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  1. This is the next respec I am looking at. Not purpled/wintered completely yet. But it looks decent to me. Incarnates not included. This Hero build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/LoadedCamel/MidsReborn Click this DataLink to open the build! Annie Proton: Level 50 Technology Tanker Primary Power Set: Radiation Armor Secondary Power Set: Staff Fighting Power Pool: Leaping Power Pool: Fighting Power Pool: Speed Power Pool: Concealment Ancillary Pool: Energy Mastery Hero Profile: Level 1: Alpha Barrier -- UnbGrd-ResDam(A), UnbGrd-ResDam/EndRdx(3),
  2. First Ward / Night Ward on a team, even exemplared, can be a horror show. I went there with my usually very sturdy Staff/Nin Stalker and joined a team that insisted on running a Living Spells mission at +4x8. If looking for Rad's kryptonite, I say yeah... look for enemies that debuff you into next week. Look at Praetoria at high levels and at +4x8 settings. Defense based Tankers, at least the ones that can get very good DDR, will get through that more easily I think.
  3. The extreme rules +4x8, no incarnates team I've done a few times certainly cuts up my Rad/Staffer for fish bait. Slowed and defense floored, then dead. And that's with several tanks on the team. I need to run on a "normal" +4x8 to see how much different that is.
  4. ZemX


    It's more in the middle. Some of the bad rep comes from a really outdated DPS spreadsheet that has Staff third from last in DPS for Scrappers. But it makes no allowance for stacking Form of Body whereas it does count Street Justice combo level. It was just never completed, I think. Pure ST DPS is also not always relevant. Also consider that spreadsheet has Claws dead last. A more recent analysis goes by experimental rather than theory-crafted results in this thread: And if you skim through it, you see Staff is more middle of the road. But also notice that the c
  5. ZemX


    I used to think this as well, but it turns out it isn't true. The redraw animation does play first, but it doesn't actually add any time to the attack chain. What happens instead is that the animation time of the attack you activated begins with the redraw and ends before the animation of the attack is finished playing. You can see this most easily by activating Eye of the Storm without the staff drawn. Activate the attack and then hold down the forward button. Normally, the rooting time of EotS covers the whole spinning animation. But in the case where you begin with redraw,
  6. Is any tanker really vulnerable if you throw IO sets and Incarnates into the mix though? I would say a big issue I've had with Rad Armor is debuffs. Everything hits you. Unless you invest heavily in defense set bonuses to the point where you're hurting something else probably. I skipped Energy Mastery to get more AoEs from Mu. Didn't think I needed the endurance tools. But it looks like I need Focused Accuracy if I don't want to keep being just a taunt bot in the middle of a pack of ordinary CoT, storm-using enemies, Carnie fluffy pets, etc. All that hits me because I have no
  7. Can't check Mid's right now. I'm (hardly) working. But usually this sort of difference has something to do with powers being active/inactive or procs being marked on/off in Mid's. Check all the yellow and green dots on powers. Make sure all Incarnates are selected in the Incarnate window and appropriately turned on/off as desired in the main window once they appear there. That sort of thing.
  8. I wasn't going to say anything but since you have, yeah... Base quartermasters have them if your character is low enough. I can see them on a level 21 but not on my 50s. I assume they disappear at 24 then? And since combining now works to add to the level rather than ++, I assume you can create TOs for any level.
  9. The text descriptions of Shout of Command don't list KB protection but City of Data has it as +Mez protection (All) whatever that means. I've also noticed them stop falling down on Ice Patch so it's gotta be this power. It's a huge 30ft radius so it's hitting pretty much every Cim in the room with -10 protection for 15 seconds and it comes from any of the boss or lieutenant types, I think, once they are damaged enough.
  10. Well I am a newbie tanker myself but I just recently got my first to 50 and it is a Rad/Staff. Rad Armor is pretty easy and comes with great endurance recovery for no blue bar worries. Staff has three great AoEs expanded by the Tanker AoE buffs. Guarded Spin is a 9ft, 135 degree cone available at level 4. Eye of the Storm is a 15ft PBAoE you get at level 16. Innocuous Strikes, which you may find redundant, is another 9ft, 135degree cone available at 35. But in any case, loads of AoE for x8 teams. And it's dead easy to punch voke entire spawns, even if a bit spread out, from level 16 o
  11. Yeah, buffed +4x8, debuffed team, no incarnates, no temps, no insps, no amps. Previously done by having a level 44 team lead that would force-exemp everyone to just below incarnate level but still leave all powers accessible. They've just started running at 50 by getting everyone to just unslot all Incarnates. I haven't tried that yet but it sounds more convenient than the level 44 route. I'll think on it. The SD/DM is one attempt if I can keep him going. Nice to have the self-heal. But I level the slow way so it will be a little while before he's ready to run. Same with a
  12. Alas, I've fallen in with an unsavory crowd on Excelsior that likes to run the ITF with Incarnates disabled. So I'd probably tweak the build with that in mind. What looks good to me is the decent S/L/N resist and over-soft-capped defense with Storm Kick. Those buffed Cimerorans do otherwise like to re-enact Julius Caesar on me if they can strip defenses. My Ice/SD stalker and Rad/Staff tanker, so far... are not really up to it. They get by. But it's ugly.
  13. Not for Staff Fighting. And not that it's a real performance issue. If you draw the staff and execute an attack, the attack animation just gets interrupted by the next attack. Overall DPS isn't affected. It's just a minor annoying aesthetic issue I found putting Staff and Combat Teleport together. It would be nicer on almost any other melee attack set.
  14. Yeah, I am having a similar issue having played mostly defense-based Stalkers. I came to tankers and tried starting a SD/Rad. But Rad Melee is just so uninspiring to me. I rolled a Rad/Staff and shot to 50 in no time. Hilarious fun with bountiful big Tanker-buffed AoEs on short timers. But the getting hit all the time part is a drag when it comes to debuffs (particularly toHit) and confuse/fear. Maybe I'll try a SD/Ice or SR/Staff next instead. I've got a SD/DM going but DM is about as boring as Rad Melee so far. Or I'll give Werner's SD/MA a whirl. Sounds fun
  15. The one time I tried it, I could see how handy it might be... but yeah. Wouldn't have given up CJ for it. I actually gave up Teleport Target and Super Jump that respec just to try it (and Fold Space)... but I kept CJ. Big problem I had with it was I was on a Staff Stalker and CT causes redraw. Boooo!
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