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Ouroboros Crash to Desktop bug


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I found a curious bug with my friend, AuNinja, that causes a crash to desktop: Clicking the "Video games made me do it" arc, while your teammate selects another arc will cause a crash to desktop. We've tried replicating it, and it seems to only work with this arc, but it seems that any arc that the team leader select will cause the crash.

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Here's a theory.  Television is one of the many Red contacts thst requires a badge to access.  Was one of you missing the Master of the Airwaves badge when this happened?  I might suspect that has something to do with it.


Also check other badge prerequisite arcs, such as Archmage Taraxus (Lorekeeper) or Number 204 (Venomous).


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Maybe Ouroboros, in its wisdom, is telling you it's time to get back to work. 🙂


Concur that it might be a badge/auth issue, though.

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Additional info: I was a Vigilante selecting hero arcs, while AuNinja was a Rogue.

Edit: Also, the crash occurred while examining the TV's arc within a second of starting the arc.

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