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  1. fills a bathtub with frosted flakes and milk 2% jumps in
  2. yay kites.... turns on rookery air conditioning system to windy high
  3. ya she aint a bat... follows becky in the kite
  4. Ouch Bat Sack! ..bonks with a rubber mallet giggling madly
  5. draws a twisty black moustache on grey ghost...there ya go
  6. puts a twisty moustache on Becky...Nevah!
  7. twirls moustache as becky continues to be tied to railroad tracks...the only one that can save her is lone sack boy~! * lone ranger music starts*
  8. Heres my funny thought at 440 am Is water wet? Why do people not like pineapple on pizza? Who do i know that looks like cousin it?
  9. i think of something funny and usually laughing at 440 am get up do my yoga and go to my job after shower and breakfast I love my job
  10. twirls the moustache and ties becky to train tracks....
  11. ..runs by dressed as a dentist
  12. shoves it in fedor mouf...try itZ!!!!
  13. starts coffee machine and putting avocado on toast..what up peeps
  14. lies in the sand with a pina colada and a dog biscuit
  15. fine! no bagels....throws out bagels... begins to cook fresh pizza with puperoni!
  16. good morning all...opens the bagel maker and puts out different spreads how is your week....
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