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Particle FX texture improvements


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Hi there.

Do you often play by night with a dim light in your room ? Can you hear voices in your head from your eyes bleeding, telling you to stop this visual ordeal you're inflicting them ?

We've got you covered !


A. Smoke FX replacement


As it states, it aims to replace the super bright smoke textures that may be overwhelming the field of view, without completely masking them.



- Burn + Blazing Aura + Irradiated ground.

Oooooouh, this 10G candela source, neon-like feeling. Like the ground is going to melt 😛



- Fire Control > Fire Cages

Remember not to let Fire-powered young heroes to play near dry bushes. You never know what can happen.




- With mod applied, same set of powers






Now you can play by night without wearing sunglasses, isn't that great ? 😛

No turning off your screen when playing was not a good idea.


Available on CoH Modder as Dimmer smoke particles FX.

As stated in the mod description, smoke particles use a generic texture that is used in many, many places.
The more you know...


This is intended to let the visual FX somehow visible but in a less annoying way.

If you're looking for a complete removal of smoke and many other texture improvements, have a look at @therealtitanman Texture, Animation Sprite, UI, Texture Mod pack.



B. Generic ring - slighly improved

This one intends to add some sophistication from a, well, generic, simple ring.

What do you see in this thing ? Magic, arcane stuff ? Pseudo-3D liquid bubbles ? Some fantasy sharp blades, maybe ? It's up to you !

As per the other one before it's a widely used texture... many things, sometimes unexpected, will be changed.




Telekinetic Blast:



Radiation Siphon:



Summoning the Thunder !! I mean... an Ice Storm.



With mod applied:








Available on CoH Modder as Slighly improved generic ring.


Enjoy 🙂

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