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  1. Sounds great but what is Emote Animation Canceling?
  2. I have a question about Attuned sets while we are here. If my set starts at 30 and I drop down to 20 I still don't get the bonuses right?
  3. Thats actually pretty neat. When I first saw the thread I thought progress is always good but now that I have gone through it all I am excited. Thanks for pointing me in that direction.
  4. Huh. Had no idea....hope it is super cool.
  5. Hmm. I haven't been to Sirens Call since coming back. That is what its called right or is my MTG past showing?
  6. That's weird. I've been on for the last 3 hours and was never kicked. Maybe it is because I am almost out of Praetoria and they were taking pity on me.
  7. 49 and holding at least for a few more months. I am stuck at home with a touch of bursitis in the hip that developed a couple of days ago. Does that give me bonus years?
  8. Imps lag behind as well unfortunately.
  9. Thats awesome. Where did you find it in attributes? Found flight but that was it. And that is probably because that is the power that was on. OK...I'm dumb. Ty for the guidance.
  10. Just to get this out of the way, I know this is not everyone's favorite power and I can understand why. Made a Fire/Fire dom a while back and I truly think it is everything I wanted out of my fire/fire blapper and more. I am use Group Fly so my imps and I can swoop down into mobs as it is simply great fun. Throw smoke and fire cages around while the imps lay waste? Hell yeah. Plus there are all of the actual attacks. Oh yeah... Domination as well. So much to do. So much fire. So much fun. Anyways, I was curious how I figure out what the speed of Group Fly actually is. Looked in game and tried on Pines but haven't an idea.
  11. It seems to me that the original Posi was kind of a repetitive slog. Did it have a decent story line?
  12. This is just awesome. Any idea how long it took to get there?
  13. Three and a bit months for me. Not dreading it really. Just hoping I can arrange a LOOOOONG weekend around it and find a safe place to travel to. Might turn out to be a trip to the corner store with full body gear and my travel sanitizer mist machine turned up to full but I have my peace with it.
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