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  1. Weird. I could have sworn her arc completion was needed for the introduction . Guess that means I can stop running her on every character I suspect I may want to run Crimson on then 😀 Thanks for the heads up and happy hunting. Oh yeah...she is a 40-44 contact. Great fun indeed.
  2. Made a Kat/Electric yesturday and noticed that Lightning Field takes End Mod sets. What happens if I put a Performance Shifter Proc in there?
  3. That looks amazing. Gives me something to strive for.
  4. Made myself a Kat/Elec tonight. At lvl 3 he's awesome.
  5. Seems to me there is a guide or two or three or four out there. Pretty sure most of them involve converting. I base my efforts upon things I would be ok getting stuck with 30 of if the Market drops out as that does happen periodically. You can never have enough Kismets, LoTGs or Glad Procs after all Knowledge of what people want is of course useful. Honestly though, the stuff you want is what everyone else wants too. Flipping is a valid lifestyle choice.....easy money to be had. Or Market Price Analyser and Correction Specialist if you prefer. Another option is the Slotting an ATO, making it Superior, unslotting and selling for mad cash method. This requires a 50 of whatever type and you do run the risk that you will forget to slap in new enhancements for yourself to actually use. It happens.....trust me. If you have the influence for it, gambling on hero/villian/winter packs is another. Too rich for my blood but people seem to do pretty well with it. Hmmm...think that's it but probably missing a few. Lots of ways to make influence off the sweat of others. Takes a bit of work initially to figure out your prices, but once you do the patterns wil begin to emerge and you just sort of roll along earning as much as you want.
  6. Did you run Indigo at some point earlier or did Crimson just come knocking getvyour door?
  7. I personally just save my merits and buy what I want but it is easy for me to say as I am Ebil and sitting on a pile of influence. The option to trade for converters and then convert things is very lucrative it seems. Personally not a fan as my experience has been, both Live and here, that it is too much time spent clicking without defeating any baddies. Straight out selling converters is another option but I go honestly don't know what they go for these days. That probably isn't much help but it's how I roll. Regardless of what you do membership in the Ebil League of Ebil is a click away and everyone here is crazy helpful. Good luck and happy hunting.
  8. I honestly didn't know you could convert attuned items.
  9. That's a good rule. That must be the time I spend impatiently hopping around waiting for someone to do something. Don't last much longer then that.
  10. Yeah I would go for this actually.
  11. It would probable asier to just marketeer foe the 10/15% but it would give the opprtunities to find new areas to market on.
  12. An option would be to purchase the enhancements, throw them into a SG base and then when you got your money invite the person in and let then collect their goodies.
  13. I've wandered into Redside as well finally. Really enjoying Johny Sonata.
  14. Ahh I see. Upon reading it again that makes total sense actually. Anyone else who might read this thread please just ignore everything I might say.
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