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All out of Ideas -- Help me make my next Defender


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Need a theme and powerset but I don't want to use the ones  already have. (See below)


Come up with theme and powerset and I will make it. (also Misty Showers might get deleted) 


The yellow highlighted ones are the ones I already have.


1 50 Radiation Water Blast Fish-Stix   Cold Sonic   Archery Radiation Blast
2 46 Trick Arrow Archery Shadow-Shaft   Darkness Storm   Assault Rifle Sonic Attacks
3 33 Storm Summon Ice Blast Jane-Frost   Electrical Thermal   Beam Rifle Water blast
4 32 Kinetics Electrical Blast Power-Up   Empathy Time   Dark Blast  
5 26 Storm Summon Electrical Blast Misty Showers   FF Traps   Dual Pistols  
6 15 Cold Dom Dark Blast Ice-Guy   Kinetics Trick Arrow   Electrical Blast  
7           Nature affinity     Energy Blast  
8           Pain Dom     Fire Blast  
9           Poison     Ice Blast  
10 1 Thermal Rad Fire Blast Arcane-Heat   Radiation     Physic Blast  
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2 minutes ago, rockroom said:

time/beam or time/dp both solid/fun sets.

thermal/sonic most common tanks leveling up even top end need res. and sonic make everyone reck,


elec/.. donno makes you a walking blue bar battery.


I have an elec affinity/fire defender that is really... ahem... HOT.

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7 minutes ago, Cyrickain13 said:

Interesting what theme would you go with -- 


I have a Dual Pistol - Dark ---something I enjoy.

He is a hired gun.

 above. forgot to tag you sorry


think of him as warping time. to just know what the enemy will do before even they do,.

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