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Master and Student: looking for slotting options: Empathy/Water build


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Master and Student is my water/empathy defender. I hit 47 early this morning, and need some slotting options.  Specifically Fortitude and Adrenalin Boost.  I'm also trying to figure out which water powers to keep.  So i guess all in all, i'm looking for a build.  Preferably a team build.  Also, how does one post a build from Mids to the Forums??

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     Fortitude can be slotted a whole lot of different ways.  Generally I use between 3 and 6 slots so it kind of depends on how many slots you want to use.

  • 2×Membrane HOs and a LotG def/increased global rch
  • 4 LotG (def, def/rch, def/endred/rch, def/Inc glob rch)
  • 5 Red Fort (all but the endred), LotG def/Inc glob rch

The above are probably my most common slotting options. Edit:  the first option has only the LotG special as a set bonus but maximizes all three aspects (+def, +rch, +to hit).  The second adds to global accuracy, max health and regen via set bonuses.  The 3rd is about gaining 12.5% global rch but uses all 6 slots.  On a rare occasion I've added a couple of To Hit buff sets like Gaussian's to the 2nd option.

     For Adrenaline Boost it's pretty much is always either 5 Doctored Wounds (less expensive) or 5 Panacea (expensive).  I used to slot an Endmod/Rch in the 6th slot but since nukes no longer have a crash it's entirely optional.

     Note my builds to date are focused on very high recharge in order to minimize the downtime on my Auras, Nuke and Fortitude (so as to cover as many as possible with Fort).  Any defense is pretty much incidental.  Mitigation comes from (in no particular order) inspirations, teammates, epic shields, mez/kd powers and keeping those Auras up and running (in particular RegenAura).

    Currently my computer is dead so can't post a build (and I haven't yet played water blast either) and I'll let someone else describe how to post a build.

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     Healing Aura and Heal Other -> One gets 6 slots and Preventative Medicine, the other gets 5 slots with either Doctored Wounds or Panacea.

     Absorb Pain -> skip.  I've taken this power (err death trap) only a few times. 1. To see if it's really that skippable (yes).  2.  As a set mule (not really worth the slots to mule for +recharge).  Mind you this could be colored by my Offender play style ... zapping your healing/regen is not really a good idea for that play style.

    Resurrect -> underwhelming choice I skip it.  Between inspires (combining as needed), day jobs, better rez powers, etc.. it just isn't worth the choice.  If taken base slot with endred as it is an end hungry power (26 end) and Murphy says you'll need it in a hard fight after Recovery Aura is into cool down and your blue bar is running dry and that's when the alpha taker goofs and eats dirt.  Save it to bring back someone relatively vital like the Dark with HT when the team has multiple down or adds show up that really need dealing with.

     Clear Mind -> base slot only.  Doesn't really matter what is slotted.  I often go with range just to get that one teammate who wanders off and is waaaay over there.  I'd also tend to take at 8th while leveling.  At that level even a lot of melee toons don't have mez protection yet.  I don't respec out of it and use it even at 50+.

     Fortitude -> take and use from level 12 onward.  Slotting as described above.

     Recovery Aura -> I tend to 3 slot using 2 endmod/recharge and 1 recharge.  Pushes ED hard for recharge while providing a boost to recovery.  Late game can use 2 recharge boosted to +5 as the base buff (+200%) is typically plenty for the vast majority of builds.

     Regeneration Aura -> 5 Doctored Wounds or Panacea.

     Adrenaline Boost -> described above.


     Since I'm building for high global recharge I'll have Hasten typically before 18th (to ensure Recovery Aura is effected no matter how exemped).  Then add in Assault and Tactics by 24th.  Typically I use Super Speed and Combat Jumping for mobility. 2 slots into SS (BotZ kb prot + Winter's Gift) while CJ I'm looking at Kismet +6% and LotG Inc glob rch plus other specials.


Hope this helps.

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