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Classic Sister Psyche Task Force

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We initially filled the Classic Positron team but one member was interrupted by the real life AV and had to bow out.


Caged-Cube, my Ice/electric affinity controller

Lumin Kitty, Peacebringer

Critical Missy, stalker

Hellstryker, scrapper

Mae Ienah, Demon/Time MM

Darkness and Shadow, Sentinel

Deaf from Bellow, Sonic/Kin corruptor


We didn't really grind, had some casualties, but we finished in 1 hr 52 min. Fun was had by all.


By suggestion, next Friday we are setting our sights on the Ouro Sister Psyche.


Not sure who all can make it, but this was the team on Friday.

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Ran this with Psylenz0511 - second classic TF we've run in two weeks.

This one went faster than Posi.  We finished somewhere around an hour.


Team once again filled quickly, and everyone stayed.

Group was quieter than last week, but I think everyone was just trying to get it done kinda quick.

Finished in around an hour - not sure if thats good/bad/average.

Was fun, and hope to team up again. 

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