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Bugged Costuming: Weapon Skins

Daytona Ral

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Okay, so WAAAAY back when I joined homecoming and leveled my dual pistols/martial combat blaster to 50, I chose Munitions before switching to Mace Mastery. When I had munitions, I selected Cryo-Freeze Ray. However, when I switched to Mace Mastery, the Rifle skin option from Cryo-Freeze Ray won't only not go away, but it charges me 200,000 extra influence every time I make a costume change.

Also: I love "Tactical Sidearm with Laser Sight" but the costume creator hates it. It resets the skins every time I want to make costume changes to any other costume piece. If I don't remember to reselect them, I have to go back and do another costume change and because of the bug I mentioned above, it costs me ANOTHER 200,000 influence for nothing.


This has been going on since 2019, I just never got around to saying anything about it.


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I had the same issue for a while then out of nowhere, it has been working fine for months, and counting.

Not much you can do since it's probably server side... all i can suggest is you save your costume --before-- to validate the change so you can reuse it.

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