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  1. Is the new Highlander ever actually coming?
  2. Still an issue as my Dom has hit 32. Great fun but look forward to having 3 little chaos machines.
  3. Well I am glad this is a known issue. Looking forward to it being fixed. Thanks bunches and happy hunting.
  4. Sakai

    Time/water help :-)

    It may be considered bad form to wipe out that 8 member mob but it is highly amusing.
  5. If you just want to try a particular AV you could always whip together an AE mission with said villian.
  6. Yes there are still missions teams. When I am in that sort of mood I either watch the LFG channel or form my own and advertise there as well Global channels I belong to and Broadcast within zone. On Excelsior I see them on a wide range of levels. Havent actually bothered with the flag....honestly forgot it was there. Dont lose hope and happy hunting.
  7. Sadly, sometimes, you never really do get interested in the character. 😔
  8. I always forget about coverting Purples. I have so many sitting around doing nothing now. I did it once Live and once since the Return and both times decided my time could be better spent on a new costume. It's a good idea.
  9. With that in mind this is what I would do. Purchase your self whatever purples/ATOs you see yourself needing in the next three months. I know it is hard to guess what you will need but just envision the characters types you like to play and go from there. If, in a few months, you decide you dont need all of those Hetacombs because you are addicted to Trollers now sell them off and purchase anew. Buy mid week though. Prices are typically 75% of weekend prices. All of the little stuff buy as you go.
  10. Hmmm. What server is that or do you figure it's all of them?
  11. I'm with MunkiLord above for the most part. I don't keep many enhancements in my base beyond the ones I tend to use on everyone:Kismets, Steadfast, Glads, LotG, Numinas and Miracles for the most part. Tough to explain the 8 sets each of Crushing Impacts and Kin Combat but what can you do. Inflation wise i believe we will get some. Already see Purps routinely at 30 mill in the weekend which makes me giggle cause why you silly people. Figure it will cap at 50 and that will be that. (Granted that wint be till summer of 2020 but still...) As far as storing for a rainy day I wouldnt bother honestly. Lots of influence to be easily made playing the market, farming if that's your thing or simply getting out there and beating up Hellions. I hear they have deep pockets. Happy hunting.
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