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  1. Trying not to be dying. Dying a bunch. Loving almost every second of it lol
  2. Yes you do need to buy a new set of enhancements for the second build. The third one as well if you really wanted to be pimped out for the next Posi 1. Now how you get the third one I don't recall. Suspect it has something to do with becoming an Incarnate though.
  3. This is a wonderful guide. Even with the knowledge that I have from years on live I believe this is something I will look at frequently and will be invaluable to those starting out. Thanks bunches.
  4. I would imagine it is the Demon map deep inside whatever 45-50 arc it belongs to.
  5. I've been in melee range since the beginning actually. Knew what I wanted her to be and just went for it. Hover doesnt really fit the concept, such as it is, but it's a good idea for the next one. Contemplating an electric/electric. Also contemplating not making another blaster anytime soon lol Plan on taking Bonfire next up I believe. Definately slot it with the KD IO. Not sold on the idea but another defense is always handy. Acrobatics has crossed my mind a number of times. I didn't actually know it provided mezz protection just eyeing up the slots my KB IOs eat up and is it enough to keep me awake and moving? Does the Impervious Skin provide protection to sleep and such or just Psionic damage?
  6. Ok, now that I have Hot Feet I see the problem. A built in fear factor. As a blapper it doesnt help me at all 😞 I think if I was running a ranged blaster I would pick it up as an easy form of melee defence as I'm not likely to run into fire either. While I am here I have a question. Breakfrees are the only real solution vs Mezz till I get a Clarion right? Have hit the low 40s now and everything seems to have a sleep or something to toss at me. Love it though...jumping into the croud of baddies because the tank seems to be taking to long. Just like scrapper lock but with blasts of fire everywhere. Is Blapper Lock a thing? If not I declare it to be so going forth....so sayeth I. If it is already it makes sense cause yeah 😀 Happy hunting.
  7. Do we know if the Summer blockbuster is going away? I've only run it a Cpl of times and I would be sad if the next time I wanted to ut had ran away till next year.
  8. That's a great idea. Ty.
  9. That's a nice colour.
  10. I would also like to add a thought. You can use the FLash Back missions as TPers to any zone that has a mission contact. Hear there is an impromptu dance party in the heart of the hollows? Talk to Flux the Troll, accept his mission, click the big crystal and done. Dont forget to quit the TF when you arrive though. Countless times I have finished what I was doing, headed to PI to take on some Possesed Scientists thinking I was all that. As it turns out because you are still lvl 34 you really aren't "all that." 😔 I'm not sure if you can get everywhere but it's another option. Went looking for a quick way to Cim last night but didn't see one. I was also in a hurry so I may have missed it. Happy hunting. Just looked again and you can get to Cim. Lvl 50 Stolen Power
  11. I very much enjoy Hot Feet actually. Load it up with a bunch of damage procs and an accuracy if necessary (if you dont build set bonuses for + accuracy that is) and things just melt at, well, your feet.
  12. Ooh that's a handy tip. Thanks HelenCarnate. Great name by the way.
  13. Named mine RezzPls and have hitv27. Having great fun. For whatever reason I am always surprised when she dies. Appears to be turning into a blapper of sorts. Quick question....does Rain of Fire have a fear element baked in?
  14. Well I will do my best to attend.
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