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  1. This is a good idea. More of us 9s always better
  2. I always assumed it evolved into us. Occasionally I see people reference their participation on SCORE here.
  3. I have both received and given a surplus amount of influence. I want to say I have donated MUCH MUCH MORE to lucky individuals. The reasons vary. Sometimes it is fat fingers, sometimes the result of amounts carrying over from other bids, sometimes the result of just tooooo much pot or tequila. My favourite is when I am curious how cheap I can buy things. I often do this with Ultimates in sets of 10. "Ok...filled quickly at half a million lets play. 476000...seconds...420000...just as fast...358000...crazy how low people set their price...288000...WTH insta filled. Oh thats why.
  4. Love that movie. Wife hates it but that's OK. She can leave the room.
  5. Hmmmm...now I want an alien.
  6. Tough one. Do not forget that you can adjust the facial sliders...this is something I recall every few years. Perhaps some kind of a skull face. Best of luck...look forward to seeing what you come up with.
  7. I have one of those. Love it.
  8. Now there is a name from the past. Very well might have been.
  9. Before emails became a thing there were players with trusted reps who would transfer influence for a flat percentage. Don't recall who and how much but did it a number of times with no issue.
  10. If you have accepted no missions from them you can just out level them. If it is a contact you have done some missions for and have the little story book thing attached to them you need to finish the arc for them to go away.
  11. Tough question. When I was starting out a thousand years ago and I was trying to figure out an electric electric blaster, and failing miserably, I came across someone who took pity on me and led me to Wentworth. He explained the, at the time, oh so confusing interface, let me know what kind of IOs to buy (and why) and gave me 10 million to purchase some things so my powers wouldn't be a sea of red all the time. This seemed a Windfall to me considering I had just given away 3 times that amount for a wing recipe. Had I been given a billion Influence or even 500 million (which
  12. Definitely wasn't me. I am a firm believer if I am making mad cash anyone else that wants to sell at the same level should be allowed to Profit equally.
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