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(RP Closed -- For a little bit) The King's and Queen's of the Row


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Kings Row was quiet tonight. It was eerily quiet. Most of the time random gunshots and police sirens blanketed the night like a child covering with his favorite quilt. Something was different, something was making a change. For a vigilante that had been patrolling these mean streets for 20 years that could only mean one thing. A new “Supergroup” was trying to take his row as their new Territory of choice. Sure tons of “Supers” had adopted the row over the years. Each one bringing prosperity and new hope to the citizens of this part of Paragon City. A few “Supers” had even made a change in the Row. There had been talks for years about a SuperGroup dedicated to taking down Paladin whenever the Clockworks tried to create them. Even one SuperGroup dedicated to stopping the scourge of the Skulls in the streets. The “Skull-bashers” had made a difference but it seemed that each night the same criminal element would just respawn. King’s Row was one of the toughest areas in Paragon City and for nearly 20 years Shadow-Shaft had seen it all. Currently he was tracking a new group of supers that seemed to be teaming up to take out the Skulls and Clockwork in the Row. They had been quite successful in accepting missions from the Police radio and answering wanted ads for Heroes in the paper. He particularly enjoyed the way that this new Supergroup would cut loose on the ClockWorks of the area. Often reminding himself that Clockworks were not “alive” or sentient beings. His arrows had little effect on them unless he used his EMP arrow but those were not cheap and for this vigilante money was tight. After a vicious mission where this new team had to destroy Alloy and his minions he found them licking their wounds in one of King’s Row favorite superheroes hangout, “Moe’s”. This tavern was home to most Paragon City’s new superheroes that didn't fit the mold of a Pocket D raver. Moe the owner and operator of this establishment had a strict “no powers” rule. Shadow-Shaft had been inside Moe’s a few times when he was a younger superhero filled with piss and vinegar. Now Shadow-Shaft preferred lounging in his tub with a cold beer and colder ice packs on his sore joints and bruises. Shadow-Shaft hadn’t just come across this new “Supergroup” though. He had been watching and following them until about a month ago, when he sent his protege Heart-Strings to mingle and mix with them. After their latest mission she had called him to let them know that they were going to be here. It was time to introduce himself to this new Supergroup.

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