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  1. I do not think I have ever slotted a WIO myself. The ones I got from last years sale are still sitting in my email so I think I will be sitting this out but good luck to all of you.
  2. Welcome home. As far as endgame it seems to be still "bring what you want to run." Its always nice to have a Tank but if none appear there are a wide range of other options available...someone will step up. I have no actual experience with Sentinels myself but have ran with many and they seem to be doing just fine. There might be a comparison chart for def/res. I know I saw one for damage so tbe other probably exists.
  3. True but the trick is to throw items up for sale and walk away for a while.
  4. In fact this is when the real marketing takes place.
  5. I've taken a bunch of scrappers and a cpl of brutes through there very easily. My Mind/Force Field Troller was a much longer, much different story. Got my fender to lvl 3 and just said no.
  6. Well that sounds cool. Get people out and about more.
  7. Sakai


    Trying to figure out why this particular Hami-O is 30+million. I see no instance when I would slot this in a travel power. The flight bonus is less than a lvl 50 IO and End usage on travel powers seems minimal to me. If Teleport was an option then sure. To the best of my knowledge Hamis are rewarded randomly so it can't be a scarcity thing. I do have a vague recollection of buying one on Live but I have no idea why. What am I missing?
  8. Yeah I would love too. Have to work Saturdays:( I think I have this figured out though. Your videos are a great help.
  9. Both the Wicked Witch and the squid creeped me out as well. 😞
  10. Well I am sure we all have bids in on Winter Packs either way.
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