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  1. Last revision: 2020-04-25 --- Hero-leaning GraspingVileTerror, Natural Dominator: Darkness Control / Thorns, Level 5 - extradimensional entity Warlock King, Magic Brute: Dark Melee / Fiery Aura, Level 15 - extradimensional magical warrior and ruler of his world (taken be force), plunged in to a dimensional portal by a hero challenging his tyrannical rule. During their time in the space between dimensions, the despot and the hero shared deeply with one another, and the Warlock King has decided to turn over a new leaf here in Paragon City --- Vigilante-leaning Santa Claus?, Natural Controller: Plant Control / Thermal Radiation, Level 19 - Ho ho ho! It's . . . Santa Claus? Then why does he look like a tall, slender pumpkin monster? Oh! Diet cookies and diet milk. Ok. Sounds legit --- Rogue-leaning Clarabella, Natural Controller: Plant Control / Nature Affinity, Level 27 - alien plant which mimics humans in an attempt to obtain food. Inspired by Lykka and Audry II, with a dash of my own insanity in the mix (more than a dash) Rudra Sarva, Natural Defender: Traps / Archery, Level 15 - current star pupil at the prestigious Etoile academy, Rudra has life goal aspirations of becoming an Arachnos Arbiter as a mere stepping stone toward "further greatness" Academy Guard Ishi, Technology Brute: Electric Melee / Shield Defense, Level 15 - professional security guard for a prestigious Etoile academy, Ishi is a bit mysterious compared to the other guards in the squad, with an uncharacteristically beautiful face contrasting the slab-of-meat physique --- Villain-leaning Magic Consultant Stu, Magic Controller: Illusion Control / Darkness Affinity, Level 17 - professional magical consultant with low moral scruples. He'd sell his own grandma for a few grand, assuming the financial gain outweighs and risks associated with the act Guardsman Prospero, Science Soldier of Arachnos, Level 18 - healthy human brain grafted in to a troll's Superadine-riddled body and maintained by an elaborate chemical filtration system, he represents the only success (read: survivor) in a series of failed Arachnos-funded experiments Operative Crura, Natural Arachnos Widow, Level 9 - (haven't yet fully realized this character's personality) Child of Agony, Natural Stalker: Spines / Regeneration, Level 13 - torture fanatic akin to Silver Mantis, but with a more quiet personality (and a mouth stitched closed) Deathguard Theta, Technology Sentinel: Beam Rifle / Energy Aura, Level 23 - one of several manufactured footsoldiers as a prototypical series of an evil corporation's planned Legion of Doom product line --- SPECIAL! Grim Isolator, Science Brute: Titan Weapon / Fiery Aura, Level 10 - (not a roleplay character, but a Helper designed to get people the Isolator Badge in a matter of minutes. Please get in touch with me @VileTerror if you'd like to schedule an Isolator run)
  2. It bears noting that there are Global Channels of "RP" and "OOC" set up in the game right now too. Over 200 members, in fact! Only a couple other Globals have such populations.
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