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It's not Hertz, it's a guy in a hat


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S: Lou. Hey, Lou.

L: Whaddaya want now, Stan?

S: Didja get the badge?

L: Badge? What badge?

S: The badge for falling into the Interdimensional Whatsitz of Space an' Time and getting lost.

L: Lost? We weren't lost. I knew exactly where we were. And I didn't see no badge out there, either, while we was floating around out there in all that nothin'.

S: It wasn't a bunch of nothin', Lou. I didn't mean we were Lost lost, We weren't stuck in the afterlife or whatever.

L: Well, it would have to be, because over my dead body would I be stuck anywhere with you.

S: More like Gillian's Island lost.

L: Oh, no. Here we go.

S: I figure I'd be Gillgan, because he's the minion, and you'd be the Skipper, because he's in charge.

L: Okay, yeah, now that I could see. I'd be the Skipper, and you'd be all the other characters that I hate. Which is all of them.

S: Aw, c'mon, Lou, how am I supposed to be the Professor and Mary Ann?

L: You're the one with the Interdimensional Whatsitz of Space an' Time, you tell me.

S: It wasn't that bad. We survived. We came back. And hey, Paragon City looks pretty good, y'know?

L: Yeah, I kinda missed the old place.

S: I missed you too, Lou.

L: All the buildings. The architecture. The music.

S: Did you miss me?

L: All the train lines. The city walls. Miss Liberty standin' there, handing out fresh powers.

S: You missed me, right?

L: I missed the little Clockwork guys.

S: And me.

L: I missed goin' through the sewers and watchin' you get puked on by zombies.

S: But you missed me.

L: Mmm ... no, I wouldn't say that.

S: You sure haven't been.

L: But maybe, yeah, I missed you a little. I mean, not much. So don't get all weird or nothin'. But a little.

S: What did you miss about--

L: Oh, no, would you look at that? I just fell into a portal of space and time again. I guess I can't hear you.

S: But what did you--

L: It wasn't this that I missed, I'll tell you that for sure.


I'm not sure if anybody in this incarnation of COH remembers Stan and Lou, but if you do, I'm the one to blame. I couldn't get my old handle back, but here I am nonetheless. Anybody out there from the original COH, around, oh, 2009-2011 on Pinnacle?

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The original @Hertz, creator of the Stan and Lou audio series on YouTube. Player of City of Heroes for yonks.1


1A yonk is a very long time.

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