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Alternate versions of Characters? What names are permitted?


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What is the official Homecoming policy in regards to names for your characters in the CoH universe? I understand that using a name, like "Statesman" or "Lord Recluse" would be frowned upon or genericed  pretty quickly: but what if you played an alternate reality version of that character, and named them like Steven Richter(SP?) If the name was available, would it be tolerated by the Mods/Gm's/Whomever holds the power? Or would it be a violation of terms and services? And if you specifically played a "Variant" (too much Loki) would you get into trouble ?

Apologies if this topic has been brought up. I know topics have been started in terms of using  "Superman" or "Hulk" (and how it would be against the TOS) as a character name, but I guess my question more specifically involves characters in the CoH, that fall under the banner. 

I apologize again if this has been discussed. I've done a search, and haven't found exactly what I am looking for. I will keep searching, and If I find an informative answer, I will request this gets removed. (I originally was going to post this in help and support, but I felt this wasn't as important as some other questions)

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I suspect it is the same as naming a character after one from the Marvel or DC Universes.  Homecoming team remains in talks with NCSoft (just NC now?), which owns the title and all the characters.  So Statesman or Stephen Richter would be their licensed character.    Portal Corp does leave room for an infinite number of universe possibilities, however, just like the Spiderverse.   Have you considered Statespig?  🐷

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2 minutes ago, Techwright said:

Have you considered Statespig? 


TIL Napoleon the Pig was really just an alternate version of the "Tyrant" side of Marcus Cole.


Hmm.... Is that a theme team I smell, or just bacon?

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Happy to go over this, it's a complex subject, even for our staff!

I'll hit the TL;DR first.
Alternate versions of CoH signature characters, and their general looks are allowed.
Not exact names of the characters, or misspellings that are indiscernible.


So first off, we are looking at several different issues here, and lots of conflicting rules.

  • Using outside intellectual property in game is a problem, and against CoC. Using CoH IP within CoH is not an actual problem in a legal sense.

In just this aspect of issue by itself, we are ok for using CoH signature characters. But that is not the only factor.

  • CoC rule: Do not play or impersonate in game NPCs.

This rule had several different reasons behind it, including drama over portrayals.

But, the original question was:


..but what if you played an alternate reality version of that character

An alternate version would be ok, since it is not that character.

If you have some alternate reality version of Statesman (or other sig NPC), a clear clone of him, former roommate's brother that is obsessed with him, forgotten offspring, these are all ok.

Statesman X
Alien Statesman
Centari Statesman
All ok.

You are not attempting to be that character, you are doing your own take on the character.
But do avoid attempting to be so close people can't tell.

Stefan Richter, with exact spelling, and playing the actual NPC that becomes Lord Recluse, would technically be a problem, since that is an NPC in game.
Playing some version of him from another reality, and you clearly define it as that, would be ok.

On to the next issue!

  • Staff may need the actual exact name for events and appearances as that character

"Holding" a signature name for whatever reason won't last. If staff needs it for an appearance or creating the character for an event, they will have to take it.
If the name is exact, or an I L ( IlI ect ) type close misspell, it may be a problem for the impersonation rule.

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