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  1. I have some attuned regen tissues that could always use a good home.
  2. On this subject did anyone else notice the PW Blaster Fire primary seems to have disappeared?
  3. I find Im really not doing much of anything right now. My blaster has purchased all of his enhancements, catalysts and boosters for a reasonable amount just over 700 million it seems lol. I really wonder what it would have cost Live. Billions upon billions I am sure. Haven't slotted any of it yet. Made a Kin/Shield scrapper I have been enjoying so just running around on that. I do have to sit on 25 winter IOS that I had bought for a while it seems. Had no idea the bottom was going to drop out. Imagine I'm not the only one.
  4. Off topic but arrvwe able to change the swords to look like fire fists? Always hated the swords.
  5. They are just trying to make things cheaper for you is all.
  6. When I looked yesturday evening things seem to be just over 200,000. I bought a cpl of Mu Vestments simply because I have an affinity for those. Go with my eyes.
  7. This sounds like a fun idea. What happens when you spin Special? Is it the same as players choice?
  8. Ooh...maybe my bids for 555 finally came in. Tyvm.
  9. As I was shopping for my blaster I discovered several opportunities of profit I had never noticed before. How common is it to discover new niches while working on a new build? Is this simply the way it works? It has been a long time. How do you guys come across your niches?
  10. That is a nice build Jawbreaker and thank you for it but, yeah, set on my little ball of fiery death. Very excited to get home from house sitting and finally slot everything up and see how he rolls now.
  11. Like other people who played years on Live I eventually gravitated to GC as my starting zone. Different alleys to run and roof tops to search When the Meow Invasion was thrust upon of us by the advent of AE, I think it became even more commonplace. It was so noisy in Atlas at the time. Does the echo have contacts or is it purely street sweeping good fun? Either way another place to hunt Hellions is always good. I would log in and check myself but house sitting for a week and was curious.
  12. Is there a way to rotate the entire plot?
  13. Hmmm. Where is the other half of your wife?
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