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Base Editor bugs / weird behaviors


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I noticed some weird behavior when using the base editor. (Re)posting this here hoping it gets extra visibility, workarounds maybe... I remember having posted a ticket about something similar months ago but i found extra info in between.
Combining multiple reports in one thread since they're all on the same topic.


A. Item move by themselves after a bit


If you let your base with no one in, items are going to be (badly) automatically realigned after between 5 and 10 minutes by a distance of about 1/8 of the 1/4 grid (= 1/32). Seems to be a modulo, one may be fine, other will have 1/8 unit offset, the next one 2/8 (=1/4) and so on, so it more or less resynchronize after 8 steps. It's more annoying on the vertical axis when items put on a table suddenly go below it for no apparent reason.

I am still unsure about what triggers it.
My first hypothesis was the use - even a single one - of pixel-aligned items (with grid disabled). Probably wrong.

The one i'm working on has none of these and still bugs.

Nowadays i'm thinking about the use of non-default attachment (floor, ceiling, ...). But can just one item mess up the whole thing ?

It's going to drive me nuts, i won't redo this keyboard a 4th time. Sorry little organ, you're going to stay distorted ! 🤪


Local time: is 00:04, outdoor temperature 19°C. Please fasten your seatbelt and keep it until complete landing.
Pretty neat, heh ?



Then i log off, switch to an alt, and come back less then 10 minutes later (00:12) and this is what i find. Huh... ?



B. FPS when moving or dropping items gets completely destroyed the more item you put in.


This one is going to be easier to explain.

Simply put: the more items (per room) you go with, the slower is the edit.

... Except if you have a dummy room - most likely the entrance in my case - selected and you *only* place items in. As soon as you want to select something, rotate stuff and what not it gets super laggy.
I tried to lower graphic settings to min but it barely do anything.

I'm aware "lag" has fuzzy meaning so here's a comparison chart:

Non-combat FPS: 25-60 (Pocket D light beams hate me)

Room with <= 300 items: null to barely perceptible lag (it take me 21*21 = 441 wood floors to create an "off bounds" constructible surface)

Room with about 1000 to 2000 items: heavy but manageable

Room with 6k+: FPS is below 1

Room with 9k+: mouse clicks don't react more than one per 4 attempts. Patience, you need to learn.

(I don't want to try to picture 20k items, but maybe i'll reach that point some day !)


Whatever it is trying to calculate on every frame it seems it is rendering everything, even -and especially- what is outside of the field of view.

I'm no expert, but maybe if the floor tile was not auto-selected when editing an item, it could stay fast and reliable on a dummy room.

To hell with room stats.

Animated items and especially water surfaces seem to make it worse, quicker.


Anyone knows tricks, tips, anything that can improve it ? I'm all ears. I love creating stuff 🙂


Feel free to ask for passcodes, i don't want to turn this into advertising my stuff, that is highly WIP anyway 😛

(Thanks for reading this wall of text)

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