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Are Support Core Embodiment Numbers off?

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I took a hard look at the numbers for the Hybrid Incarnate power Support Core Embodiment. The detailed info says that the power grants +12% Strength to all Defenses. However, when I use the power, my character's Defenses are only increased by 7.2%. Is anyone else encountering this?


I'm not averse to being told that I'm misunderstanding the Detailed Info of the power, so if that's the case please feel free to straighten me out. Thanks.

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Core is the one that buffs pets more than players. The numbers in the detailed info is the buff for pets, while players get half that amount. The reason it is giving you 7.2% defense instead of 6% is that it is affected by Alpha.


So, its less that you're misunderstanding, and more that the detailed info for Support Core is confusing.

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