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  1. any new laptop can support an almost 15years old game. now lowest spec can run 8 coh at once with no crash. my suggestion is msi & asus which meant for gaming laptop. 1k can bought mid range gaming laptop. i cant give you specification due to every region has slight different extra feature, board or chipset. this 2 brand is famous with their gaming laptop.
  2. what i meant is the poll that fixing the ebfp exploit with the suggested way, not revert back to the ebfp. And I didnt ask for revert. and gm having their decision at the end. what i mainly meant for this is for people make suggestion without keep flushed multiple HUSH post by same 3 guy. my intend is to tackle both win win situation, not one way street and being bombarded with HUSH post, which not engaging other player want to voice up and suggestion. this also proven my point, with their flushing the post wth nitpicking quote, my intent from choosing sugge
  3. how to make engaging with no stretching the gameplay, -new type of enhancement which only pay with new merit and unable to sell in AH. -remove all filler tf quest like kill x number of mob -instant tp to next tf door without travel long range, group tp. make leveling 1 to 50 in very short hours example x8 current exp, not every farmer are willing to plevel and vet player down to extreme low level tf without weekly bonus. so everyone can keep up with the kadashian. -tf now has 50 and normal which unlock the same badges, and 50+ added veteran ba
  4. Instant Tp contributed to the DEATH? Like you always said, "where is the statistics proven" the DEATH of MMO cause by Instant TP? Have you ever play any other MMO? Im not going to reply you anymore, thats your opinion. IM not continue ping pong flushing Instant TP is the root of death MMO. im leave the space for other getting suggestion work.
  5. If you said its an abuse, thats your opinion, not everyone. I dont know how it become an abuse which all other mmo using instant tp without 10min cooldown. Base on convenient, this is not.
  6. If you said so. why not gm open a poll see the outcome?
  7. I win button and Convenient button is 2 different thing. this is not an I win button, only the person who abuse they system use it as I win system.
  8. How many post do you, mr glacier need to white knight and flushing the comments? Every one new post bout they dont like or quitting, youre gonna quote, HUSH and flush the topic. please let other voice up what they like or dont. And we get it, Have you notice almost everyone would just skip your big yellow text, or no quote back? Base on the pin, I already knew gm made up their mind with the changes. Imagine I quote every single post you made and HUSH you, how do you felt? I guess youre gonna quit for sure. 1 type tp is enough, you dont need 6 7 8 type
  9. is the same the dev ask for why players like and they dont like. not every player giving the way of expression is wall of text how to solve the problem. But the same guy straight slap "BUT HUSH, READ THE FAQS" is the problem cause the endless quote of qq and attack, plus selective quote will spark endless miss inform drama. 1 quote 2 quote is fine, almost every comment were white knight slap with "i like your suggestion BUT I THINK YOU SHOULD HUSH and read GM FAQS".
  10. What if like this: everyone shared a portal zone 1 portal(player tp shortcut) > lounge > portal zone > the portal -so gm can monitor the excessive tp in the lounge. -pvp player can not tp to the lounge -charges will be imposed with your usage according to your level -all chain tf quest will using this portal, avoid cheating. this solved multiple type of tp which generate alot of bug. all base will not be able tp anywhere, all have to go thru the lounge. treat it like an airport.
  11. yup it work inside the base to base, but not outside, once you left you have to find nearest portal.
  12. you only can use enterbase 50ft near the base portal. or inside portal zone like pocket d. once you leave you have to move anywhere has and near the base portal.
  13. Thats is why, i keep mention earlier, when chain quote like yours, any suggestion or feedback will be nitpicking, snowballed into these complains, attacking, hate dev, qq post. Any suggestion, will be flushed with hush and endless chain of qq's qq. If you tired of reading any comments, you can read other post instead just quote everyone and clap back, hush them with chain of seeking fight on the internet. Everyone has their way of debate, Dev can choose to ignore or change it. The final decision is theirs. IF i continue to quote you back, this going to be endless of
  14. I do enjoy game with instant tp instead of wait to tp. Wait few more weeks, if this issues unaddressed, the population will decrease without needed addressed in this forum.
  15. Dont get pvp personal cause lot of post start with PVP exploited and other exploited which doesnt addressed. You only need 1 miss quote and people start defend, then slowly it became a thing.
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