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  1. I'm glad to see that some folks in this game understand basic economics.
  2. When do they sleep? I make 20 mil/run Inf + drops farming. Say it takes 45 minutes to run the ComicCon cave firefarm, so average 100 mil Inf per 3 hours (counting drops), you'd have to farm 6 - 9 hrs a day to do that.
  3. 90% if the issues with the market would go away if it were impossible to flip items. And to the flippers in here, there are easier and more productive ways to make Inf off the market than flipping.
  4. Isn't there an option in the costume editor to eliminate redraw?
  5. Certainly not that. He's taking recipes and salvage, adding some inf and getting a product worth more than the combined value of his components. This is how wealth is generated in real economies. Real economies are not a zero sum game. Flipping is buying an item low and reslisting it for a higher price. There's no value added and it fuels inflation.
  6. I havae a fire farmer. I find farming boring. Farming makes roughly 20 million inf/hr plus drops I can make about 30 million inf/hr (give or take) just running the WST, and I'll be having a lot more fun doing it. So IMO farming is balanced.
  7. And I've encountered clipping on HC as well. Had to spend quite a while finding a work around for the last costume I was making. I guess it's just a question of how much clipping is too much. And that's going to be an individual preference. I too would love to see Guardians over here but I doubt that's going to happen any time soon.
  8. Well, your name checks out, I'll say that. All smart alec'ness aside, I have checked out Thunderspy a while back and don't disagree with you. I haven't taken the time to check out Rebirth because I just don't have the time. I'm sorry to hear their QC is lacking.
  9. You left off the "...as much as Thunderspy or Rebirth". Yes, HC innovates, but they like to keep their/our servers more stable and bug free, so they proceed more cautiously, i.e. slowly.
  10. See my previous post for some of the things that have been done here on HC. Having said that, let me be very clear about my next statement: I'm not trying to drive you away. BUT you might check out Rebirth. They've done a lot with costumes and I think they have a couple of ATs that aren't part of the lineup here on HC. I've wanted to pop over there and check it out myself, but barely have enough hours in the day to sign onto HC regularly. The HC team doesn't "innovate" (for lack of a better word) as much as say Thunderspy or Rebirth, but the servers have
  11. And so far you folks have done some really cool things, SBB, Market Crash, those new arcs in Kings Row, etc. Also, the new IO sets have been noticed and appreciated, at least by me. 😄
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