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  1. Partly a phase and partly not. Early on, you don't have all your high DPA attacks and especially not your biggest non-AS hitter (usually). You're unlikely to outdamage Hidden AS because while it's only as good as Quick AS when Quick AS doesn't crit, it's still better than any other attack you have at that point. But even at 50, I still use it if I solo. There, I don't care much about waiting a few seconds at the start of a fight. I'm not racing any team members to attack my target. And the animation time of Hidden AS is "free" in the sense that it occurs before the fight start
  2. How? If you want to start there and play as a native Praetorian for however long you want. You still can. Allowing Primals to "infiltrate" Praetoria and run content there doesn't defeat anything. It gives you more people to team with. That's the point. Same goes for allowing bluesiders to run any content they want redside. Nobody's arm is being twisted to go there and do that. The entire purpose of that would just be making more people available, potentially, to team with, as well as giving characters, no matter where they start, access to more content. And like I said, I
  3. Pipe dream, sadly. Crack pipe dream. Look at redside. It has pretty much everything various folks in this thread are suggesting (and more) to be added to Goldside. More story arcs. More contacts. More zones. Bank missions. Strike Forces. Accolades. Access to co-op zones. And it's a ghost town on most servers. This is going to sound harsh maybe, but attempting to revitalize Goldside by essentially re-running the City of Villains experiment again is the definition of insanity. Don't get me wrong. I'd love to see all this and more happen to Goldside..
  4. This is an appeal to authority. The idea is that the suggestion is more "correct" because it matches the original design of Stalkers. Yet the original design of Stalkers was changed by those very same Live devs to be something more scrappy on teams. The truth is that both are just opinions on how someone would like the AT to play. Dressing one up as more deserving than the other because it adheres to a concept even the original devs abandoned isn't convincing.
  5. We can call that one "Medi-porter Technician."
  6. So I was doing a respec on my Staff/Nin Stalker to improve defenses and resistance and... I thought of this thread. So I figured what the heck and spec'd into Combat TP. I already had the pool open for Tele Target anyway and like I said before, Ninjitsu can be kinda loose in the build, so I had room. I still have Superjump for travel so I didn't go with Teleport and I kept CJ for normal combat movement. Gotta have my super-ninja-jump on this ninja-themed character. CT is nice, but there is one thing that may convince me to spec back out of it and it's particular to Staff. CT
  7. If City of Data is anything to go by the Activate Period for AAO is 1 second. But to that I'd add a half second for latency. You can see that last bit in a lot of places in the game. If you run up to a glowy and click it immediately, it will often interrupt because the server doesn't know you've stopped moving yet. You have to wait just a hair and then click. Same goes for running or leaping into a pack and hitting a PBAoE. If you're too quick, it doesn't hit everyone. So if I was going to bother with this on Shield Charge, for instance, I'd leap in, count out "one and two AND..." and k
  8. You said I didn't give a reason when I did. That I just said "no". That's not a no-comment. That's a lie. And I'm done with you. It's obvious you were never interested in a good faith discussion but just people agreeing with you.
  9. I did and you just totally ignored it. I said your changes DO impact everyone. I explained why. I don't want that. That's all I NEED to say. We don't actually have to agree and I don't have to change your mind. I'm good actually.
  10. This is overly melodramatic. When you propose changes to an AT that people think are unnecessary, they will tell you so. To say you can propose changes and we can't object is ludicrous, because... ...this is not true. If you greatly increase the damage AS does from Hide, saying I don't have to use it is like saying I don't have to run around with my armor toggles turned on. It's technically true. It's also absurd. And you're ignoring who else might complain about buffing Stalkers. I don't know about you, but I have the scars from round 1 of this "buff
  11. Hostage missions annoy me on any AT. On a Stalker, I've learned to deal with them. I clear to the hostage first, then watch chat for ambushers calling out. Hide. Wait to ambush THEM. Then unhide and move on. The really annoying thing about hostages is their total ineptitude navigating the map. I mean, explain how ambushes targeting the player NEVER have a problem quickly pathing to you for a beatdown. Never get hung up on geometry or inside walls. Never get confused going up or down stairs. Yet this happens ALL the freakin' time to escorted NPCs. It's like they intention
  12. Not even sure which part of my post you're disagreeing with here. I said I don't believe you can wipe out an entire spawn before someone else can "wind up" an AoE. If you want to claim you can, nobody has to see that. You just have to describe the spawn, it's level relative to yours (including incarnate shifts), and which one or two attacks you executed that wiped them all out, because that's all the time you have before someone lands an AoE. i.e. Less than 3 seconds. Because I wasn't disagreeing that you can do the other stuff. AVs? GMs? Sure. But my point is: So can a lot o
  13. People might take you more seriously if you avoided obvious exaggeration like saying you can murder whole spawns before anyone else can "wind up an AoE". Maybe you've seen this on a team where you ran ahead or something but it takes a few seconds to land a nuke and a common AoE is even faster. And a team should be bringing multiple AoEs landing simultaneously compared to whatever you're doing. Come on, man. Ease up on the propaganda a little. I'm sure the build is impressive, but DB/EA is not THAT much an outlier. Everybody should know you can build just about an
  14. Welcome to the history of CoH. People need to stop looking at the original concept of Stalkers like it SHOULD make sense on a team. Using Placate NEVER made sense, even from the very beginning. It was never strike-and-fade. It was always strike-and-scrap. The only use Placate had back then (and the only use it has now) is defensive. It's not a "do more damage" button and never was. The mistake the original devs made with Hidden AS and Placate was the same original mistake they made across all ATs and powersets. They just never considered the performance impact of animation
  15. "Okay folks! Remember to stick together and NOBODY go near the steps to City Hall until we're all ready. Got that?"
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