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  1. My probability of repeatedly playing and enjoying a character are directly related to whether or not I've written a bio. I don't do RP, but generally speaking I need more of a concept than just powers and costume to continue coming back to the same character. Conversely, if I keep playing a character without a bio, or with a very minimal bio, I'll probably end up writing or adding to the current bio.
  2. NM, I figured it out. I was in the costume creator yesterday and this bio came to me while I was making the character. Edit: 1033 total characters out of 1024 available. So how big is this field really? And yes, I see the duplicate "ThisThis" and have corrected it. The count is after the correction.
  3. Oh, I Like that idea! Save and load powertrays would resolve the goulash you get back from the respec!
  4. I know it's stop the Paladin from getting built, but how do I know when it's being built? Is there Hero Event text for it?
  5. @Wavicle You are correct sir or ma'am. I didn't recall seeing Damage components on any other End Mod IOs, but a second glance show that there are 4 Damage IOs on Power Transfer, but one of them also has an End Mod component. Still wish they'd put EndMod on one of the Damage IOs, probably the Damage Recharge.
  6. One thing I'm nostalgic about is the TP chains my coalition used to do. Pretty much everyone would take Recall. When it was time to head to the next mish, often in another zone, one person would race to the tunnel thru the warwall, and Recall someone directly into zoning. That person would rush to the next tunnel and when Person #! Recalleded the next "victim" into the tunnel, Person #2 would Recall them directly into the next zone. Repeat ad nauseum until the entire team was at the next mish. The one thing I really miss is the original dialogs between the Desperate
  7. I'm far more likely to enjoy playing a character if I have a bio written. Some I've enjoyed playing so I've written a bio for them. Since you seem to enjoy the bios, I'll try to remember to grab some screenies for ya.
  8. If Synapse's Shock were an Accurate End Mod set, this would be understandable. It's not, it's an End Mod set. You slot it in Stamina, or Energizing Circuit, or Lifegiving Spores, etc. There are Accurate End Mod sets for various Electric Blast/Melee powers.
  9. @Outrider_01 Maybe I didn't explain this well. Synapse's Shock is an End Mod set. None of the enhancement in it should have a Damage component. None of the Enhancements in it should have an Accuracy component. Yet three (half the set) have no End Mod component to the IO, and have a Damage Component. Of those 2 of them have an Accuracy component. Why do they need Accuracy if they are used on friendlies instead of foes? That's the core of my beef with this set. I wish to 5 slot them in Energizing Circuit, not only for the set bonus but to imp
  10. This set isn't Accurate End Mod, it's just End Mod. Yet three of the IOs in the set have Damage, and of those three, two of them have Accuracy. That's half the set that gives no, or minimal, benefit to the power it's slotted in. Can we please get this fixed? Edit: I can see leaving the Accuracy component in, and maybe the Damage, for use in some blast sets, but I'll say again, this isn't an Accurate End Mod set, it's listed as End Mod. I'd really like to see End Mod on every IO, with the possible exception of the ever present EndRdx/Recharge that mos
  11. I have a Beast MM who's a ringmaster type character. I'd love to have the whip as my weapon choice instead of BEES! or birds or whatever. But I'm also the person who wants an insect MM with a 6' tall Preying Mantis for the T3
  12. Nevermind... bad post
  13. What you didn't comment on was my wishing the best for the Homecoming team. That means I really don't want to see a protracted (or even a short) legal battle over this server. I am at least peripherally aware that the SCORE server had to change URLs and manifests multiple times before the game code got released into the wild, and I have no desire to see that scenario repeated. As a personal example, I had a Fire/Fire dom named Uncle Iroh who more or less looked the part. Someone was polite enough to advise me that they had been genericed for a tribute and that merely changing th
  14. @KauaiJim He said it 3 times, at least twice as a direct quote of himself. I'm more than willing to entertain ideas and positions that are contrary to my own. However, please make them at least informative and, if possible, entertaining as well. I won't repeat my statement, that would be hypocritical, but at least now you know why I said what I said.
  15. Really? Q. How, exactly, does NCSoft (may they rot while covered in boils and festering wounds) put that toothpaste back into the tube? A. They can't. Their code is in the wild now. I wish nothing but the best for SCORE and Homecoming but, if worst comes to worst - in the words of Glinda, "You have no power here, Begone!" applies to NCSoft.
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