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Order to the Chaos In Combat


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So, I got to thinking, what order do things actually happen in? And then I realized it wasn't nearly as straight forward as I thought, especially with Absorb going into the mix.


I was wondering if anyone had a definite 'order of operations' for combat? Here is what I think happens: Defense -> Resistance -> Bodyguard Mode -> Absorb -> Actual reduction in health. But I'm not sure. Here is a scenario to try to explain it better.


Minion level Mob 1 throws Flares at Player A. for simplicity sake, lets say Flares would do 100 damage. Mob 1 has a 50% chance to hit, Player A has 20% defense to fire, 30% defense to ranged, and 35% resistance to fire. They also have an Absorb shield active, that can absorb 75 damage.


We all know that the highest defense value is taken first, so the mob has a 20% chance to hit the player (50 tohit - 30 defense = 20% chance)


What happens with absorb and resistance though? Does absorb then soak the whole 100 damage? or does resistance kick in next, and reduce the damage down to 65, then absorb soaks it, and there is still a 10 point absorb shield remaining?


What would happen if you increase the damage of flares to 150? Does absorb soak all of the damage, and there is no rollover, or does the rollover damage still affect the player?


Now, lets assume the player is a mastermind with Bodyguard mode active. Does the remaining damage after resistance get reduced further with bodyguard mode active, and then get absorbed?



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At 100 damage, assuming it hits, the power does 65 damage after resistance, and that is consumed by the Absorb shield leaving 10 absorb points.  No loss of HP.


At 150, again assuming a hit, the power does 97.5 damage, consumes the 75 points of Absorb and removes 22.5 HP from the player.


But I have no idea whether bodyguard divides the damage before or after Absorb.  My guess is before absorb, but a Nature MM should be able to say for sure.  Assuming it's before absorb and six pets are out either 65/8=8.125 damage to each pet and 16.25 to the player, which then consumes that much absorb.  https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Mastermind_Strategy#Bodyguard

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