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  1. Sakai

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    Are they not account wide?
  2. Maybe you caught it just before they refreshed. If that's how it works.
  3. Could you not just turn all the graphic options to minimal and slowly adjust them upwards till you found a balance you liked?
  4. Ooh. Now I want to play Baldurs Gate. I wonder if I still have a copy.
  5. 2 hours if you were lucky 😞
  6. You can rename your Lore pets?
  7. Is the general thought that people are actually flipping yellows? Seems like an awful lot of work to me. I'm more inclined to think people are just throwing influence around.
  8. I think you would have better luck on the forum of the appropriate server. Happy hunting.
  9. And if it's selling for a million the flip buy price is 575ish repost for 625. Just a guess since instead of being Ebil I am playing Lego Marvel Superheroes with my wife 🙂 Which means the buy it patient price is 6ish...just so you know. Assuming it stays at a million.
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