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Can one of you leet builders make me a good Empathy/fire build please?


This character's my main, I've got like 800 something badges on it. It's just the one I enjoy playing the most. The problem is I know nothing about building properly, when I started I just kindof evenly slotted all my skills and put what ever the most expensive set enhancement would fit in the slots. But yall are all so dang OP than no one noticed or cared if my defense or  recharge or what ever was 10% less than what it should be. Most of the time yalls group buffs would fix my shortcomings. 

It all works fine but it constantly nags at the back of my mind, that I just put random stuff in slots. And I've been to embarrassed or something to ask for help. 

The only real requirement I have is i want to be fly/hovering at all times because of the costume. I want this to be a 100% team build, I already have a solo build that I switch to on the rare occasion that I get bored. 99% of my time I just find some one making a team for anything and I jump in that. 


I'm able to spend several billion infl on it



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      My computer's dead so I've no internet but this phone currently so can't post or open a Mids file but I'll see what I can post in a bit.  I know @Lineahas posted several of their Empathy builds.  The Emp/Fire/Soul build successfully completed a solo +4/×8 ITF and there's a thread about it here in the Defender forums.  Might need a slight tweak for general teaming play (as it focused very heavily on handling a solo effort), but would be a very solid start as would several of their other Empathy builds.


Anyway back in a bit.

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     Okay, bit of a start before sleep wins out.  

     In general my team builds focus on recharge, recharge and more recharge.  Mitigation will come from, in no particular order or priority, inspires, my Auras especially RegenAura,  teammates, and epic shields.  Any literal defense is purely incidental.  So the majority of my powers will be slotted with sets that provide recharge bonuses.


     Healing Aura and Heal Other --> One will get 6 slots for Preventative Medicine the other will get 5 slots for either Doctored Wounds (less expensive) or Panacea (expensive)

     Absorb Pain --> Skip

     Resurrect --> I generally pass on it.  So many other options from Awakens to Temp and other powers.  If I take it slot an endred.  It's a costly power and inevitably you'll need it towards the end of a hard fight when your RA's are down.  Recharge Reduction is not worth it.  Even with high global recharge it won't come back fast enough, teams are unlikely to wait around that long.  

     Clear Mind --> just the base slot.  What's slotted doesn't really matter.  I often drop a range enhancement in there for that one character who always seems to be waaay over there. 

     Fortitude --> 3 to 6 slots.  If I'm scrapping for slots and I'm happy with my set bonuses I'll use 3 slots (2 Membrane HOs and a LotG increased global recharge).  6 slots likely means 5 Red Fortune and a LotG Inc global recharge.   Haven't been able to experiment with using a Gaussian's BU proc in here to see how that works out.  In short there are a lot of solid slotting options.


And back later, time for some sleep.

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Less armor and more procs, could gain you more offense.  None of these are Proc based builds, they are primarily heavy armor builds.

My builds assume the use of Rune/Hybrid/Rune/Demonic/WeddingBand/Kitchen_Sink ...


Armored Offense, this is the one I used to solo a +4x8 ITF:

Emp Fire - Combat Medic Concept 4 - [i25].mxd


Two variations of a more traditional empath while maintaining heavy armor.  These are almost Green Machine Compliant, or as close as any of my builds will get.

Emp Fire - Harlequin Octagon 2 - [i26].mxd


Emp Fire - Harlequin Device 2 - [i26].mxd


I have other even more traditional builds, those have the codenames Burke or Strauss, but are built for different blast sets ... They are around in the forums, ... somewhere ...


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AE 801 (link) is a variety of missions for fun and challenge, and is designed for a team of 5+ Incarnates.  Just search '801' in AE. 

801 Difficulty Varies: 801.0 Easy, ..., 801.2 Standard, ..., 801.5 Hard, ..., 801.8 Extreme, ..., 801.A Epic, ... 801.F Death.

Angel Hornet (link)   -   Solo 2-Star ASF (link)   -   Solo 2-Star ITF (link)

I may be AFK IRL, But CoH is my Forever Home.

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     Continuing from where I left off.


     Recovery Aura --> my typical slotting is 3 slots.  Recharge + 2×endmod/recharge.  But you could just straight up use 2 +5 boosted Recharge IOs.  The base recovery boost is 200% or the equivalent of 8× the base of Stamina.  In short it's a ton of recovery which on most builds is going to be plenty, particularly late game matured builds.  

     Regeneration Aura --> Your second Aura.  5 slots typically using either Doctored Wounds or Panacea.  I try to keep the recharge/cooldown periods on this and Recovery Aura matched up.  It's one less thing to have to track, when one is ready so is the other.  Position myself and click one then the other.

     Adrenaline Boost --> 5 slots these days (used to be 6).  And, you guessed it, either 5 Doctored Wounds or Panacea.  That 6th slot used to be an Endmod/recharge but since Nukes no longer crash no real need to enhance.  It's already sitting at 800%.  The real benefit is from the +100% recharge buff and the massive boost to regeneration.  Combined with RegenAura that'll put someone at IH levels of regeneration.


     Fire Blast --> Again I'm emphasizing recharge so Decimation and Positron's Blast are my go to sets.  Need 5 slots to get the recharge set bonus which leaves a 6th slot for procs.  

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Other thoughts:

      Hover --> good spot for another LotG def/increased global recharge and if early in the build (active prior to Tactics) a good spot for a Kismet +6% (calls it accuracy in description but it's actually a To Hit buff).  It can take a bunch of other special IOs as well but this is where not being able to use Mids messes with giving specific advice.  

     Fly --> Usually I go with Super Speed (for the stealth and -threat) but I've used Flight as well.  It was the travel power of choice on my first GM (Green Machine).  Typically I 2-slot my travel power --> BotZ kb prot and Winter's Gift 20% global

     Leadership --> All my Defender Empaths take at least Assault and Tactics.  Assault base slot endred.  Tactics 1 or 2 slots most commonly.  Either 1 endred or 2 endred/to hit.  Computer died before I got around to doing much with procs as they currently work.  In this case the Gaussian's proc.  Maneuvers minimally a LotG def/Inc glob rech or more,  depending on available slots.  Vengeance base slot 1 LotG def/Inc global recharge.


Edit:  And doh, I always grab Hasten.  2 slots recharge IOs boosted to +5.  I mean it is the way to boost your global recharge

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