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Perma hover from Teleport


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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Teleport to within talking range of a trainer.
  2. Switch to your alternate build before the hover expires.
  3. You can now fly permanently at base flight speed plus any other buffs to flight speed that you might have (e.g., Swift).


Switching back to your original build won't cancel it, and neither does entering a door on the same map (e.g., Tailor).  You can cancel it by:

  • Teleporting again and wait for the hover to expire (or move)
  • Activating then deactivating an actual flight power
  • Zoning


Interestingly, if you're using a flight power while you do this, it will still work even if you switch to a build that doesn't have that or any other flight power.  The flight power cancels since you don't have it of course, but you still end up hovering.

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