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  1. I had a lot of fun with my claws/electric brute. You get a very good pbaoe very early compared to some other melee sets, and I think electric armor looks cool.
  2. Dunno about that. Imagine how many people randomly die every day from some random disaster in CoX. As bad as the real world is, the worst thing around that happens regularly is a war. There's multiple wars simultaneously in CoX. Multiple densely populated neighborhoods are completely destroyed along with presumably many of the inhabitants. Not to mention every other person out on the streets is some sort of super powered criminal out for blood. If we had CoX problems irl society would have already fallen due to unsustainable body counts. You can't even go to the grocery store without risking y
  3. Can't you just get by with a .45 long slide with lazer sighting and a 12 gauge auto loader?
  4. Stalker gets my vote. Stalker elec melee is the best version. I'm not the most familiar with stealth mechanics, but afaik, unless you pvp, stacking is pretty much useless for stalkers. Either enemies can't see you through the stealth granted via hide, or they see you no matter what (like Rikti drones). Your hidden status is then best protected by defense at that point until you can crit them.
  5. RWZ near the UFO. That music is sick and gets me pumped up to beat up some ayys. I also like the AP music near there Atlas statue. It just feels so heroic.
  6. He's not going to appreciate it anyway, since there's no such thing as free lunch.
  7. Imagine saving the hostage via AS or snipe. That would be totally sick.
  8. If you do Nance/Adair (The blueside clone arcs) you can get Nance to help you fight in Roy Cooling's final mission.
  9. Any AOE (Especially PBAOE's) with KB/KD. Lightning Rod is my personal favorite. Foot Stomp (seems quite popular) is also up here. KB/KD I feel really gives the best feeling of pure power. It is my favorite type of control period just from the aesthetic standpoint. The elec melee slow AS is also pretty awesome, as is the ninja sword slow AS.
  10. Mission 3 of ITF is awesome for this reason.
  11. It may vary depending on the server, but on Everlasting at least, both of these are very well explained and run. They also don't really have a story to speak of that is revealed in the raid. Personally, I solo mission arcs if I am trying to experience the story. There are a lot of times where only the leader gets to read dialogue. But no one wants to just read a giant wall of text and make others wait on them anyway.
  12. You probably won't read this since it is a post from ancient times I am replying to, but I have a character with the same origin story, lol! My brother! Now a level 50.
  13. I guess the main thing I still can't see is the actual damage. As discussed by numerous posts, there are many controls that essentially hard cap inflation. Stuff is in fact affordable, especially in comparison to back in the day. It does not take non-farmers very long to be able to be fully built. There is no lack of various teams going around (well, I guess this is just anecdotal. But it seems people here have similar experiences to me). I team quite a bit myself. I have no problem catching various TF's (other than the notoriously unpleasant ones, but then again, I would expect this). Do I ha
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