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  1. Very much random. Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don't. And sometimes you REALLY DON'T GET LUCKY 😞
  2. Hmmmm. Has anyone suggested turning up the volume on your speakers yet? *ducks*
  3. Sakai

    Bad Casting

    Can totally picture Peter Lorre as Golum. Thank you for that giggle.
  4. Ahh gotcha..thank you. Never occurred to me it had a name.
  5. Currently I have a little over 8 billion on hand it seems. Much more than I will ever need at any rate.
  6. Nukes from Warburg are also a great advantage.
  7. Good merits to be had in Tip missions as well. Fun to run and enough variety so it isn't too repetitive. Believe it is 40 these days and I imagine the cool down period is gone so they can be done endlessly.
  8. I miss my cast iron frying pan. Lost it in the great split of 2010. Small price to pay for happiness.
  9. I was surprised to see that Walk didn't work in there. If there is an unobtrusive power it is that.
  10. I was looking for a place to do a little light marketing, out of the way and all quiet like. Then it occurred to me that AE has a quiet room where I have never seen anyone. The logos that the staff have on their shirts caught my eye. I would like that please. And if possible that style of shirt. Thank you very much.
  11. Sakai


    I ended up receiving 15 Amplifiers as well 40 Experience and 3 Windfalls. Oddly enough no Respec which I was "deeply saddened" by. All of the ATOs (127) were made into Superiors (Defender, Corruptor, MM, Stalker, Dom and Tanks were converted first as I do not have a 50) and then listed. I received enough Catalysts and Converters (with some merit's used) to not spend any actual influence. It took 2 1/2 hours to do (spread out over 2 days cause yuck so much clicking) for an average of 10 minutes/amplifier, this time out, which seems acceptable to me. Chunk of that t
  12. I purchased a Samsung 32 " curved monitor last spring. Works beautifully. Much like @Snarky I find so much more space for actual game play. Issues I have are needing to find the space on my desk to push it back so it isn't right in my face. As well I lose my cursor often. This has always been a problem for me. Not sure if it is more common but it is a thing. I find myself switching to a very small windowed mode when Boosting IOs. Takes a long time to do so on full screen but that is an easy fix. All in all I love it. Wife hated it for the first few months as she w
  13. Sakai


    Thats not bad honestly. Each one works out to be around 83 million and change. Plus I would have more costume tokens then I could shake a stick at. As well Converters and such but they are just a by product. I am in the process of clearing my bases/email of the various ATO/Winter Os I seem to have accumulated. After I finish that I will pick up a fat stack and see how it fairs. Maybe I could pick up another Windfall. Don't know if it actually does anything but it is fun to pretend.
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