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The Uber Fallacy

Yomo Kimyata

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2 hours ago, Golden Azrael said:

If 'I was in charge?'  I'd simply have a 'hero' shop where you'd spent merits to acquire the sets we need.  Double the TF/Hero merits rewards and half the costs things.  So you can relatively quickly (compared to now) make a build.  Bring those 'Origin' vendors back into play a bit more.  I'd quite happily prefer I go to my Magic Origin vendor and pay fixed price of eg. £10 million fixed price for a purple enhancement or 50 merits rather than the current 100.  (You can do this with hero merits but it's pricey.  Ergo my farming and targeting the market somewhat. Though most of my alts were just made just with brute force straightforward playing)  And then move onto your next alt.  As the market currently is?  Price cap and just make more things available from Vendors. 


Is this different than buying (attuned, e.g. ATO) Enhancements or (level 50) Recipes from the merit vendors?


I recently decided to clean out some SG storage by kitting out a second build on a semi-neglected character that had thousands of reward merits. There were a handful of missing pieces from PVP and Very Rare sets for that build, and I simply didn't want to drive up the "Buy It Now" price of those pieces (or play converter roulette for so few specific pieces) so I just filled out the build with Merit purchases. In the case of the recipe buys: I did have to go to the AH for a couple of pieces of rare salvage, but otherwise it was relatively painless.

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I think my golden rule is.  If I can get 'it' from Auction House for 'cheaper coin' I'll do that.


But if the item in question is 'over priced' or 'expensive' or has sold out.  I'll tend (or did) to use a merit to 'just get it now.'  (Though, latterly, with my more recent knowledge of Converters etc, I guess I could buy one of the others in set for cash and use a converter to 'swap' for the one I want and still get it for relatively little coin. ie. 6x70k dice rolls won't break the bank.  Or even ten dice rolls.)


There's nothing like the delight of discovering you have 'thousands' of something on a little used or 'forgotten' character.  1000s of Merits....drool.


eg. I pinched a Heca' (temporarily) from my main marketeer (a combat ready Tank...though...) for a build.  I waited until I got the recipe drop.  Built it.  Then used a Converter and I hit the mission one I needed from the power set...1st time.  Love it when it does that.



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