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Completing some TF missions do not progress the TF


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Funny rare bug I encountered previously on Posi 1 3rd mission, and ITF last, and saw mentionned on helpchat a handful times. Sometimes upon completing a TF mission, nothing seems to happen for the actual TF state - that is to say you exit it and made no progress and are asked to do the same mission again. 


Happened again with Posi 1 3rd mission (MAGI Assault in Oranbega) just now, with a group somewhat struggling (it was good fun the first time, but redoing it bit ouch, so a third time...) - both times completing the mission had no effect on TF progression. In previous cases i believe this was a single occurrence.


I'm bothering writing a bug report now because I noticed a few things that I'd guess are related and might narrow it down or explain:

  • I was the Team Leader, but noticed after the fact that Positron was in fact in Inactive contacts
  • Talking to Positron at that point would result in the "I want to talk to your team leader" generic dialog, even though, well, I was
  • To clarify, I was both team leader (star) and active team member (according to team UI), and difficulty settings applied accordingly
  • As we disbanded team and the last other member quit the team (which was the person that originally formed team, having passed star for level scaling), but remaining alone in TF team, the above went back to normal


A potentially important note is that I was Rogue aligned. I've never seen cause issues in that context before, especially since this shouldn't count as a mixed team in this case, but who the hell knows...

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its a known issue, if someone quits the team while TF is running. Normally u can fix it by everyone logging off for 5 Minutes and the designated team Leader logs in 1st again, then it switches to next mission in TF Progress most times (although sometimes u need to do the stuck Mish once more after relogging).



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