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Odd bug in 'Arrest Hades and his crew' mission


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The mission, from Paco Sanchez, has you go into an office building to defeat Hades and his crew (Hellions). Doing the mission with a Plant/Poison Controller, I found Hades and got the jump on him, holding him, then applying Envenom before adding an immobilize and dropping him with Nemesis Staff, getting the mission complete. After that, he got up with half HP and went into his monologue about his ring:


[NPC] Hades: You must have a death wish!
You have defeated Hades
You gain 52 experience.
You arrested Hades and his crew.
You gain 90 experience.

[NPC] Hades: You see this ring? Guess what? It makes me invincible!
You have defeated Hades
You gain 52 experience.
[NPC] Hades: What the? The ring, it stopped working!
[NPC] Hades: Noooo!


I don't know how I managed to get it to work, but it looks as if I took him to 0 HP from far enough up that the effect for the ring didn't activate, allowing me to defeat him and complete the mission before the ring's effect went off, effectively rezzing him. Since he was held at the time of his initial defeat, could that have prevented the ring's effect from firing before he went down?

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