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  1. This is a great idea. The only TOs I have are the ones I also collected for nostalgia as well.
  2. Don't recall Steadfast being that expensive, as it is one i use often, but I know that Glads were sold for over 2 billion for quite a while. Too I Rich for my blood. First one i saw came from 25 Hero merits I saved I believe.
  3. New to me. Where might I find that one?
  4. Including the rocket boards and such? That makes sense but is too bad. Guess I will use the name and costume for someone else. Thanks for the info.
  5. It is a pretty cool feature. Had the great idea of making a rock tank. Figured when I finally got Granite I would just hoverboard from group to group with ease. Paired it with axe mainly because I thought it would be funny to see a pile of boulders swing it around. Named him S Car Go. But let's face it, between the speed I play tanks and vague memories of the one miserable experience I had on Live with the set, it will take forever to hit 32. So please someone else do this and let me know how well it works.
  6. Brutes are a solid choice. I highly recommend Staff/Dark Armour. The Stance in Staff that reduces End works wonders while you figure iout your end usage, which is of the utmost importance with DA. Later you can switch to the Dmg one and wonder why you didn't do it so much sooner. Yes it it weak against certain things, robots always come to mind with their tin heads, but the damage can definitely be improved upon substantially. Throw Musculature into the mix later for added oomph. Lots of AoEs, mainky cones. Yes Yes I know..cones...yuck...they actually get pretty easy with a bit o
  7. Fair enough. Then I shall join in whatever way I need to and correct away. Thank you.
  8. While we are here is there a specific spot we collect Wiki info that is out of date? Occasionally come across stuff but not sure what to do.
  9. Do people actually do this? Seems like a lot of work for the payoff. To me anyways.
  10. Wasn't me this time so I am happy about that.
  11. Boosting is super tedious, especially if you are doing pretty much all of your IOs. The trick to speed it up is to change to windowed mode, shrink the screen and go to town. Less mouse traveling speeds things up substantially. Still boring as all hell though 😥
  12. Is there a map that utilizes part of the original Dark Astoria map for our arcs?
  13. I started keeping mine as cautionary tales. 70 million LoTGs, 300 mill Cytoskeletons, 40 million Steadfasts, a host of rare salvage in the 10 million range. Always figure it would help but sadly, much like life, I tend to ignore cautionary tales.
  14. The price of this one seems to be on a 6-8 week cycle. Bottoms out around 25 million, which has more or less just passed, and tops at 50ish but mainly hovers in the low 40s. Good money to be had if you are so inclined 😉 and if you want to just save some money wait a few weeks. Hami's are versatile and add some added oomph to builds with an extra slot to spare in a few directions at once. Plus they can be combined to make 53s which have great bonuses. Be warned though that the combination process can fail. I was unaware of this. 😔
  15. Then again some of the Hami Os are pretty pricey as well.
  16. Discounting PvP, ATOs and the winter stuff...Overwhelming Forces KB to Kd, LoTGs and Steadfast + Def are all solid earners.
  17. This is a good idea. More of us 9s always better
  18. I always assumed it evolved into us. Occasionally I see people reference their participation on SCORE here.
  19. I have both received and given a surplus amount of influence. I want to say I have donated MUCH MUCH MORE to lucky individuals. The reasons vary. Sometimes it is fat fingers, sometimes the result of amounts carrying over from other bids, sometimes the result of just tooooo much pot or tequila. My favourite is when I am curious how cheap I can buy things. I often do this with Ultimates in sets of 10. "Ok...filled quickly at half a million lets play. 476000...seconds...420000...just as fast...358000...crazy how low people set their price...288000...WTH insta filled. Oh thats why.
  20. Love that movie. Wife hates it but that's OK. She can leave the room.
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