-over/
  8. Gonna weave around a few things here, and answer @Techwright:
  9. Also: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Exemplar_Effects_on_Enhancements
  10. I generally find your thoughts very insightful and positive, @TwoDee, but I feel you are deeply off the mark with the initial premise that leads your thought process there. City of Heroes isn't a comic book. City of Heroes was -partially inspired- by comic books, but what the Legacy Teams collectively brought into existence is so much more than that. Champions Online and DCUO, and the attempts by Marvel at MMOs are much more fitting the bill of "comic book." What we have with City of Heroes is a confluence of happy accidents; upward failures in an attempt to make a comic book game
  11. Which raises the question . . . What happens when you speedball all of them at once?
  12. Thank you for the reply, @Piecemeal. There does seem to be a couple of disconnects, if I may. "and so would you. You'd lose faith, see us as overambitious." Should I assume this is meant as a "the majority of the community - you", or is it meant to personally address me? In either case, I feel you're off the mark. I can certainly respect that your personal experience would not be positive. Even devastating, as you said. Your feelings are your own, and it's appreciated that you've felt comfortable enough to share them publicly like this. But the
  13. The personal identities of the Devs are certainly something which I feel is deservedly appropriate to keep private. Even without the looming spectre of litigation from NC or any number of other corporate bodies, the very real and sick danger of death threats and harassment can't be ignored. I give the Homecoming Team 100% support on keeping their personal information safe. It's a slightly different issue than their professional credentials, though. Even there, however, I'm fine with Homecoming being run by hobbyists. I'd personally prefer they remain honest with thems
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