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Customize your own Superheroes and print it.


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Hi guys, it's my first post here.

I always loved Superheroes and I started my carrier as a 3d Sculptor long time ago. I was working for big companies since ever and after a while I wanted to do my own Superheroes characters.

I'm developing an APP that you can customized your Super like in any game (City of Heroes, ...... ) and downloaded like STL to print. I have a few options but developing more all the time.

I used to work in big scales, 10-20 inches but I think that is too big for almost everyone , that's why the scale of my superheroes App are between 32-40 mm (Miniature). Of course It can be scaled to bigger size.

I'm still developing the App and try to launch a Kickstarter project in a future. 

Here I have attached a  file that you can downloads. 

link: https://we.tl/t-WEo6odW0u7

Thank you! 

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Posted (edited)

HI, its a wetransfer file. I can't upload the file here. 

I'm building a website where you can see the App. 

Thank you.

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