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MSR Bingo (A meta created by Wylde Fyre and the Melle Murder Inc gang)

Crystal Dragon

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Credits to @Wylde Fyre for this awesome meta-game. So MSR can get boring sometimes, but we here on Everlasting had created something of a meta game out of it, with the banter and conversation that pops up during the raid. So, here's announcing MSR Bingo by Melle Murder Inc, and their fearless leader @Wylde Fyre


The game goes like this, every spot has a reference to chatter that happens on a regular basis during the Chaos United MSR runs, and sometimes it becomes a inside joke that often gets referenced for laughs. Well, it's become so random that we use the bingo card reference in character just for sh*ts and giggles. Enjoy Homecoming, this ones on the randoms we get rolling with us out there in the war front!







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